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一.单项填空 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。(共30小题;每小题1分,满分30分)

1.This is __________ interesting book, I like it very much.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

2.___________ there a man in the shop?

A. is B. Are C. Is D. are

3.--I like that pair of shoes . Can I try them________?

--Of course .Here you are .

A. in B. at C. with D. on

4.--Does your father like running?

--Yes , he does .He usually ______ on Sunday morning.

A. is running B. running C. runs D. run

5.--_______book is this , Eddie?

--Oh , it’s mine.

A. Which B. Whose C. What D. Who

6.Children in the USA like to play the game “trick or treat ” at ________.

A. the Mid-Autumn Festival B. Christmas C. Easter D. Halloween

7.Sandy knows _____ isn’t ________ ,but she just likes it very much.

A. Coke; healthy B. fast food; health C. fruit; healthy D. milk; health

8.--Mum ,what _______ you ________ now?

--Fish and vegetable.

A. do; cook B. are ; cook C. do ; cooking D. are ;cooking

9.Simon usually gets up _______6:30______winter.

A. in ;in B. in ; on C. at ; in D. at ; on

10.--______ are you dancing?

--It’s fun!

A. Why B. When C. What D. Where

()11、——What’s this in English? ——________ a pen.

A、This is B、 That’s C、 It’s D、 Its

()12、Rose has a happy(幸福)family.______ father and mother _______young.

A、 She,is B、 Her,are C、 Her,isn’t D、My,am

()13、This is _______old picture. _______old picture is on _________wall.

A、a, An, a B、 an, An, a, C、an ,The ,the D、 an, the ,the

()14、——What colour _______it ?—_____ orange.

A、is, They’re B、 are, They’re C、 is ,It’s D、is ,I’m

()15、There _______ three desks and a computer in the room.

A、are B、 is C、 has D、 have.

()16、 These are _____ apples. __________are in the bag.

A、her ,You B、 mine ,Your C、 our ,Hers D、his ,My

()17、Look! The man ____ the black car is my son’s teacher.

A、to B、 in C、of D、for

()18、 Can you __ the shirt ,please? —Yes.

A、to wash B、 washes C、 wash D、 are wash

()19、—__________ not here today? —Bill is not here.

A、Who’s B、Whose C、 Who are D、 What’s

()20、—Do you have an e-mail address ?—Yes,____.

A、I am B、 I can C、 I have D、 I do

()21、Let me ____ your new watch.

A、look B、look at C、 have a look D、 to look

()22、________his shoes under the bed on the floor?

A、Are B、 Is C、 Has D、 She’s

()23、The blue sweaters in the box are nice .But I like _____on the shelf(架子).

A、 the yellow ones B、 red one C、 a one D、 green ones

()24、 What’s the time?它的同义句___________.

A、What day is it today? B、 What time is it ?

C、 Where’s the clock? D、What’s that?

()25、There is a red hat on the table .Please_____.

A、put on it B、 put them on C、 put on mine D、 put it on

()26、—Hello! May I speak to Mr. Smith, please?

—Sorry, he’s not in.Who's ____, Please?

—________is Jack.

A、 this , this B、 that That C、 that ,This D、 this that

()27、—Are these ____ jeeps? —NO,________.

A、 Chineses ,they aren’t B、 American, they are

C、 Japan ,they aren’t D、English ,they aren’t

()28、—__________,Tom ,Where’s my doll?

—Oh, sorry ,I don’t know . I think _____behind the door.

A、Excuse me , it ’s B、 Here you are ,she’s

C、 I’m sorry ,its D、 How are you ,he’s

()29、This is the twins’ bedroom. We can see ________beds .

A、May’ s and Joy’s B、 May’ s and Joy

C、May and Joy D、 May and Joy’s

()30、Can you count ____one _____a hundred?

A、from, to B、 for ,to C、 like ,in D、 at ,on

二.句型转换 按括号内的要求 改写句子(共5句;每句2分,满分10分)

1.I like swimming .( 改为一般疑问句)


2.Millie is happy.(改为否定句)


3.Sandy is dancing.(改为一般疑问句)




5.lunch , sometimes , I ,noodles , for , have (连词成陈述句)


三.情景对话 根据下面对话内容,在下列选项(A、B、C、D和E)中选出可以填入空格内的最佳选项。(共5个空格,每个空格2分,满分10分)

Sam: Hi, Peter, How are you?

Peter:___1___ What about you ,Sam?

Sam: I’m OK, I hear your English teacher is a very interesting man.

Peter: Yes , ___2____


Peter: Yes ,we all love him . He is so good .We have a lot of fun with him .


Peter: He is from Canada.

Sam: I see .Oh , I must go .There is a football match this afternoon and I will play in it .

Peter:___5____ Bye.

Sam: See you tomorrow, bye.

A.I think you all like him.

B. B. Good luck!

C. his class is just wonderful!

D. Where is he from?

E. I’m fine.

四.完成句子 根据中文内容在空格内填入适当的词使句子意思完整,每个空格只填一个词。(共10个空格;每个空格1分,满分10分)


My friend Dainiel _______ playing ________ very much.


Simon seldom ________ his __________ at school.


_______ the________ of this shirt ?


My mother’s favourite food is _______and _____________.


--What _________ happening over there?

--A boy is ____________ computer games.


A)阅读理解 按要求完成下列各题

Kate and Philippe both want to have pen friends. Here is some information about them.


Kate Smith

Philippe Aubry

Birth Place

New York



Playing Tennis and Reading

Playing Football and Drawing

Favourite Film Star

Keanu Reeves

Sophie Marceau

Favourite Food

Vegetables and Fish

Beef and Cheese

E-mail Address(地址)




1.( )Kate and Philippe both like sports.

2.( )Kate comes from Canada.

3.( )Philippe likes to see Keanu Reeves’ film very much.


4.What food Kate like best?


5.If you want to get some help in learning English , who will you write an e-mail to?



When you are reading something in English , you may often come across a new word .What’s the best way to know it ?

You need an English-Chinese dictionary (字典).It will tell you a lot about the word , for example (例如) , how to read this word ,what it means in Chinese and how to use this word. But there are so many English words in the dictionary and how can you know where the word is ?There is a way to look for it .

In the dictionary you can first see the words beginning with the letter A, then B,C,D,E…That means, if there are two words ,”desk” and “hour’ ,”desk ” will be before “hour ’;”story ” before” Sunday ”, “tomato” before “ tomorrow” etc.

The English-Chinese dictionary will be your good friend . I hope you will often use it in your English learning.

6.When you don’t know a word , the best way is ____________.

A. to ask your father B. to think C. to ask your friends D. to use a dictionary

7.What does “come across” mean in Chinese in the passage(短文) ?It means________.

A. 遇到 B.撞倒 C. 越过 D.过来

8.Here are four words, “face ”, “autumn”, “film” an “April”. Their right order (次序) in the English-Chinese dictionary is _________.

A. April , autumn , face , film B. film , face , April , autumn

C. face , film , April , autumn D. April , face , film, autumn

9.The English-Chinese dictionary is good for ___________.

A. the students in Paris in learning English

B. the students in the USA in learning English

C. Chinese students in learning English

D. the students in Canada in learning English

10.This passage is about _______.

A. how to read a Chinese story B. how to do homework

C. how to use an English-Chinese dictionary D. how to write a book


假如你叫王莉,13岁。你想要参加“光明牛奶形象小姐”(the image representative of Guang Ming Mike )的选拔活动,请用英语写一篇介绍自己相关情况的书面材料。





My name is Wang Li and I’m 13 years old._____________________________________





So I am very healthy and I’d like to be the image representative of Guang Ming Milk.



三、1.B 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.A

四、1.Do you like swimming?

2. Millie is not happy .

3. Is Sandy dancing ?

4. How do you usually go to school ?

5. I sometimes have noodles for lunch .

五、1.E 2.C 3.A 4.D 5.B

六、1. enjoys/likes , volleyball

2.does , homework

3. much ,cost

4. milk ,juice

5. is ,crying

七、1.T 2.F 3.F 4.Vegetables and fish 5.Kate Smith

6.D 7.A 8.A 9.C 10.C

八 、One possible version :

My mane is Wang Li and I’m 13 years old .My favourite sport is basketball . Every day I do sports for about two hours .I like healthy food . I like to have fruit , vegetables , fish , and milk . I usually get up at 6:30a .m . and go to bed at 9:00p.m .So I am very healthy and I ’d like to be the image representative of Guang Ming Milk .

一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 初一英语竞赛试卷 班级_______ 姓名______ 62553928 一、 选择填空20 1. There is_____ “t” and______ “s” in _____word “thanks”.

A. a an x B. a a x C. a an the D. a an a 2. ---Is every _____here Lucy ----No. Lily is not here. A. student B. x C. girls D. boy 3. Listen ____the tape and answer the questions ____page 100. A. to

of B. of from C. to on D. at in 4. Tom’s address is _______. A. 3 Green Park London England B. America New York NY Road C. ChinaGuilin Road Changchun D. Tokyo Flower Road Japan 5. ______a bird. ______name’s Polly. A. Its It’s B. It’s It’s C. Its Its D. It’s Its 6. These are_______cakes. ______are over there. A. they We B. their Mine C. you His D. my Your 7. The policemen’s _______sit under the ______. A. child wall B. friend window C. wives apple trees D. babies oranges tree 8. She has no brothers ______sisters. A. or B. and C. but D. x 9. Do you want _______ A. to go to school B. speak English C. go home D. to the tree 10. ______is this blouse ______knows A. Who’s Who B. Whose Who’s C. Who Who’s D. Whose Who 11. Mrs Hill is a ____good teacher. She loves her students___. A. much very B. very very 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 C. very much much D. very very much 12. ----Is that boy twelve ---No____. He’s only eleven. A. isn’t B. isn’t he C. he isn’t D. he not 13. Mum _______Lucy and ______Lily. A. those are those are B. these are these are C. this is this is D. they are they are

14. I think Ann must _____on duty today. A. be B. is C. are D. am 15. ---What’s that ---It’s_____.

A. a pencil of Mary B. a Mary’s pencil C. a pencil of Mary’s D. Mary’s a pencil 16. ---Can you find New York on the map ----Yes. _______. It’s here. A. Let’s find B. Let me see. C. Let me look at D. Let’s look after 17. ---You speak Chinese very well. ---_________. A. No not good. B. I like Chinese food. C. Thanks. D. You speak well. 18. ---Hi Jim. Who’s that ---________________. --The one behind the tree. A. Whose is it B. How is it C. What is it D. Which one 19. ① She is a student. ② Yes you are right. ③ Is she in Class Two ④ Thank you. ⑤ Is she a student or a teacher ⑥That’s all right. A. ③②⑤①④⑥ B.⑤①③②④⑥ C. ⑤②③①④⑥ D.①⑤③⑥④② 20. ① Can I help you then ② Ohno. He is not in. 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 ③ Excuse me where is Mr Li ④ I think he is at home. ⑤ Thank you. But I must go now. A.①③④②⑤ B.①⑤③④② C.③④②①⑤ D.③⑤①②④ 二、阅读理解30 A It’s five o’clock in the afternoon. Lucy and Lily get home from school. Mr King their father is busy packing. Lucy: Hello Dad. Are you going out Dad: Yes. I’m going to Suzhou. Lily: It’s in Jiangsu near Shanghai. Do you know Shanghai Lucy: Yes I know. It’s a big city. Dad: Suzhou is not very big. It’s small but very beautiful. Lily: Dad can we go with you We have no classes tomorrow. Dad: Yes I know. It’s weekend. Everyone is at home. Twins: So can we go to Suzhou with you Dad: Yes and your mother too. Twins: Great Thanks Dad. Dad: Now could you help me please I want to put these things in the car. Twins: CertainlyDad. 1.What’s their father doing when Lucy and Lily get home from school A. Their father is cooking supper. B. He is doing some housework. C. He is packing. D. He is doing nothing. 2. Where is Mr King going He is going to____. A. Suzhou B. Shanghai C. Jiangsu D. the Park 3. What does Suzhou look like It’s______. A. big and old B. small but new C. old but beautiful D. small but beautiful 4. How many of them are going 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 A. Two of them. B. Three of them. C. Dad and the twins.

D. All of them. 5. How are they going there They are going there______. A. by train B. on foot C. in their car D. by bus B A man lives in a little house. He always cooks his own meal. One night he comes home and feels hungry . So he makes a big meal. It is very nice. After the meal he is very tired. So he leaves the dishes till the next day. The next day he is much hungrier. So he makes himself a bigger meal. After the meal he feels more tired. So he leaves the dishes in the sink洗碗池. There are so many dirty dishes in the sink on the table and on the floor. It’s hard for him to get into the room. One day it starts to rain. He has got an idea. He drives his truck to the side of his house and put all the dishes on it and drives it out into the rain. It is raining hard. The rain falls on the dishes. Soon they are all clean. 1. Who makes the meal for the man A. His wife. B. The man

himself. C. His mother. D. We don’t know. 2. How does the man feel after the meal He feels_______. A. glad B. hungry C. tired D. happy 3. Where are the dirty dishes They are_______.

A. on the floor B. in the sink C. on the table D. A B and C 4. How does the man wash the dishes at last A. He asks someone to wash them. B. He washes them in a river. C. Many people come to help him. D. He washes them with the falling rain. 5. Which of the following sentence is NOT right A. The man’s house is not big. B. The man can drive. C. The man doesn’t know how to cook.

D. The man is clever. 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 C A Bus Timetable Bus1 Bus2 Bus3 Bus4 Bus5 Daping 5:50 6:05 6:20 6:35 6:50 Clothing 6:08 6:23 6:38 6:52 7:03 Park 6:25 6:45 6:55 7:18 7:31 Factory 6:40 7:05 7:20 7:30 7:46 Computer 7:00 7:25 7:42 7:55 8:05 School 7:15 7:40 8:05 8:18 8:30 Hospital 7:30 8:00 8:25 8:35 8:55 Bookshop 7:45 8:20 8:40 9:00 9:20 1. John is a middle school student. He lives near the park. He often leaves home for school at 6:45 bus and get to school at 7: 40. Today he gets up late. When he gets to the bus stop bus 2 just passes by. Could you tell me how hong John has to wait for the next bus ________________________________________________________ 2. When does Bus 2 arrive at the Bookshop stop ________________________________________________________ 3. Where does Bus 5 arrives at 7:46 _______________________________________________________ 4. Which bus gets to the Computer city stop at seven fifty-five _______________________________________________________ 5. When does Bus 3 gets to the Hospital stop ________________________________________________________ 三、动词填空10 用所给动词的正确形式填空 Bill is an American boy. He_______come from New York. He______study in No. 1 Middle School. He can_______speak English and a little Chinese. Bill ______get up at 7:00 in the morning. He likes_______drink milk. He often_______have a glass of milk two eggs and some bread for breakfast. He_______not go to school early and _______get there before 9:00. Now it 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 is 4:10. What______bill _____do He_______play basketball with his Chinese friends. 四、翻译10 根据短文内容将划线部分翻译成汉语。 One day a rich man meets Tom. The rich man asks I hear you are very clever and nothing is difficult for you. Can you tell me why you are so clever”Tom answers with a smile “Oh I am not clever. Instead you are too foolish.”The rich man becomes very very angry. Tom says “Mister please don’t be angry. If you don’t believe me now let me ask you a very simple 简单的 question: If you have a group of sheep I send you another group. Then you say how many groups of sheep do you have” “WhyThat’s the easiest question in the world. One and one is two. Anybody knows that. I have two groups of sheep of course.” Tom laughs and says “ You are wrong Mister. Two groups of sheep put together is still one group. That’s the easiest question in the world isn’t it” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 五、智力测试10 1. What letter is a drink饮料 It is_______.

2.My uncle has a brother. But he is not my uncle. Who is he He is_______. 3.Mr Wang has two daughters and Mrs Wang has two daughters too. Well how many daughers have Mr Wang and Mrs Wang in all总共 ______________ 4. What is the next number A. 3125 B. 625 C. 125

D.________ 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 5. Bill George Sally and Ann are brothers and sisters. I don’t know how old each of them is. I only know that one of them is 18 one is 15 one of the the boys is 16 and one of the girls is 17. I also know that Bill is older than Sally but Ann isn’t. How old is Ann How old is Billy How old is George How Old is Sally Ann is a_____. Bill is_____. George is_____. Sally is______. 六、书面表达20 以 “My teacher”为题写一篇不少于60个字的短文。


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 星沙英语网 初一英语竞赛答案 一、 选择题C A C A D B

C A A D D C C A C B C D B C 二、阅读理解C A D D C B B D D C Ten minutes. At 8:30. The factory. Bus 4. At 8:25. 三、动词填空 comes studies gets drinking has doesn’t go gets is----doing is playing 四、翻译 1我听说你很聪明没什么事能难倒你。 2 哦我并不聪明而你却太愚蠢了。 3 如果你不相信我的话现在让我来问你一个非常简单的问题。 4 无论谁都知道我当然有两群羊. 5 两群羊加在一起还是一群羊。 一起学习 一起分享 祝考试顺利 金榜题名 五、智力测试1. Tt 2. Father 3. Two 4. 25 5. 15/ 18/ 16 /17

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