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2013年黄州西湖中学初一(下)期中试卷 44

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I. 听力 (25分)

一. Listen and choose the right answer to each question you hear.(听录音,选择正确的答语)

( ) 1. A . The USA B. English C. China

( ) 2. A. He is forty B. He is fine C. He is a teacher.

( ) 3. A. Yes, it is B. No , there isn't. C. Yes, there is a park.

( ) 4. A. Thank you. B.Not at all. C. Good idea.

( ) 5. A.With pleasure . B. All right. C. Thank you.

二. Listen to the dialogues and choose the best answers. (听对话,选择正确的答案)

( )6. What will Alan do this Sundays?

A. He will go to the zoo. B. He will do his homework. C. He will do the housework.

( )7. Why does the boy like elephants?

A. Because they are strong. B. Because they are very scary.

C. Because they are very smart.

( ) 8. Where is the library?

A. It is between the cinema and the supermarket. B. It is across from the video arcade.

C. It is between the video arcade and the supermarket.

( ) 9. Why doesn't. Emily like tigers?

A. Because they are beautiful. B. Because they are scary. C. Because they are strong.

( ) 10. Where are the elephants from?

A. They are from Africa. B. They are from Asia. C. They are from America.

三.Listen to the dialogues and choose the best answers. (听对话,选择正确的答案)

( ) 11. Why does Michael like penguins?

A. Because they are interesting. B. Because they are smart. C. Because they are cute.

( ) 12. What animals does Helen like ?

A. She likes penguins and pandas. B. She likes dolphins and giraffes.

C. She likes dolphins and pandas.

( ) 13. What does Helen think about giraffes?

A. She thinks giraffes are very tall. B. She thinks giraffes are very cue.

C. She thinks giraffes are very interesting.

四.Listen to the dialogues and choose the best answers. (听对话,选择正确的答案)

( ) 14. How many kids will go to the zoo this Saturday?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4

( ) 15. What does Sally think about dolphins?

A. She thinks they are very beautiful . B. She thinks they are smart.

C. She thinks they are dangerous.

( ) 16. What does George want to see ?

A. He wans to see elephants.

B. He wans to see monkeys.

C. He wans to see snakes.

五. Listen to the monologue and choose the best answers. (听对话,选择正确的答案)

( ) 17. What animals does the speaker' s father like?

A. He likes penguins and dolphins.

B. He likes dolphins. and tigers.

C.He likes penguins and tigers.

( ) 18. Why doesn't. the speaker's mother like tigers?

A. Because she thinks they are ugly.

B.Because she thinks they are lazy.

C. Because she thinks they are scary.

( ) 19. What animals does the speaker like ?

A. He likes penguins and dolphins.

B. He likes penguins and pandas.

C. He likes pandas and tigers.

( )20 When do they often go to the zoo?

A. They often go to the zoo on Friday.

B. They often go to the zoo on Saturday.

C. They often go to the zoo on Sunday.

六.Listen to the speech and choose the best answers. ( 听演讲,选择正确的答案) ( )21. Who often goes to the zoo on Saturdays?

A. Dave, Tom and Ling Ling.

B. Tom, Mary and Bargo.

C. Dave, Tom and Mary.

( ) 22. How old is Ling Ling ?

A. Three B.Four C. Five

( ) 23. What animals does Tom like ?

A. He likes pandas.

B. He likes dolphins.

C. He likes lions.

( ) 24. Why does Mary like dolphins ?

A. Because they are cute.

B. Because they are friendly.

C. Because they are smart.

( )25. What color is Bargo ?

A. Brown and yellow.

B. Black and yellow.

C. Black and white.

.II. 笔 试 部 分 (95分)


( )1.I think Jack Chan is a great actor,_______ my friends don’t like him.

A. and B. but C. or D.so

( )2. Pandas are very _____ and ______. So we all like them.

A. friendly, ugly B. cute, scary C. dangerous, beautiful D. shy, smart

( )3、-Where does your pen pal ? –He in Tokyo.

A. live; lives B. live ; live C. lives; live D. lives; lives

( ) 4 The dolphin is ________ cute.

A little B. a kind of C. kind of D kinds of

( )5. People from Canada ______________ English and French.

A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

( )6. There ____________ a house and two trees near here.

A. has B. have C. are D. is

( )7. She wants to __________ a reporter because she likes __________ to people.

A. do, to talk B. be, talking C. see, saying D. wait, to see

( ) 8.— music lessons do you have every week?


A. How much B. How C. How many D. How long

( ) 9. The students ________ games after class. They ______ volleyball over there now.

A. play, are playing B. are playing, play C. play, play D. are playing, are playing

( )10. Thank you for _____ the school play.

A. joining B. to join C. join D. is joining

( )11. Please be quiet. My little child _______.

A. go to bed B. is sleeping C. sleeps D. going to school

( )12 .Why not home and watch TV?

A. to go B. go C. going

( )13.The tree is ______the supermarket_____the radio station.

A. next, to B. between, and C across, from D. from,to

( )14. Let’s _____soccer after school.

A.to play B.playing C.to playing D.play

( )15. Joe is______a book and Jeff is_______TV.

A. reading,watching B.seeing,watching C.reading,looking D.watching, watching

二、完形填空 (每小题各1分,计10分)

Many Americans like to have their vacation(假期) in comes to China. This is her first time (次数) to China and she wants to some

friends there. She meets a Chinese. This Chinese wants to talk the American.

When he sees her, he comes up, says “ ” to her, then he begins his first talk with

an English-speaking country. “How old are you?” the Chinese . “I’m

lady (女士) about her .” answers the woman.The Chinese is

surprised(惊奇的. He doesn’t know . Can you help him?

( )16. A. an other B. the other C. other D. others

( )17. A. man B. boy C. woman D. child

( )18. A. be B. being C. do D. having

( )19 A. with English B. with Chinese C. in English D. in Chinese

( )20. A. OK B. hello C. sorry D. good-bye

( )21. A. to B. at C. of D. from

( )22. A. says B. tells C. talks D. speaks

( )23. A. sure B. shy C. happy D. sorry

( )24. A. dinner

( )25. A. how B. age B. why C. job C. what D. family D. Where



In the morning, Mr. Martin comes into his garden(花园). He sees too much snow in the garden. Mr Martin wants to take his car out, so he asks a cleaner to clean the road(路) from his garage(车库) to the gate. He says to the cleaner, “Don’t put any snow(雪)on the flowers or on the wall. And don’t put any into the street, or the policeman will come.” Then he goes out.

When he comes back, the road is clean. There is no snow on the flowers, on the wall or in the street. But when he opens the garage to get his car out, he sees: it is full of snow, the snow from the road, and his car is under the snow!

( )26、What is the weather like?___________

A、It’s very hot. B、It’s raining. C、It’s cold D、It’s windy.

( )27、Who cleans the snow on the road? ___________

A、Mr Martin. B、A policeman. C、Mrs Martin. D、A cleaner.

( )28、Why can’t the cleaner put any snow into the street? ___________

A、Because there’s too much snow, too. B、Because the policeman will come.

C、Because there are flowers in the street. D、Because there’s a car in the street.

( )29、Where is the snow after the cleaner cleans the road? ___________

A、On the flowers. B、In the garage.

C、In the street. D、We don’t know.

( )30、What does Mr Martin think of the cleaner? ___________

A、He is smart. B、He does a right thing.

C、He does a wrong thing. D、He helps Mr Martin. (B)

One day Mrs Jones goes shopping alone(独自地). When Mr Jones comes home in the evening, she begins to tell him about a beautiful dress. “I see it in a shop this morning,” she says, “and…” “And you want to buy it,” says Mr Jones, “how much is it?” “Fifteen pounds.” Every evening, when Mr Jones comes back from work, his wife goes on talking only about the dress. And at last, after a week, he says, “Oh, buy the dress! Here’s the money!” She is very happy. But the next evening, when Mr Jones comes home and asks, “Have you got the famous(著名的) dress?” She says, “No.” Why not?” he says. “Well, it is still in the window of the shop after a week. I think nobody else wants this dress. So I think it is not a good one!”

( )31、Mrs Jones goes shopping_________ one day.

A、with Mr Jones B、with her friend

C、by herself D、with the other woman

( )32、Mrs Jones tells Mr Jones about the dress every day because________.

A、it is really beautiful B、she wants the shop

C、she wants Mr Jones to buy it for her D、she likes it very much

( )33、Mrs Jones is very happy after________.

A、Mr Jones agree(同意) to buy it for her

B、Mr Jones gives her the money for the pants

C、she gets the beautiful dress

D、she sees the dress is still in the shop window

( )34、Mr Jones thinks it’s the famous dress because________.

A、it is a beautiful dress B、it is in the shop window for a week

C、his wife has it D、his wife talks about it again and again

( )35、From the story we can know__________.

A、Mrs Jones is a housewife, she doesn’t have much money

B、Mr Jones doesn’t like his wife

C、Mr Jones comes home for lunch every day

D、Mrs Jones doesn’t like the things if others like them (C)

Tom lived in a town near New York. His father had a shop there and his mother was a doctor. He was seven years old this year and began to go to school this September. It was a little far(远的) from their shop and his father drove a car to take him to school five days a week. So he was never(从不) late for class and his teachers likes him very much.

It was Monday that day. Miss Green was teaching them to count(数数) from one to ten in the morning. Tom was studying hard. Soon he could count them. Green was happy and asked, “How many people are there in your family, Tom?”

Tom stood up and said, “Two, Miss.”

“Who are they?”

“My father and my mother.”

“Oh,” Miss Green was surprised. She then said, “There’re three people in your family.” “But now I’m not at home. I’m at school, you know!”

( )36、Where did Tom’s father work? ______________

A、In a factory. B、In a school. C、In a shop. D、In a hospital. ( )37、Tom was now a student of_______.

A、Grade One B、Grade Two C、Grade Three D、Grade Four ( )38、Tom was never late for school because________.

A、all his teachers liked him B、he went to school in a car

C、his house was next to the school D、he just began to school a month ago

( )39、Miss Green taught her children to count from one to ten_______.

A、every day B、one Monday morning

C、in Tom’s house D、five days a week

( )40、Which is the best title(题目) for this story? ____________

A、Two or Three? B、From One to Ten

C、Tom and his family D、Miss Green and Her Students

四. 词汇(10分)



of Tom’s house.


45. The bus will take you there. You can’t mit.


46. Guo Tao is playing football on the (操场).

47. Physics is my (最喜爱的) subject.

安静的) in the library.

外面). Come in, please.

(唱) an English song.

五 用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分)

51. September 1 is the one)day of our new term.

52. The boy often goes to the library to read (story).

53. She usually watch)TV on Saturday evening.

54. He doesn’t do)his homework every day.

55. Ms. Lin be)never late for class.

56. Look, he is (put)on his shoes, he wants to play sports.

57.Kangkang usually have)breakfast at home, but sometimes in a restaurant.

58. Listen, they are (read)in the classroom.

59. The panda is three (year) old.

六. 句型转换:按要求完成下列句子(10分) 就划线部分提问)

in the garden? 就划线部分提问)

photo is that?

63. Art is my favorite subject. (改为同义句)

I art of all subjects.

64. There is an old tea house near here. (改为复数形式)

There old tea houses near here.

65. Mr. Green lives next to me. (改为否定句)

Mr. Green next to me.


要求:⒈ 请根据表格内容介绍你的笔友,以“My Pen pal”为题用英语写一篇小短文。

⒉ 短文必须包括表格提示的所有内容。

⒊ 要做到文理通顺,标点符号正确,不得少于10句话。



1------5. CBBCC 11----15 .CBCBA 6----10. CCCBB

11----15. CBCBB 16----20. CBCBC 21----25. CAABC


一 单项选择

1---5. BDACD 6----10. DBCAA 11----15. BBBDA


16----20 .CCDCB 21----25. DADBB


26----30. CDBBC 31----35. CCADA 36----40. CABBA

六. 词汇

41 draw 42 front 43 difficult 44 second 45 miss

46 playground 47 favorite 48 quiet 49 outside 50 sing

五. 用所给动词的正确形式填空

51 first 52 stories 53 watches 54 do 55 is

56 putting 57 has 58 reading 59years 60 to play

六. 句型转换

61 What is 62 Whose 63 like best 64 are some 65 doesn't live

七. 写作 略

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