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Part three:


1. What?s the weather like in winter?

2. Has your father got a car?

3. Can a fish fly?

4. When were you born?

5. Where are you from?

6. What?s the date today?

7. What day is today/ tomorrow/after Sunday?

8. Is it raining now? Is it fine today?

9. Can you jump high/far? Try to jump, please.

10. How many colours of the rainbow?

11. What color is the traffic light?

12. How do you usually go to school?

13. Which animal/sport do you like best?

14. What?s your favorite subject?

15. What?s the second season in a year?

16. When is the New Year?s Day?

17. Are the giraffe tall?

18. What do you wear in summer?

19. Do you wear coat in summer?

20. Do you have music at school?

21. Do you play the flute at the weekend?

22. Who is the tallest in your class? Who is the tallest in your family?

23. Which is longer, the Changjiang River or the Yellow River?

24. Which is older, the Great Wall or the Summer Palace?

25. Which is the most beautiful city in America?

26. Do the Englishmen use the chopsticks?

27. Do you have classes on Sundays?

28. Are you stronger than your mother?

29. How do you go to school?

30. What school do you go to?


31. How does your mother go to work?

32. What do you do at the weekend?

33. What does your father/mother usually do at the weekend?

34. What do you have at school?

35. How many stone animals are there in the Ming Tombs? What are they?

36. What animal, guess: It's got long nose. It?s big. What is it?

37. What animal, guess: It?s got long ears. It can jump. What is it?

38. What are you going to be when you grow up?

39. What are you going to do on Saturday?

40. Where are you going this weekend?

41. What are you going to do this summer vocation?

42. Where will you go on holiday?

43. Where do you live? Is it a big city?

44. Where have you been? What have you seen?

45. Where has your father traveled? What has he seen?

46. How many days are there in a week? What are they?

47. How do you like English?

48. How long have you learned English? Do you study hard?

49. What do you like to do in your spare time?

50. Where did you go yesterday/last weekend?

51. What did you do yesterday?

52. How many children are there in your class? How many boys?

53. If today is your friend?s birthday, what would you say?

54. How many seasons are there in a year? What are they? Which season now?

55. Which day is the first/last day of the week?

56. Which is your favourite season? Why?

57. What?s your favourite color? Why?

58. Which letter is after “Pp”?

59. What time do you usually have breakfast?/ lunch/dinner.

60. What time do you usually go to school in the morning?/in the afternoon?

61. What have you got for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

62. Would/Can you tell me something about your interest?

63. When is Children?s Day? Do you like it?

64. How old were you in 2007?

65. Where can we find out about animals?

66. What will you do next week? (On Monday, I will…)

67. Which is the sixth month of a year?

68. If you are hungry, and you want to eat some bread. How to want some from your


69. What time does your school start?

70. Please say three words about the feeling.

71. If you won a chess game, how do you feel?

72. If you lost your favorite pet, how do you feel?

73. If you will go to have a picnic, what would you take?

74. What are you going to do on Sports Day?

75. What?s the capital of England?

76. Which is the biggest city in America? Is it the capital of the USA?

77. Which is the longest river in China?

78. Which is the biggest city in America?

79. What?s the London Eye? Is it a really eye?

80. If you want to buy some bananas, how to ask the price?


81. I?m going to go to Hainan tomorrow, how can I get there? Could you give me

some opinions?

82. Where will you go this weekend? What will you see in the park?

83. How do you spend your birthday?

84. Can you play Chinese instrument? Can you say something about Chinese


85. Who?s your best friend? What?s he/she like? Talk something about him/her.

86. Could you tell me something about Beijing?

87. Please say something about your pet?

88. Can you talk about the Great Wall?

89. Does the school start at 8 o?clock in England? Can you say more about it.

90. Can you introduce your hometown/Quanzhou?

91. Do you like English? Why?

92. Who?s your English Teacher? Can you say something about her/him.

Please say something about your English teacher?

93. Would you like to tell me something about your family/class/school?

94. Do you look forward to the Spring Festival? How to celebrate the Spring Festival

in China?

95. Can you give a plan for your school?s “spring outing”?

96. Describe a famous river or a mountain with long, old, wide, high…

97. How did you prepare for your speech?

98. What can you learn from the story “He shouted ?wolf, wolf!?”?

99. When will the 29th Olympic Games be held? Where will the 2008 Olympic Games

be held?


What?s the slogan(口号) of 2008 Olympic Games?

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