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New Year is coming .Nancy and David are going tomake a New Year card for their grandparents .They draw some trees and flowers on the paper first .Then they draw a beautiful house. Near the house , there is a small garden . There are six people in it .They are grandma ,grandpa,dad ,mum and themselves.At last ,they wrist “Dear grandma and grandpa ,Happy Near Year” on the card .They are very happy.

( )1 They buy a New Year card for their grandparents.

( )2 There are some trees and flowers on the card.

( )3 We can see a nice house on the card .

( )4 There is a big garden near David’s house.

( )5 They forget to write “Happy Near Year”on the card.

( )6 The card is very nice .David and Nancy are happy.

We’ll have a Halloween party tomorrow . Some of my good friends will come to my house . Helen can’t sing but she likes dancing very much. .Su Yang and Su Hai will play the violin for us .David can make maskes .My mother will buy some chocolate ,biscuits and flowers fors us .All of us like lanterns but we can’t make lanterns . So we will buy some .We come to my house .

( )1 All of my friends will come to my house.

( )2 Helen can sing and dance .

( )3 Su Hai and Su Yang can play the violin .

( )4 My mother will make some lanterns for us .

( )5 David will make masks for the party.

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