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I 选择填空(25分)

( ) 1. There _______ a basketball match on CCTV-5 tonight.

A. will have B. is going to have C. will be D. are going to be

( ) 2. If there is ______ pollution, the air in our city will be ______ dirtier.

A. less; more B. more; much C. less; less D. more; more

( ) 3. My grandpa lives ________ in the country, but he doesn’t feel ________.

A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely D. lonely; alone

( ) 4. I will be an astronaut ______.

A. after ten years B. in ten years C. ten years ago D. since ten years

( ) 5. Marcia isn’t going to the party tomorrow. I’m not going there, _______.

A. too B. also C. both D. either

( ) 6. --- Why are you so upset?

--- Because all my classmates passed the English test ________ me.

A. with B. except C. without D. for

( ) 7. We must listen to the teacher as________ as possible.

A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. more carefully

( ) 8. Yesterday I _______ to take my homework with me. I _______ it at home.

A. forgot; forgot B. left; left C. forgot; left D. left; forgot

( ) 9. You are supposed ________ on the message to your teacher.

A. pass B. passed C. to pass D. passing

( ) 10. Nowadays teachers may find ______ hard ______ middle school students.

A. that; teach B. that; to teach C. it; teach D. it; to teach

( ) 11. The news made Bob ________.

A. feel exciting B. feel excited C. feels exciting D. feels excited

( ) 12. When the alien ______ out of the museum, Jimmy ________ an ice cream.

A. came; was eating B. come; was eating C. comes; ate D. was coming; ate

( ) 13. While we ______ about Mr Wang in the classroom, he came in.

A. talked B. are talking C. were talking D. talk

( ) 14. My father ______ a newspaper at 9:00 last night..

A. is reading B. read C. read D. was reading

( ) 15. Anna looked for her dog ______ but she didn’t find it ______.

A. everywhere; anywhere B. somewhere; somewhere

C. anywhere; somewhere D. everywhere; somewhere

( ) 16.The little boy _____ stop playing computer games _____ his father came back.

A. won’t; until B. didn’t; until C. doesn’t; after D. doesn’t; when

( ) 17. ________ amazing the result of the basketball match is!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

( ) 18. Mother was mad ________ me because of my ________ report card.

A. at; disappointed B. at; disappointing

C. with; disappointed D. with; disappointing

( ) 19. When I came back home, my baby ________ cry ________.

A. no; more B. doesn’t; more C. didn’t; anymore D. won’t; anymore

( ) 20. The teachers ask us ______ mobile phones to school.

A. bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. not to bring

( ) 21. The policewoman asked the little boy ______.

A. where did he live B. where he lived

C. where he lives D. where does he lives

( ) 22. --- I don’t know if it _________ tomorrow.

--- Well, if it _______, we won’t go for a picnic.

A. will rain; will rain B. will rain; rains C. rains; will rain D. rains; rains

( ) 23. If you bring snacks to school,the teacher will ________.

A. take it away B. take away it C. take them away D. take away them

( ) 24. --- How long have you been collecting coins?

--- ________.

A.Since 5 years ago B.Since 5 years C. In 5 years D.When I was 5 ( )25.Sally has been swimming ________ four hours.

A. for B. since C. about D. at

III 完形填空(10分)

How to practice spoken English?

How can we practice our spoken English (英语口语)?

The first and most important thing is to believe 31 . You should always have confidence or you 32 be able to improve your English. You should often encourage

( yourself, “Come on, don’t be afraid!’’

You should never lose heart and never give up.

Maybe you are afraid of losing face, but you should think we are students and we’re 33 , there’s no need to worry 34 anything. You must always be active in practice. There’s no problem that your pronunciation and intonation(语调) can’t be as good 35 the native (某国的,当地的) people because we are Chinese, and we don’t have chances to live in foreign countries and talk with the people there 36 . But you must know that the main way to study English is to make ourselves understood and understand other people. You should believe that native speakers will not 37 you, 38 they will encourage you . If you are brave (有勇气的) enough, you’ll certainly be better at 39 English than before.

40 be shy or afraid! Just have a try.

( ) 31. A. itself B. yourself C. themselves D. myself

( ) 32. A. can’t never B. are never C. will D. will never

( ) 33. A. learning B. saying C. students D. teaching

( ) 34. A. / B. to C. about D. for

( ) 35. A. so B. with C. as D. than

( ) 36. A. some time B. sometime C. sometimes D. all the time

( ) 37. A. laugh at B. get over C. open up D. seem like

( ) 38. A. so B. instead C. or D. nor

( ) 39. A. speaking B. speech C. speak D. spoke

( ) 40. A. Don’t B. Not C. No D. Do

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