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Do you enjoy reading? Here readers of your age from all over the United States recommend (

My favorite book is Don’t Die, My Love by Lurlene McDaniel. I love all her books, but this was the first one I read and I have to say, it is by

far my favorite. It doesn?t end like other

I think Nancy Drew is great! Nancy is a detective (

侦探) who has many woderful ideas! ?s a book from when my grandma was my age, and I can share the fun with her!

I highly recommend

Skinny Bones by Barbara Park. It is funny so please add it on your ou don?t want to miss out funny stories!

I would suggest (建议)______ by Judy Blume. It is based on real things that happened to Judy Blume. It is about a girl, Alice, who meets some girls at a new state(情景). They become friends, make a club and meet once a week. They stop after two weeks because they all like a boy in their class and put him as number one. I think every girl should read this because it is about our

I read a book called Neela: Victory Song and it was so good I read it twice! It takes place in India in 1936 and this 12-year-old girl named Neela tries to save her father! It has lots of history in it! I also learned a lot about different cultures(文化)! The author?s name is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

( )1. According to the reader, Skinny Bones can be described as a ________ story.

A. sad

C. funny

A. Skinny Bones.

C. Don?t Die, My Love.

( )3. Who is most probably an Indian author?

A. Judy Blume.

C. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

A. My Secret

C. Three Friends B. Barbara Park. D. Lurlene McDaniel. B. Growing Trouble D. Alice Learns a Lesson B. history D. detective B. Nancy Drew. D. Neela: Victory Song. ( )2. From which book can we learn different cultures? ( ) 4. The best name of the 4th book is ________.

( )5. Which is TRUE about Nancy Drew?

A. It doesn?t have a common ending like other books.

B. It?s based on real things that happened to the author.

C. It?s about a12-year-old girl who tries to save her father.

D. Both the reader and the reader?s grandma love this book.


What is the hottest topic at your school recently? In Hangzhou Yongjin Middle School, it?s money.

The school held an activity called “making money” last weekend. About 200 Junior 1 and Junior 2 students were divided into 30 teams. They went out to make money by selling things.

What did they choose to sell? Some sold newspapers; some chose bottled water; some sold environmentally friendly shopping bags(环保袋) and bamboo baskets.

Hu Qing?s team decided to sell some useful books in front of the Children Activity Center. They thought parents would like to buy the books for their children. But unfortunately(不幸地), they met urban management officers (城管). The officers asked them to leave. “We played hide-and-seek with the officers for the whole morning.” said Hu. “Finally we had to give up(放弃).”

Wang Bing and his team sold ice cream in a square. They didn?t meet any officers. But few people were interested in what they were selling. The team then put up a board(木板) saying “For Country Kids”. It worked. More people came to their stall (小摊). A foreigner even gave them 100 yuan. “He didn?t want any change. He said he wanted to help the children,” said Wang. “We were touched(感动).” Later that day they gave the 100 yuan and more to the “Project Hope” office.

Meng Zhaoxiang and his team were luckier. They sold all their cakes in four hours, spending 39.5 yuan and getting back 80 yuan. They made 40.5 yuan. “It was not easy to make the money,” said Meng. “Some people just looked. Others just tasted but didn?t buy. Now I know how hard it is for our parents to make the money we need to live happy lives.”

( )6. In Hangzhou Yongjin Middle School, what the students talk more about is ________.

A. the officers B. the kind foreigner

C. the activity called “making money” D. the money they made last weekend

( )7. ________ took part in the activity.

A. All the students B. Some teachers

C. About 200 students of the three grades D. Part of Junior 1 and Junior 2 students

( )8. Hu Qing?s team finally gave up because ________.

A. the parents didn?t like to buy the books

B. the Children Activity Center was too crowded

C. the officers didn?t allow them to sell anything there

D. the team played the game of the hide-and-seek the whole morning

( )9. Why did more people come to Wang Bing?s stall at last?

A. The team put up a magic board.

B. A foreigner came up and helped them.

C. The people liked to help country kids.

D. The people were interested in their ice cream.

( )10. According to the passage the students learn ________.

A. it?s impossible for them to make money

B. it?s not easy for their parents to make money

C. it?s very important for them to make a living

D. it?s necessary for school to hold more activities in the future


( ) 11. If the reader has an English newspaper of March 3, he will get a small present on _____.

A. March 3 B. March 8 C. March 12 D. March 14

( )12. Jack, a middle school student, will watch the football match with his parents. The tickets

will cost ________.

A. ¥15 B. ¥40 C. ¥55 D. ¥95

( )13. If Alan wants to get his schoolbag back, he can come to visit John at ________.

A. 2 pm on Monday B. 3 pm on Monday

C. 4 pm on Friday D. 1 pm on Friday ( )14. Sue is interested in the Ping-pong Summer Camp. She can call Mary _________.

A. 27648832 B. 27643372 C. 43768521 D. 64371182

( ) 15. Which of the following is NOT true? A. The biggest shopping center will open on March 8.

B. The football match is between Shanghai Shenhua and Beijing Xiandai.

C. Alan found John?s bag with some books in it.

D. Ping-pong Summer Camp will be held in Keqiao Children?s Palace.



The Sea Life Centre is a really exciting place. There are so many things here and everything is enjoyable. It costs£3.70 for grown-ups .£2 for children and for over sixties and school groups. It?s from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day except 25th and 26th of December.

Special include(包括)hourly feeding times for all the different animals and fish, and shows in the sea life theatre. is always there to answer questions about what you?ve seen. you are in a group of six or more people, we give you a special guided tour of the centre. But you to arrange(安排)this at the information desk when you .

The latest attraction(景点) is a big tunnel(隧道)you can walk through. All around you, you will see fish swimming—sometimes even over your head. You certainly have the view(景色) of the undersea world .Children it and it?s really amazing for grown-ups ,too. When you get 放松的) family dining room serving food.

That?s all. For information, phone 01743-564219.Have a good time! Thank you.

( )1.A.Go

( )2.A.see

( )3.A.little

( )4.A.popular B. Come B. do B. few B. busy C. Walk C. play C. less D. Welcome D. take D. fewer C. crowded(拥挤的) D. open

( )5.A.changes ( )6.A.Someone ( )7.A.When ( )8.A,can ( )9.A.decide

B. programs C. attractions

D. performances D. No one D. Until D. have to D. need D. travel D. stone

D. most frightening D. find D. hungry D. most

B. Anyone C. Everyone B. must C. should B. like C. hope

B. If C. Because

( )10.A.return B. arrive C. leave ( )11.A.metal B. paper C. glass ( )13.A.want B. visit ( )14.A.tired B. bored ( )15.A.some B. more (B)

( )12.A.clearest B. funniest C. most relaxing

C. love C. thirsty C. much

Agatha Christic would never forget the night when she met a robber(抢劫者) many years ago. That evening, she went to a birthday party which until two o?clock in the morning. Agatha walked in the street alone. Suddenly from the back of a dark a tall man with a sharp(锋利的) knife in his right hand ran out at her. “Good ,lady,” the man said in a low voice, “I don?t think you wish to ” “What do you want?” “ Your earrings(耳环). Take them off!”

Agatha suddenly had a 衣领) of her overcoat while she used hand to take off both of her earrings and then them on the ground.

“Take them and let me go, ” she said. The robber thought that the girl didn?t like the earrings at all, only trying to the necklace. It would cost “Give me your necklace(项链).”

“Oh, sir. It doesn?t much. Please let me wear it.” “I?m not that , Quick!”

With shaking(发抖) Agatha took off her necklace. As soon as the robber left, she picked up her earrings and ran as The earrings cost 480 pounds and the necklace the robber had taken away cost pounds. ( )1. A. ended ( )2.A. busy ( )3.A.part ( )5. A. die

B. stayed B. quiet B. block B. escape

C. stopped C. noisy C. building C. evening C. fight

D. lasted D. wide D. street D. night D. stay

( )4.A.moring B. afternoon

( )6. A. funny ( )7. A. other ( )9. A. own

B. safe B. others B. threw B. keep B. take B. angry B. feet

B. early B. always

C. brave C. the other C. passed C. have C. more C. spend C. silly C. head C. carefully C. only (A)

D. bright D. another D. put D. protect D. less D. cost D. bad D. body D. fast D. at least

( )8. A. handed ( )10. A. cheap ( )11. A. weigh ( )12. A. afraid ( )13. A. hands ( )14. A. much ( )15. A. really 三、任务型阅读

B. expensive

In the early nineteenth century, people didn?t use stamps. They had to pay postage(邮资) when they received them. (1)有时他们根本就不想收到信,but they had to pay money for it. They were unhappy about this. Rowland Hill was a school teacher in England. (3)在19世纪50年代,他是第一个想到用邮票的。 He thought it would be much easier for people to use stamps. They could go to the post office to buy stamps and put them on envelop(信封) before they sent the letters. The post office could just put seals(印记) on the stamps(4) so that people could not to use the stamps . In this way, the post office did not need to send postmen to get postage. It only needed fewer postmen to send letters.

1. 请将文中(1)句中的中文翻译成英文。

_________________________________________________________________________ 2. 请将文中(2)句中的英文翻译成中文。

_________________________________________________________________________ 3. 请将文中(3)句中的中文翻译成英文。

_________________________________________________________________________ 4. 在文中(4)句空白出填入适当得短语,是上下文句意顺畅。 ___________ ___________

5. What is the best title of the short passage? ____________________________________________


(1)Penguins live together, but each pair has their own ground. When a penguin wants to walk through its neighbour?s ground , it must ask for permission(许可). If it doesn?t, they will fight. They also fight for fish. (2)所有的企鹅都是好父亲。The father penguins are perhaps the best parents in the world. The father penguins are perhaps the best parents in the world. The mothers are always for about two weeks after they lay eggs. Then the fathers look after the eggs. If the eggs got cold, there will be no chicks. There is no food. The snow falls and the wind blows. (3)But the fathers don?t _______. Father penguins will fight if a father leaves a chick for a minute. They fight because they all think the chick is theirs. Penguins are strange and wonderful birds.








The father penguins are better than any other father animals in the world.


5.What is the main idea of the short passage?




Teenagers live very busy lives now and often forget to think about their diets and exercise. The truth is, healthy eating along with regular(有规律的fit.

doctors suggest 2,800 for rice, bread, vegetables and fruit. You water will improve(改善) your skin(皮肤) and give you healthy hair.

is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy. Experts (专家) suggest(建议) at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a

you exercise, your body produces(制造出) you feel relaxed(放松 better at night and let you pay more attention when your study!


An Unusual School

What do you call a school with no tests, no grades, no classes, and no teachers? Students of the Met School and their parents t it is the best school in the world.

The school is in Rhode Island, USA .Dennis Littky in 1966. He was fired (解雇)from two because parents were with his unusual ideas. The school takes poor kids who are failing at schools. Nearly(几乎) everybody has already given up (放弃)on these students and their parents try anything. The Met School gives Littky a great place to try out his new ideas.

“The word that most kids use when they talk about high school is ?boring?,” says Littky. “But no one would say Met was boring.” Advisors (指导老师) work with small group of students f four years. Students spend almost(几乎) half of their school time learning real-life skills, such as working for business, s time with government(政府) people, and helping teach younger children. of tests, the students give shows about their work outside school.

In fact, students work h here than in other schools. All graduate (毕业) and can choose to go to a good university(大学). Now, Bill Gates is starting schools this one around the USA.

1. t________ 2.o________ 3 o._________ 4.u_________ 5.w_________

6. f________ 7.s_________ 8.I_________ 9.h_________ 10.l_________

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