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一.找出画线部分读音不同的单词。(5分) ( ( ( ( ( 二.用括号里的词语的正确形式填空。(10分) 1. My good friend ____( be ) good at _________ ( run). 2. There are many _______ (sheep) on the hill. 3. It’s time _________ (have) lunch now. 4. Give ______( I ) ________ ( you) pen, please. 5. John usually ___( go ) to school by bus. But his sisters often _____( ride) bikes. 6. We ________(swim) in the lake last summer holiday. 7. We must _______( finish) our homework on time. 8. The book is _______(my). That one is _______( Jenny). 9. There _______( be ) some juice in the bottle. 10. I am 150cm tall. Ben is 152cm tall. So he is ______(tall) than me. 三.单项选择(15分) ( )1. —Where do you come from? —________ A. Yes I do. B. I’m a student. C. I come from Canada. D. It’s very nice. ( )2. —How do you usually go to school? —________ A. By a bus. B. On foot. C. On bike. D. with car ( )3. — ____________ —The kitchen fan doesn’t work. A. What’s that? B. What’s the matter? C. Can I help you? D. How are you? ( )4. Jenny ______ the bus to school everyday. A. by B. take C. takes ( )5. —Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the hospital? — ________ A. You can’t miss it. B. I don’t know. C. No, I don’t know. D. I’m sorry, I’m new here myself. ( )6. The skateboard is ________ yuan .


A. fourty five B. forty five C. forty-five D. fourty-five

( )7. —What’s the matter with you ?

—I _________ yesterday.

A. has a headache B. have a cold C. had headache D. had a cold

( )8.Here ______ the money.

A. be B. is C. are

( )9. There _____ some salt in the plate . A. are B. is C. be

( )10. —Happy New Year!


A. It’s OK. B. The same to you!

C. Yes. D. Happy birthday!

( )11. Is this _____ English book?—No, it’s ______ Chinese book .

A. an, a B. an, an C. a, a

( )12. What are these? _____ toes. A. We’re B. It’s C. They’re

( )13. —How was the weather yesterday?

—It was _______.

A. sun B. rain C. snow D. cloudy

( )14. —Is there a shop around here?

— ___________

A. Yes, it is .B. Yes, that is .C. Yes, there is. D. No, there is.

( )15. The children ______ singing under the tree this morning.

A. are B. is C. were D. was


1. Peter likes s__________ in the river in summer.

2. John has thirty yuan. His father gives him fifty yuan. Now he has e________ yuan.

3. The frog likes j________.

4. An e_________ has a long nose.

5. The k___________ in the zoo are from Australia.


( ) It’s nice. I’ll take it.

( ) What color do you like?

( ) I want a pen.

( ) It’s a little expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?

( ) What about this one?


( ) I like blue.

( ) It’s fifteen yuan.

( ) Yes, we do. Look at this one. It’s ten yuan.

( ) Can I help you? ( ) It’s nice. How much is it?


1. I am going to buy a bag of rice tomorrow. (用yesterday改写句子) ______________________________________________________

2. I’ve got a guitar. I can’t play the guitar. (用but连成一句话) ______________________________________________________

( 对画线部分提问) ______________________________________________________

4. What can I do for you? (同义句)


5.sister, am, letter, I, my, writing, a, to ( 连词成句)


How buses because They are dark Every new student booklet( There routes(路线) of the school on the on time. Children are so happy to ( )1. A. do C. are ( )2. A. never B. does C. usually ( )3. A. going B. goes C. go ( )4. A. they B. this C. it ( )5. A. too B. little C. enough ( )6. A. have B. has C. had ( )7. A. be B. are C. is ( )8. A. In B. On C. Of ( )9. A. down B. up C. about ( )10. A. bring B. by C. take



There is a rabbit and a lion in a forest. The rabbit lives in a hole(洞). The lion lives near the hole. The lion is hungry so he goes to look for food. He sees the rabbit drinking water near the hole. “Oh, there is my food!” The lion runs to the rabbit. The rabbit is afraid of the lion. She runs quickly into her hole. The lion can’t get into the hole. He says to the rabbit, “I don’t like eating rabbits.” The rabbit is very happy when she hears this, so she goes out of her hole. The lion eats her. 3

( ) 1. The rabbit and the lion live in___________. A. a hole B. a lake C. a forest D. a mountain ( ) 2. The lion wants to _____ the rabbit. A. visit B. eat C. play with D. help ( ) 3. The rabbit is _______ when the lion runs to her. A. sleeping B. eating C. walking D. drinking ( ) 4. The rabbit is ______ of the lion. A. happy B. hungry C. sad D. afraid ( ) 5. The lion is _______. A. kind B. small C. smart D. angry B.阅读短文,判断内容,相符的写“T”,否则写“F”。 This is a clock. It’s on the wall of my room. Maybe you don’t know(知道) it. Now let me tell you something about it. It has two hands. One is long, the other is short. The long hand is the minute hand and there are 60 minutes in an hour(小时). The short hand is the hour hand and there are 24 hours in a day. What time is it now? It’s seven o’clock. I must do my homework now. Goodbye! ( ) 1. You may know the time from the clock. ( ) 2. The long hand is the hour hand. ( ) 3. There are 60 hours in a day. ( ) 4. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. ( ) 5. It’s 2 o’clock now . 九.智力题。(5分)

( )1.Which does not have two legs A. A duck B. A bird C. A fish D. A girl ( )2. It’s raining cats and dogs. A.下猫狗 B.倾盆大雨 C.不下雨 D.毛毛细雨 ( )3. How many letters(字母) are there in “English”? A.26 B.4 C.5 D.7 ( )4.Amy is 12 years old(十二岁),John is 2 years younger than Amy.Sarah is 1 years older than John. How old is Sarah? A.15 B.11 C.13 D.9 ( )5、her parents’ A. 眼中的苹果 B 掌上明珠 C 苹果的眼睛 十.作文。(10分)

题目:Myself (介绍自己 )

要求:1.介绍自己( 英文名字、年龄、所在的年级、外貌、爱好)

2. 语句通顺,书写规范。 3. 不少于60个单词。 4

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