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七年级竞赛试题A卷 Microsoft Word 文档 (2)

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第一卷 选择题


( )1. -- Do you know __________ man in blue?

-- Yes, he’s a professor of _________ university.

A. the , a B. a, an C. the , an D. / , the

( ) 2. Beijing is a beautiful city. ______ people come here for a visit every day.

A. Thousands of B. Thousand of C. Thousands D. Thousand

( ) 3. -- Did you watch the movie last night?

-- No, I didn’t, but my mother ______. She loves movies.

A. does B. did C. was D. do

( ) 4. -- What is the boy like?

--He is very _____ and some people don’t quite like him.

A. naughty B. well-behaved C. tall D. short

( ) 5. I _______ and Jenny listened to a concert.

A. did a shopping B. did a shoping

C. did some shopping D. did some shoping

( ) 6. It’s very difficult ______ him ______ the paper plane.

A. for; mend B. of; mending C. for; to mend D. of ; to mend

( ) 7. --______?

--He was a computer engineer working for Microsoft.

A. Who was he B. What was he like

C. What did he do D. What does he do

( ) 8. --What do you think of this new film?


A. It’s very interesting B. I think so C. I’d love to D. I like.

( ) 9. ---- Hi, Li Lei. What are you going to do?

----- What?

----- I have __________ to tell you.

A. something important B. important something

C. anything important D. important anything

( ) 10. ______ comes after October and before December.

A. August B. November C. January D. Feburary

( ) 11. I am not able to play ______ piano but I am able to play ______ football.

A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D./; /

( ) 12. The banana pie tastes delicious, Could I have another ________?

A. one B. it C. this D. that

( ) 13. The door was ______. Jim _____ it just now.

A. open; open B. opened; open C. open; opened D. opened; opened

( ) 14. Jim is _____ than the other boys.

A. so taller B. the tallest C. more taller D. much taller

( ) 15. -- Can you come to the party?

--I’d love to, ______.

A. but I’m too busy to go. Sorry B. and I’m afraid not

C. and you can go D. but I can

( A. is gonging to have B. is gonging to be C. is D. are

( the great wall.

A. visiting B. visit C. visits D. visited

( A. like B. likes C. liking D. to like

( )19. --- Will there be school in the future? ---- No, _______

A. there isn’t B. there aren’t C. there won’t D. they won’t

( A. does B. doing C. to do D. do

( ) 21. It can’t be Lucy’s bike. Look! _________ is under the tree.

A. She B. Her C. Hers D. She’s

( ) 22. ------ I’m thisty. May I have something to drink?

------ OK. Here’s some _____________.

A. rice B. bread C. water D. porridge

( ) 23. ------ Alan, come here. I need your help.

------ Sorry, Dad. I __________ the dishes now.

A. do B. did C. am doing D. was doing

( ) 24. She saw a book lying on the floor, and picked____________.

A. it up B. up it C. may be D. them up

( ) 25. ------ Jim ! I have finished _______ my homework. Let’s go and play.

------ That’s great.

A. do B. to do C. doing D to doing

( ) 26. Once upon a time, there was a little girl _________ Xiao Mei.

A. calls B. calling C. called D. call

( ) 27. She hurried out of the house without _________ her basket.

A. takes B. to take C. taking D. to taking

( ) 28. ---- When is _________?

---- It’s on March the eighth.

A. Woman Day B. Woman’s Day C. Women Day D. Women’s Day

( ) 29. After his long journey, he _______ his home yesterday.

A. returned B. returned back C. returned to D. returned back to

( ) 30. ----- Did you watch TV?

----- __________. We listened to the radio.

A. Yes, we did B. Yes, we didn’t C. No, we did D. No, we didn’t

( ) 31. I heard Lucy ________ in the room yesterday morning.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing D. laughed

( ) 32. _________ we plant, _________ our country will be.

A. The more trees; the beautiful B. The less trees; the more beautiful

C. The more trees; the more beautiful D. The less trees; the beautiful

( ) 33. There are ____________ on the table.

A. three bowls rice B. three bowl of rice

C. three bowls of rices D. three bowls of rice

( ) 34. ---- I hope you’ll have a good trip.

----- __________.

A. Thank you B. I hope so C. I think so D. You’re welcome

( ) 35. I’m very thirsty(口渴的) . Please give me _________ juice.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

三、阅读理解 (40分)


The story is about a girl named Hua Mulan. And she is a heroine in Chinese history. One day , the emperor ordered every family must have one man fight(打仗) for their country. Mulan’s father was very old and her brother was very young, so they couldn’t join the army. At last Mulan wore men’s colthes and joined the army. She fought with other soldiers and she was very brave. All the soldiers and the captain liked her very much. When the war finished, the emperor gave Mulan a horse to go home quickly. Mulan traveled to her home. Her parents were very happy to see her. Then Mulan put on a lovely dress and told her soldier friends that she was a girl. The soldiers were all surprised.

( )36. Mulan’s brother was _____.

A. not brave B. quite young C. very cute

( )37. The emperor wanted ____.

A. one man to join the army B. to fight with young men C. many men to join the army

( )38. Mulan ____.

A. didn’t want her parents to help her

B. traveled for many miles to find the Yellow River.

C. didn’t want the captain to know that she was a girl.

( )39. The captain _____.

A. liked Mulan because she was a girl. B. thought Mulan was a good soldier.

C. didn’t like the other soldier.

( )40. The emperor gave Mulan ___.

A. a house to live in B. a horse to go home C. a village to stay at


One morning Mr Black is driving in the country (乡村) and looking for a small hotel(旅馆). When he sees an old woman on the side of the road, he stops his car and says to the woman,“I want to go to the Sun Hotel. Do you know it?”

“Yes,” the old woman says. “I will tell you the way.” She gets in Mr Black’s car, and they drive about twelve miles(英里). When they come to a small house. The old woman says,“Stop here.”Mr Black stops and looks at the house. “ But this isn’t a hotel,” he says to the old woman.

“No” the old woman answers. “This is my house. And I’ll show you the way to the hotel . Turn around and go kack nine miles. Then you’ll see the hotel.”

( ) 41. What is Mr Black doing that morning?

A. He is walking in the country B. He is walking for a restaurant

C. He is looking for a hotel to live in D. He is driving a small bus

( )42. Mr Black asks the old woman ________.

A. to take his car B. the way to the hotel

C. to help him repair(修理)his car D. the way back home

( ) 43. After she gets in the car, they drive ______ and stop.

A. nine miles B. twenty miles C. two kilometres D. twelve miles

( ) 44. Why does the old woman stop him in front of the small house? Because_______.

A. the small house is hers B. she is too hungry

C. there’s something wrong with the car. D. they get to the hotel

( )45. Which of the following sentences is right?

A.The old woman doesn’t know the way to the hotel.

B. Mr Black wants to go to the Moon Hotel.

C. The old woman doesn’t get off and goes back to the hotel with Mr Black.

D. At last Mr Black has to go back nine miles to find the hotel.


In Japan ,there are many holidays and other great days .we can tell only a few here .

The fifth birthday of a boy is a great day in the family . The boy puts on a shirt like the one his father wears . It is an important moment in his life and means that he must now be a manly(男子汉气概的)little boy

Like his father. He must smile when he has pain or trouble , He must carry on(坚持)。

The day a girl becomes seven years old is a big day in family .She may now wear a sash(腰带) like the one her mother wears . Her friends and her mother’s friends come and drink tea and eat cakes . It means that the girl must now be a womanly little girl and help in the home .

One of the great holidays in Japan is the Emperor’s(天皇) birthday. Instead of school, there are picnics , sports and speeches , as we have on our fourth of July in America.


( )46.How many holiday and great days can you find in the story ?

A. Four B. Three C. Two D. Five

( ) 47.when a boy begins to wear a shirt like the one his father wears____.

A. he needn’t go to school B. he isn’t boy

C. he must be a boy of strong character D. he must work hard for the family

( ) 48. Which birthday of a girl is a big day in her family?

A. The fifth B. The sixth C. The seventh D. The twelfth

( ) 49. Japanese children don’t go to school on_________.

A. their fifth birthdays B. their grandpa’s

C .their fifth and seventh birthdays D. their Emperor’s birthday

( ) 50. From the story , we can know the writer is from_______.

A. China B. America C. Japan D. I don’t know


Tanzania(坦桑尼亚) is a country which has a lot of animals, such as gnus(角马), lions, cheetahs(猎豹), elephants, giraffes, crocodiles and so on. Every year, many people in the world travel to this African country to watch the animals closely. But do you know how they travel?

By bus-This is the most common way. When people get on a bus, they’ll find that the bus is a little strange. It is different from the buses we often see. There are no big windows at all, but some small windows. What are they used for? Oh, people can use them to watch animals and those dangerous animals, and take photos. We know that people are most interested in lions. So when two buses meet, the drivers will often stop and ask each other if they have found lions.

By boat-We can often see many people are in a boat, enjoying the beauty along a river or a lake. And they can also see hippos(河马) and crocodiles and other animals that live in the water. By hot balloon(热气球)-In the early morning, when the sun is beginning to rise, a large hot balloon is also starting its journey. Taking a hot balloon makes most travelers excited. After some time, the balloon will land safely in a place and the waiters will give people a nice breakfast. But

you need to spend a lot of money taking a hot balloon. A person should pay 400 dollars for an hour’s trip.

( ) 51. How many ways of traveling are mentioned in the passage?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five D. six

( ) 52. The bus in different from the buses we often see in that ______.

A. people can take pictures from the windows

B. drivers often stop and ask each other if they have found lions

C. there were no big windows, but some small windows

D. there were no small windows, but some big windows

( ) 53. If you want to watch crocodiles and hippos, it’s best to go ______.

A. by bus B. by boat C. by hot balloon D. by subway

( ) 54. People who have a lot of money and want to feel excited can choose to ______.

A. take a bus B. take a boat C. take a hot balloon D. take a bike

( ) 55. Which of the following is true according to the story?

A. The most common way to travel in Tanzania is by boat.

B. Tanzania is an African country.

C. Taking a hot balloon for a whole morning will cost 400 dollars.

D. The most common way to travel in Tanzania is by hot balloon.

第二卷 答案卷


阅读短文,根据短文内容和首字母提示, 在空白处填入一个适当的单词。

Mr. Brown is an American. He is now in Beijing w_______ (56) his family. This is his first visit to China. They are going to s_______ (57) in China for three weeks. They want t_______ (58) visit some cities and villages. They hope to learn some Chinese, t_____ (59).

Mr. Brown is a doctor. He is going to visit some h____________(60) in Beijing. Mr. Brown is a school t__________(61). She is going to visit some schools. Their daughter is a student. She is going to meet some Chinese s_____________(62).

They are going to t_____(63) a lot of photos of China. When they are back to America, they are g_________(640 to show the photos to their friends. They want the American people to know more a_________(65) China.


You ask me 66__________ (tell) you about my hometown, so now I’d like 67______(tell) you something about it. I 68_______( live) in Brighton which is not a very big town. It 69_________ (have) a population of around 300,000, it is on the coast about 50 miles from London. Of course it isn’t as interesting as London or Paris. But the air is cleaner and better. There 70________(be) little pollution (污染)there. There are a few factory in Brighton, but not many. It isn’t easy 71________ (find) a job there. My father used to 72_______ (work) in a steel plant which shut down a year ago and my father 73________( lost) the job. But there are a lot of hotels and language school in the town. In summer the town is full of travellers. My father decides 74_________( open ) a small shop to sell gifts. But he is short of money. He hopes that he can 75_____(borrow)some money from the bank .


There are many kinds of tigers all over the world, and the largest tiger is Northeast Tiger. It can be over two meters long and 200 kilos in weight. Some Northeast Tigers live in the northeast of China, like Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province. Because there are large forests and mountains and the tigers usually like living there. (A)

can live a quiet life. They can run after each other, catch and eat some small animals like rabbits and deer. Tiger has lighter fur and dark brown stripes(条纹).

The number of the tigers becomes (D)____________ and smaller, so we should protect them from now on.


77. 文中B处划线单词的意思是_____________.

A. 异常的 B.普通的 C. 稀有的 D. 特殊的

78. 在C处填入适当的词组,使语意通顺。__________________

79. 根据上下文, 能填入文中D处的单词是_____________.

80. 回答问题:

Why do the Northeast Tigers like living in the northeast of China?




1. 1861年詹天佑出生于广东省。

2. 他从小对机械(machinery)感兴趣。12岁时,他去了美国读书。毕业后,


3. 他是一位民族英雄。是京张铁路(Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railroad)的工程师。


4. 在八达岭有一个关于与他的博物馆。

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