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( ) 1. A. under B. mum C. student D. study

( ) 2. A. five B. four C. off D. of

( ) 3. A. these B. help C. bed D. get

( ) 4. A. please B. sweater C. seat D. teacher

( ) 5. A. book B. good C. look D. too

( ) 6. A. zero B. old C. home D. clock

( ) 7. A. maps B. beds C. doors D. apples

( ) 8. A. where B. pear C. there D. here

( ) 9. A. fine B. five C. sit D. kite

( ) 10.A. thirteen B. they C. think D. thank 括号中标"S",不同的标"D"。(5分)

( ) 1. sweater welcome

( ) 2. ticket computer

( ) 3. between birthday

( ) 4. telephone different

( ) 5. Chinese trousers



(1) god ______ (2) ne ______

(3) od ______ (4) bg ______

(5) blu ______


(1) play ______ (2) get _______

(3) go ________ (4) look _______

(5) listen _______


(1) Sit ______, please.

(2) _____ open your books, please.

(3) -- _____ is Miss Gao?

-- She's _____ there.

(4) ______ beautiful it is!


1. friend, I, you, our, see, can, think ( .)


2. his, don't, I, name, know ( .)


3. is, where, book, my (?)


4. all, is, that, right ( .)


5. you, that, please, spell, can (?)



(在水果店, A和B两人正在买水果……)

A: Oh, so __1__ apples and bananas!

B: I'd like __2__ apples. __3__ is it?

Salesgirl: 3 yuan. __4__ do you want?

B: 2 pounds, please.

Salesgirl: OK, here you are.

B: __5___.

A: Have you got __6___ oranges?

Salesgirl: Of __7__. Look here.

A: Oh, how nice! __8___ is it?

Salesgirl: 2 yuan and 5 jiao. __9__ do you want to buy? A: 5 pounds, please.

Salesgirl: __10__.

A: Thank you very much.

Salesgirl: You're welcome.

1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4.________ 5.________

6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9.________ 10._______


Peter is a primary school pupil. He is a good boy. Uncle John lives next to him. Uncle John has no child and he can't see anything. He works in the factory near Peter's school. He goes to work at 7:30 in the morning and comes home at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Peter goes to school at 8:00 in the morning and comes home at the same time as Uncle John in the afternoon. On weekdays Peter gets up early to take Uncle John to the factory. After school he takes Uncle John home. On Sundays Peter helps Uncle John clean the house and do some cooking. Uncle John thanks Peter very much. He says, "Peter is a good boy. He is like my son."

( ) 1. Peter gets up early to ______.

A. go to school B. run C. help Uncle John D. cook

( ) 2. Peter doesn't take Uncle John to the factory on ______.

A. weekdays B. Sundays C. Mondays D. Wednesdays

( ) 3. Peter helps Uncle John clean the house ______.

A. from Sunday to Saturday B. on Wednesday

C. on Mondays D. on Sundays

( ) 4. School is over at ______.

A. 3:30 B. 4:30 C. 5:00 D.7:00

( ) 5. Which is right?

A. Peter likes Uncle John. B. Peter is Uncle John's son.

C. Peter looks like Uncle John's son. D. Peter looks like Uncle John. 练习二


1.下课后____________ 2.跑步比赛_______________

3.这所学校的大门__________________ 4.我妈妈的朋友__________________

5.儿童节_________________ 6.make noise ______________

7.fold it in half _______________ 8.my E-mail address _______________

9.kick the football _____________ 10. the girl in the red hat ____________


1.There ________(be) some water in that bottle.

2.There are 5 basketball ________ (play) in every team.

3.-- ________ (be) you at home last night?

--- Yes, I was.

4. _______ (not speak) to your mother like that.

5. At ________ (one), I didn't know him, but now I do.

6. What time ________ you _______ (get) up every day?

7. Let him ________ (have) a drink of orange, please.

8. When everybody _________ (seat), the meeting began.

9. I ______ (not have) any time to do it.

10. This story _______ (happen) near one year ago.


1. books, they, some, are, reading (.)


2. usually, we, have, 12:30, at, lunch (.)


3. tall, is, man, the, young, English, our, teacher (.)


4. go, school, I, my, car, often, to, father's, in (.)


5. they, room, what, in, doing, are, the (?)



( ) 1. The socks in the school is Kate's. _________________


( ) 2. Is it he bag? _________________


( ) 3. Who's jackets are these? _________________


( ) 4. Give the books to she. _________________


( ) 5. There are five girl's names on the paper. _____________



Dear friend,

My name is Alice Green. I am __1__ American girl. I'm thirteen. I have two brothers. One is Jack, __2__ is Tom. We go __3__ school five days a week. We stay at home __4__ Saturdays and Sundays. We are in __5__ same school.

My father is a worker. My mother is a teacher. Mother often __6__ China is great and Chinese food is good. The Chinese people __7__ very friendly.

I like spring. My brothers like __8__. We __9__ like watching TV. What about you?

Let us __10__. Please write to me soon.

Yours, Alice

( ) 1. A a B an C the D /

( ) 2. A another B other C the other D the others

( ) 3. A a B to C the D to the

( ) 4. A in B on C the D /

( ) 5. A a B an C the D /

( ) 6. A say B says C speak D speaks

( ) 7. A am B is C are D be

( ) 8. A play football B playing football

C play the football D playing the football

( ) 9. A each B every C all D any

( ) 10. A do a friend B be a friend C do friends D be friends


The Smiths like to go out for a trip on Sundays. This Sunday they want to go to the West Hill. Jack and Mike, the sons, get up very early in the morning. Jack puts on a shirt and jeans, and Mike put on a T-shirt and jeans. They put bread, meat, eggs and some fruit in a basket and carry it to the car. M rs Smith also takes four tins of Coke with her. The little dog is running after her. It wants to go with them, too. They are all very happy.

( ) 1. On Sundays the Smiths like ________.

A to stay at home B to watch TV

C to go out for a trip D to do shopping

( ) 2. Jack and Mike wear ________.

A jeans and running shoes B coats and trousers

C some meat and bread D some food and books

( ) 3. They take _______ with them.

A some apples and oranges B some bananas and pears

C some meat and bread D some food and books

( ) 4. They can have _______ each.

A two tins of Coke B a tin of Coke

C four tins of Coke D three tins of Coke

( ) 5. They also take ______ with them.

A the little dog B the little eat

C the bird D the horse


根据要求以My Favourite Season (我最喜欢的季节)为题写一篇小作文。 要求:1.条理清楚,意思连贯,字迹清楚。




1. 有相同的爱好_____________ 2. do well in _____________________

3. 和···交谈_______________ 4. go for a walk ___________________

5. 得了重感冒________________ 6. that's true ____________________

7. 在周末 _________________ 8. do more exercise ________________

9. 玩得很高兴________________ 10. well done ______________________


1. What are the _________ (孩子们)doing?

2. David likes _________ __________ (收集邮票).

3. Can Wang Bing jump _________ ___________ ____________ (一样远)his classmates?

4. You'll get ________ (更强壮)and you'll do _________(更好)in PE.

5. Shall we __________(开始)our __________ (课)now?

6. Tom is _________ (缺席)because he ___________ ________ (生病) today.

7. Please speak _________ (大声地).I can't _________ (听见)you.


1. He's not as __________ (strong) as the other children.

2. Look! They're __________ (have) a chat.

3. Jim can play music __________ (beautiful).

4. Which is _________ (heavy), the bear or the elephant?

5. Have a good rest. You'll get _________ (good) soon.

6. A: What ________ (do) Yang Ling often do after school?

B: He ______ (go) home and ________ (draw) some pictures.

7. A: What ________ (do) Su Hai do last Sunday morning?

B: He __________ (go) for a walk in the park.



( ) 1. Do you have any problems A: I get up at six thirty. with your homework?

( ) 2. What time do you get up? B: I'm sorry. The traffic was heavy.

( ) 3. How about going out for a C: I'm good at Chinese. walk around the lake?

( ) 4. Can you jump higher than Ben? D: Yes, there are.

( ) 5. What's the matter? E: Yes, she is.

( ) 6. Is your mother good at driving a car? F: That's a good idea.

( ) 7. Are these any butterflies? G: I have some problems with English.

( ) 8. You're late. H: Liu Tao's.

( ) 9. What are you good at? I: Yes, I can.

( ) 10. Whose schoolbag is heavier? J: No, I don't.


1. A: __________ are you going?

B: I'm going to the shopping centre.

A: ________ do you want to do?

B: ________ like to _________ a hat ________ my daughter.

A: Shall we go there ________ taxi?

B: All right.

2. A: _________ you get up as _________ as ________ as your brother? B: No. I get up at 6:30, but he ________ up at 6:15.

A: So you get up _______ than him.


( ) 1. _________ come to Yang Ling's birthday party?

A. Would like to B. Would you like to

C. Would you like D. Would you to

( ) 2. --- Where ______ you just now? --- I ________ in the playground.

A. was, were B. was, was C. were, was D. were, were

( ) 3. Ben and I _______ some flowers last week.

A. plant B. planted C. planting D. plants

( ) 4. - What ______ he do? - He _______ pears on the farm.

A. does, pick B. did, picks C. does, picked D. did, picked

( ) 5. This knife is yours, Ann. _______, please.

A. Put on it B. Put it on C. Put it away D. Put it away

( ) 6. I want to ______. It is fun!

A. go camping B. going camping C. go to camping D. going to camping

( ) 7. Can you say the names _______ the things?

A. for B. to C. with D. of

( ) 8. All my ________ to my birthday party last night.

A. friends came B. friend came C. friends come D. friend come

( ) 9. _______ your new sweater _________ me, please.

A. Show, to B. Give, for C. Have, for D. Shows, to

( ) 10. The Walkman is in ________ Su Hai's pocket.

A. the B. / C. a D. that

( ) 11. --- Here's a card for you. Happy birthday! --- ___________.

A. Thanks B. No, thank you C. Yes, please D. Ok

( ) 12. It's very hot. Jim is ______ his coat.

A. putting on B. taking off C. taking down D. take off

( ) 13. ________ make noise; They're _________ music.

A. Don't; listening B. Not; listening C. Don't

( ) 14. --- What day is it today? --- ____________.

A. It's February 10 B. It's a Wednesday

C. It's fine D. Friday

( ) 15. "Keep off the grass" means __________.

A. we shouldn't make any noise on the grass

B. we shouldn't walk on the grass

C. we shouldn't eat or drink on the grass

D. we shouldn't smoke on the grass


Jim isn't happy for (因为)he can't do w_________ in PE. Ben is his classmate. He's strong and he r _____f_______ than Jim. Mike is his another classmate; he can run as fast as Ben. But Jim is good at English and Maths and he can jump h ______ than some of the boys in the class. He can swim as fast as his classmates. So he will do more exercise and get s _______. He will do b _______ in PE.


Last week, the animals had a sports meeting. Elephant Beibei and Ant Lele had the weight lift. Although Lele is smaller and thinner, he lifted much heavier things than his body, so he won (获胜). Next, Rabbit Benben and Tortoise(乌龟)Xiaobai had a race. Benben thought (想)himself would be the winner(获胜者). He laughed at Xiaobai, "Follow me, slower guy?" He ran as fast as he could until (直到) he couldn't see Xiaobai. "Let me have a rest," he said to himself and slept under a big tree···

Suddenly he heard the cheers (欢呼声).Xiaobai won the first prize (第一名).Benben couldn't laugh again.


1. When did the animals have a sports meeting?


2. Why could the ant win?


3. Did the rabbit win?


4. Why couldn't Benben win the first prize?

__________________________________________________________________ 练习四


( ) 1. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. weather

( ) 2. A. bread B. meat C. apple D. butter

( ) 3. A. cupboard B. desk C. window D. chair

( ) 4. A. sunny B. rain C. cloudy D. snowy

( ) 5. A. the B. near C. behind D. on



1. --- Thank you very much! --- With p _______.

2. W__________ comes after Tuesday.

3. What do you have for b__________.

4. This is Peter's e________ life.

5. F________ is the second month of a year.


用at, on, to, like, for, in front of, from填空。

1. What's the weather _________ in Shanghai?

2. A storm is coming _________ South China Sea.

3. Here's the weather report __________ tomorrow.

4. Mr. Smith has many pigs ___________ his farm.

5. Father is cleaning his car ___________ the house.

6. I get up _________ six o'clock in the morning.

7. We are eating dinner _________ the table.

8. It's raining. We can watch TV _______ home.

9. What can I do __________ you?

10. It's five __________ twelve in the morning.


1. Linda can swim very fast. She is a good ___________ (swim).

2. It's late. We can't play any _________ (long).

3. Mary is much __________ (good) today.

4. That is a new boy. ___________ (He)name is Jack.

5. ---- Here's your book. --- __________(Thank) a lot.

6. Today is the _______ (nine)of June.

7. I ________(have) a shower at this time yesterday.

8. San was in the _________ (sit) room just now.

9. Lucy writes __________ (carefully) than Lily.

10. My father _________ (read)a newspaper last night.


( ) 1. Excuse me. Where's Shanghai Zoo?

A. How far is B. How can I get to C. Where can I go to

( ) 2. Which apple do you want?

A. do you like B. would you want C. would you like

( ) 3. You can go to Zhongshan Park on foot.

A. walk to Zhongshan Park

B. go to Zhongshan Park by foot

C. go to Zhongshan Park by walk

( ) 4. Rose and Jane are in the same class.

A. classmates B. schoolmates C. deskmates

( ) 5. The girl in white is Jane.

A. has a white dress B. with a white dress C. wearing a white dress

( ) 6. It's ten five.

A. ten to five B. ten past five C. five past ten

( ) 7. Where are you from?

A. are you coming B. do you come from C. do you from

( ) 8. --- I'm hungry. Can I eat some bread? --- Certainly.

A. That's great. B. Sure. C. Yes, I can.

( ) 9. The boys of our school like to play football.

A. like playing B. to like play C. like play

( ) 10. They had a good time at the party last Sunday.

A. had many time B. enjoyed themselves C. had many friends with them


( ) 1. My sister can _____ well. She's a good ______.

A. singing; singer B. sing; singer C. sing; singing

( ) 2. ______ chase the ducks!

A. Can't B. don't C. Don't

( ) 3. ______, the music is nice!

A. Look B. Listen C. Hear

( ) 4. What do sheep like?

A. They like corn. B. They like grass. C. It likes grass.

( ) 5. - Are you _______? --- Yes, we are.

A. postman B. postmen C. the postman

( ) 6. It was ______ egg. Now it is a caterpillar.

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 7. ---- Would you like some milk? ---- _______.

A. Yes, I like. B. No, I don't C. No, thanks

( ) 8. ---- Excuse me, where's Red Flag School?

A. by B. taking C. take

( ) 9. It's late. Let's ______.

A. go to home B. go home C. go to the home

( ) 10. ---- Whose desk is this? --- It's _________.

A. Tim's and Jim's B. Tim and Jim's C. Tim and Jim

( ) 11. We played ______ at nine o'clock in a music lesson.

A. drum B. drums C. the drum

( ) 12. We can't eat _____ drink in class.

A. and B. but C. or


1. John has lunch at school every day. (对画线部分提问)


2. Lingling gets up at six o'clock. (现在进行时)


3. I like the small apple. (否定句)


4. That tall man is Mr White. (对画线部分提问)


5. What time do you go to school? (一般过去时)


6. It's warm in spring and cool in autumn in Shanghai. (对画线部分提问) ___________________________________________________________________

7. I read English every day. (对画线部分提问)


8. Mr Black can speak very good Chinese. (对画线部分提问)



A.阅读短文后做出判断,符合短文意思用"T"表示,不符合用"F"表示。(5分) What Am I?

I was born (出生)in a small river. When I was young, the river was my home. I did not know my father or mother, but I had many, many brothers and sisters. I swam and played with them.

At that time I did not look like my father or mother. I had no legs, but I had a long tail(尾巴).So I looked like a fish.

Then my tail became shorter and shorter(变得越来越越短). And now I have four legs and a very short tail.

I know I'm going to have no tail at all soon(不久). I'm going to be like my father and mother. Then I'm going to jump out of the water. I'm going to live on the land(陆地)and in the water too. I'm going to eat a lot of insects(昆虫)--- a lot of bad insects.

What an I?

( ) 1. The river was my home when I was born.

( ) 2. I had no father or mother, but I had many brothers and sisters.

( ) 3. I was a fish when I was young.

( ) 4. I'm going to look like my father and mother.

( ) 5. I'm an insect.


The Crow (乌鸦)and the Fox

A crow is sitting in a big tree. She has a big piece of meat in her mouth. "My babies will have a nice breakfast," she thinks.

An old fox is looking for (寻找)his breakfast. He sees the crow and the meat. "How can I get that piece of meat?" he thinks.

"Good morning, Mrs Crow," says the fox very sweetly. "How are you?" But the crow doesn't say a word.

"You are very nice babies, Mrs Crow," says the fox very sweetly. "How are they? May I see them?"

Still(仍然), the crow doesn't say a word.

"You are very beautiful, Mrs Crow. And you have a beautiful voice(声音)too, " says the fox very, very sweetly. "Will you sing a song for me?"

Mrs Crow thinks, "How nice Mr Fox is! I must sing him a song." So she opens her mouth, "Caw! Caw! (乌鸦的叫声)" Down drops (掉下)the meat into the fox's mouth.

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