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2012年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛 初二年级组试题

笔试部分 (共九大题,计120分)

I. Multiple-choice (选择填空) (共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)

A) Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.

31. I usually get up ____ 11 o’clock ____ Sundays.

A. in; at B. at; on C. by; for D. at; from

32. Our flight is taking ____ soon. Let’s run and check ____.

A. on; in B. on; out C. off; in D. off; out

33. ____ she told you was a lie. ____ was true.

A. Something; Everything B. Nothing; Something C. Everything; Nothing D. Nothing; Anything

34. -----Cafés in London are ____ than Cafés in Paris.

-----No! Cafés in London are much ____.

A. better; worse B. the same; better C. much good; bad D. better; best

35. ----____ do you get to work?

----I usually take the subway.

A. How often B. Where C. When D. How

36. It’s so cold today. Let's take a taxi, ____?

A. are we B. do we C. have we D. shall we

37. To ____ surprise, my parents bought ____ a new television.

A. our; ours B. my; us C. mine; me D. me; ours

38. There are ____ buildings in this city. But there aren’t ____ parks for children.

A. too many; enough B. too many; less C. too much; more D. very much; any

39. -----May I put my luggage here?

-----No, you ____. You should put it up on the shelf.

A. wouldn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t

40. Don’t forget ____ Ron the departure time or he ____ not be able to catch the train.

A. telling; will B. telling; can C. to tell; should D. to tell; may

41. ----- I’m sorry I’m late. The weather’s too cold today.

----- ____. Come in and sit down. We’re at Page 25.

A. You are welcome B. It’s a shame C. Don’t worry D. You are lucky

B) Beneath each of the following dialogues, there are four choices, marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the answer that best completes the dialogue.

42. -----It’s very hot here. Can I open the window?

----- ______?

----- The window, can I open it?

----- Yes, ______.

A. How come; you please B. Pardon; of course C. Why is that; it is D. What; here you are

43. -----Good morning. Dixons Electrical. How can I help you?

-----Good morning. ______?

-----I’m afraid Mr. Smith isn’t in his office at the moment.


-----Thanks. I’ll call later.

A. Can I speak to the manager please; Can I take a message

B. Have you got my invitation please; Can I have your message

C. Can I have his last name please; Can I leave a message

D. Are you Mr. Smith please; Can I bring a message

44. -----Hi! Cici. What club are you in?

----- ______.

----- ______?

----- Once a week.

A. I got two tickets for the club; When did you meet

B. I am in the Movie Club; How often does your club meet

C. I like taking pictures; How do you like your members

D. I want to be a singer; How many times do you practice

45. ----- What will you do this weekend, Mary?

----- I’ll go to the book store. ______?

----- I’m going to visit an old people’s home with my friends.

----- So nice! ______?

----- Sure you can.

A. Why not come together; Can I help you

B. Do you want some; Would you like to come

C. What did you say; Do you like them

D. How about you; Can I go with you

II. Reading comprehension (阅读理解) (共20小题,选择题10小题,每小题1



A) Read the following passage which is followed by five questions. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and

D. Choose the one that fits best according to the passage

46. How many forms are there in TRURO High School?

A. Three. B. Four C. Five. D. Six

47. Who will pay for the students of TRURO High School?

A. The school

B. The government

C. The people

D. The parents

48. What do students have to wear at school?

A. School hats.

B. School Uniform

C. School boots.

D. All the above.

49. Which subjects must they take for GCSE(英国普通初中考试)?

A. English and a modern language.

B. Mathematics and riding.

C. A Science, singing and violin.

D. All of the above.

50. The students may be absent from school ______.

A. on the first day of each term

B. with an extra fee

C. when they join the school club

D. with special permission

B) The following three passages are followed by several questions. Respond to the question according to the passage. A

Every American student like popular music. Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music before class, after class, and at lunch. Students with cars buy large speakers and play music loudly as they drive on the street.

Adult drivers listen to music on the car radio when they drive to work. They also listen to the news about sports, the weather, and the information about Americans. Most of the radio programmes are music.

Pop or popular music singers make much money. They make a CD or tape which radio stations use in many places. Once the popular singer is heard all over the country, young people buy his or her tape. Some of the money from these tapes comes to the singer. Wherever the singer goes, all the young people want to meet him or her. Then the singer has become a national star. There are other kinds of music that are important to Americans. One is called folk music. It tells stories about the common life of Americans. Another is called western or country music. This was started by cowboys who would sing at night to the cows they were watching. Today, any music about country life and the love between a country boy and his girl is called western or country music.

Questions 51—55: Judge the following sentences true(T) or false (F) according to the passage.

51. American students like listening to pop music and they can even listen to them in class.

52. Adult drivers listen to music as well as other programmes while driving.

53. All the money from the CDs and tapes goes to the singer himself or herself.

54. Only pop music is popular in America now.

55. Folk music and country music tell stories about common life of Americans in cities and countryside.


Cooking with Care

People are so busy these days that many have no time to cook. This creates a problem, because most families love home cooking! The food tastes good and warm, and a family meal brings everyone together. In some families, meals are often the only times everyone sees one another at the same time.

Another reason people enjoy home cooking is that it is often a way of showing love. A parent who bakes a batch of chocolate cookies isn’t just satisfying a child’s sweet tooth. He/She is sending a message. The message says, ‘I care about you enough to spend an hour making cookies that you will eat up in 15 minutes if I let you!’

There’s also something about the smell of good cooking that attracts people of all ages. It makes most of us feel safe and loved – even if we are the ones doing the cooking! Next time you smell a cake baking, stop for a moment and pay attention to your mood. Chances are, the good smell is making you feel happy.

Real estate agents (房产中介) know that good cooking smells are important. They sometimes advise people whose homes are for sales to bake cookies if buyers are coming to see the house. The good smells make the place ‘feel like home’. These pleasant smells help to make buyers buy the house to make a good home for their family, too!

Questions 56-60: Fill in the blanks with suitable words according to the passage above. Use no more than three words for each blank.

56. Fewer people cook now because they are ______.

57. Family meals are ______ because they bring family members ______.

58. Homemade cookies can satisfy a child’s sweet tooth while telling him/her that the parents ______ him/her as well.

59. Real estate agents often ask home sellers to ______ when people come to see their houses.

60. The smell of baking may encourage buyers to ______.


If you go to the Spanish town of Bunol in August, you should wear old clothes. Don’t wear good clothes because you may get covered with tomato juice!

The farmers near Bunol grow a lot of tomatoes. In summer there are too many tomatoes to sell. So the people of Bunol have an unusual way of using them. Every year, one day in August is called ‘Tomatina’(西红柿狂欢节). In the morning, the

shopkeepers in Bunol put plastic over their shops. They don’t want their shops to be covered with tomato juice. A big crowd of people comes into town. Then trucks bring 125,000 kilograms of tomatoes.

At 11 o’clock, the fun starts. Suddenly everyone starts throwing tomatoes at each other. People enjoy throwing tomatoes. They also enjoy being hit by tomatoes! Soon everyone is red. And everyone is having a lot of fun.

Then, at 1 o’clock, everyone stops throwing tomatoes. The streets of Bunol are covered with tomato juice. The people wash the street, and soon all the tomato juice is gone. Tomatina is finished for another year. But next August the farmers will have a lot of tomatoes again. And it will be Tomatina time again!

Questions 61-65: Answer the following questions according to the passage.

61. When is Tomatina each year?

62. Why do shopkeepers put plastic over their shops?

63. How many tomatoes are used in Tomatina?

64. How long does Tomatina last?

65. What do people enjoy about Tomatina?

III. Cloze (选择填空) (共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)

A) Read the passage below and fill in the blanks with suitable forms of 10 words out of the 12 given according to the context.

drink, simple, lunch, example, some, good, diet, put, hungry, strong, much, real

Healthy Eating!

Do you want to be healthy? Perhaps you need to go on a . Start the day by a glass of water or orange juice... but no coffee or tea, and no milk or sugar please! For , don’t eat any fried foods... French fries, or burgers, for some fish, perhaps with some green vegetables, is really for you. Do you want some noodles for lunch? OK, but don't any cheese or tomato sauce on top! If you are still , eat some fruit, or have some nuts--- they are healthy. And to drink ... just water! It hasn’t any calories so you can drink as as you want. For dinner, have some soup and bread. It’s ... but delicious!



. Sentences pattern transformation (


) (






Transform the sentences as required. Fill in each blank with only one word. 81. I

m too tired to play with you. (




m _____ _____ that I _____ _____ play with you.

82. Milk chocolate is sweeter than dark chocolate. (改为否定句)

Dark chocolate is _____ _____ _____ _____ milk chocolate. 对划线部分提问)

______ ______ ______ your little brother ______ ?

84. It was a terrible day yesterday. (改为感叹句)

______ ______ it was yesterday!

85. There was some bread and fruit in the kitchen. (改写为一般疑问句)

______ ______ ______ bread ______ fruits in the kitchen?

V. Translation (翻译) (共5小题,每小题2分,计10分)

Translate the sentences into Chinese or English, using the words given in the brackets.

86. Better late than never.

87. People have a long way to go before they achieve world peace.

88. 一个人是否能成功取决于他有多努力。(depend on)

89. 在2012年伦敦奥运会上中国运动员赢得了38块金牌。(win; Olympics)

90. 我决定在寒假里做一项关于交通事故的调查。 (survey about)

VI. Sentences formation (连词成句) (共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)

Change the disordered words into a sentence.

91. want, see, you, my, stamps, of, do, to, collection?

92. me, Ruth, quite, from, friend, different, is, my.

93. things, we, learn, can, reading, more, by.

94. healthy, should, one, less, more, eat, keep, exercise, and, to.

95. weekends, cleaning, do, I, on, usually, some.

VII. Dialogues completion (补全对话) (共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)

Read the following dialogue. Complete it by filling in the blanks with five out of the seven sentences given according to the context.

A: Cathy, have you ever been to Australia?

B: No.

A: I’ve never been there either. But I know a lot about it.

B: Really?

A: I have a pen pal in Australia. She has told me a lot about her country.

B: I see. That’s interesting.

A: My pen pal also sent me some post cards of Australia.

B: Oh, that’s great!

A: Sure! Here they are! Look at that big picture.

B: Hmm, it must be the Opera House.

A: Right!

B: Yes, it is. What is this stadium?

A: The Olympic Stadium. The 2000 Summer Olympic Games were held there.

B: Wow!

A: Do you think so?

B: Yes. I must go there one day.

A. Will you show them to me?

B. Why is that?

C. Isn’t it beautiful?

D. Why do you think so?

E. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Australia.

F. Will you come to see me?


. What about you?

VIII. IQ (智力测验) (共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)

Answer the following questions.

101. The cross-sea bridge cost the government a large amount of money, but people seldom use the bridge. It turned out to be a white elephant. What does ‘a white elephant’ mean here in Chinese?

102. Where can we see countries without people, towns without houses and rivers without water?

103. Complete the following sentence with two words that sound alike, but are spelled differently.

Eg. It is not right to write on the wall.

She _____ that the _____ and improved version would work.

104. Find the missing number.

11 is to 121 as 13 is to: _____ A. 169 B. 213 C. 131 D. 193 E. 129

105. Which figure, of the shown, completes the sequence?

IX. Writing (作文) (共2小题;A题满分10分, B题满分15分,计25分)

A) 观察左侧给出的欧洲天气图,写一篇短文。

要求: 1.描述图中给出的各地天气状况;

2. 阐述自己最喜爱的天气,并简要说明原因。


提示词:weather map (天气图)

Europe (欧洲)

B) 每年,参加全国中学生英语能力竞赛的同学们都有机会参加于次年举行的全国中学生英语夏令营。而今年,竞赛组 委员会将英语夏令营设计安排为英语冬令营,并筹备在海南举行。目前,竞赛组委员会向广大参赛中学生征集意见 和建议。请用英语写一封信,向组委会咨询英语冬令营的具体情况,并提出建议和意见。开头已给出,不计入词数。 You can start like this:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m happy to learn that the national English winter camp will be held in Hainan this winter.

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