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Class______ No._____ Name_______ Marks______


1、打开:_____________ 2、切碎:_____________ 3、闲荡;闲逛:_________


1、b_____________因为 2、g__________成长 3、s _____________到某处 4、t_____________ 取出 5、m___________我的 6、n ___________ 号码 7、b_____________成为 8、t___________有天赋的 9、p________ 钢琴家 10、p____________ 篇 11、g___________ 黄金 12、l__________ 慈爱的 4、混合在一起:__________ 5、整理床铺:____________ 6、客厅:_____________

7睡过头:_____________ 8、洗衣服:_____________ 9、照顾:_____________

10、参加:_____________ 11、幸运地: ____________ 12、嫩洋葱:_____________

13、因为:_____________ 14、比赛:_____________ 15、同时:_____________

16、长大:_____________ 17、将来:_____________ 18、到处:_____________

19、雨伞:_____________ 20洗餐具:_____________ 21、班长:_____________

22、取出:_____________ 23、工程师:____________ 24、富有的:_____________

25、孙子:_____________ 26、退休:_____________ 27、参观:_____________

28、外国的:_____________29、打嗝:_____________ 30、女士:_____________


1.artist: _____________ 2 .national: __________ 3.dream: __________ 4 .university:__________ 5 .friendship:__________ 6.information:_________ 7 .necessary: __________ 8.outgoing: __________ 9.whole:__________ 10.physics: __________ 11.sandwich: __________ 12.prize: __________

13.yard: __________ 14.born: __________ 15.accordion: __________ 16.build: _________ 17.fit: __________ 18.unusual: __________ 19.feed: __________ 20.trash: __________

13、b ___________ 出生 14 、d_________ 驾驶 15、A__________ 四、选择题(20分)

( )1.My brother was born _______ July 10,1990. A. in B. on C.at D. to ( )2.This is the boy _______ Li Ming.

A. call B.called C. calling D. to call ( )3.I am too tired _________________.

A.to walk on B.walking C. can’t walk on D. walked ( )4. --- _________ the party start? ---It started at 4:00.

A.What did B. Where do C.When did D. When do ( )5.I am _________ than other students in my class. A.tall B. taller C.tallest D.the tallest ( )6.----________ you going to be when you grow up?

----I am going to be a writer.

A.How are B.What are C. What is D. How is ( )7.We are going to move _____________________.

A. anywhere warm B.warm anywhere

C.somewhere warm

D.warm somewhere

( )8.Don’t forget ______________ the light when you leave the house.

A.turning on B. to turn on C.turning of D. to turn off ( )9.I don’t have a pen. Could I _________ your pen?

A. lend B.borrow C.to lend D.to borrow ( )10.If you are tired ,please stop ________________ . A . to work B. working C. to working D.work


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