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2、答案必须做在答题卷上,交卷只交答题卷。 3、本科测评时间为120分钟,卷面总分为100分。

Part One Listening (30%)



1. A. 87845119.

2. A. Blue.

3. A. At home.

5. A. Mary.

6. A. Her aunt. B. 87854559. B. In a bookstore. B. Tom. B. Her father. C. 87854119. C. In a workroom. C. Visit her friend. C. Susan. C. Her mother. B. Green. C. We don’t know. 4. A. Study for the test. B. Play table tennis.

7. A. The traffic is heavy. B. The office is far away. C. There is something wrong with the road.

8. A. Steve broke his leg on his way to school.

C. Steve broke his arm on his way to school.

9. A. Sally likes movies that are romantic. B. Sally likes movies that are about monsters.

C. Sally likes movies that are about the UFO and aliens.

10. A. Kangkang likes books that are about history.

B. Kangkang likes books that are about famous people.

C. Kangkang likes books that are about school life.




11. A. Because he eats some vegetables. B. Because he often takes exercise.

C. Because he often goes to work on foot.

英语试题第1页(共12页) B. Steve lost his backpack on his way to school.

12. A. Three times a day. B. Three times a year. C. Every day.


13. A. The newest type. B. A practical one. C. An expensive one. 14. A. ¥1, 500.

B. ¥5, 000.

C. ¥1, 600.


15. A. Because he doesn’t like it. B. Because he had to look after his grandmother. C. Because he thinks it’s tiring to do the job. 16. A. To teach kids basketball. C. To clean up the parks.


17. A. He’s going to school. B. He’s going to sports camp. 18. A. Take the trash out. B. Go to school.

听下面一段对话,回答第19~21小题。 19. A. The Beyond.

B. The Tang Dynasty.

C. We don’t know.

20. A. The music he can sing along with . B. The music he can dance to. C. The music he can sing along with and the music he can dance to. 21. A. Because it’s noisy. 22. A. An old friend.

B. Because it’s unfashionable. C. Because it’s boring. B. A tour guide. B. A week.

C. One of her classmates. C. Five days.

听下面一段对话,回答第22~24小题。 23. A. Three days. 24. A. In a big hotel.

C. He’s staying at home. C. Don’t be late.

B. To read to people at the hospital.

B. In an expensive hotel. C. In a small hotel.


25. A. No. 26 Middle School’s. B. No. 64 Middle School’s. C. No. 62 Middle School’s. 26. A. Jim. 27. A. 2—1

B. Tom. B. 2—0

C. Sam. C. 3—2

C. To see a friend. C. A job.

听下面一段材料,回答第28~30小题。 28. A. To have a holiday. 29. A. A ticket.

B. To find a job. B. Some money.

30. A. Ask Jack to work for him. B. Lend Jack some money. C. Ask for Jack’s ticket.

Part Two Reading (40%)



31. ________ is the most important festival in western countries.


A. Thanksgiving B. Christmas

A. The telephone C. Easter D. Halloween 32. ________ was invented around in 1927. It has changed our life a lot. B. The car C. The TV set D. The personal computer

B. stressed out and tired

D. angry and excited

C. American D. British 33. Chinese doctors believe people who are too______ should eat more yin foods. A. weak and tired C. stressed out and angry A. Australian 34. In _________English, people say ―g’ day‖ instead of ―hello‖. B. Canadian

35. You are supposed to visit Notre Dame Cathedral in ______.

A. London of England B. Paris of France

C. Berlin of Germany

A. Animal Center D. San Francisco of the USA D. Old People’s Home

D. The Tang Costume

D. Loud noise 36. __________ is an organization to help disabled people. B. Animal Helpers C. Food Bank C. The coat 37. _______stands for Chinese history and fashion culture. A. Wedding dress B. The suit 38. _________ may do harm to statues and buildings. A. Light pollution B. Acid Rain

39. Traveling _________ is very convenient in Paris.

A. on foot B. by taxi C. by bus D. by underground

40. What’s the slogan for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

A. New Beijing, New Olympic Games. B. Share the dream, Pass the passion.

C. One World, One Dream. D. Hand in hand.


A) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出可以完成句子或回答所提问题的最佳选项。

( 1 )

Going to a friend’s house is very exciting. You may spend time with a friend and get to see where he lives. So remember to be polite.

When to arrive

The first thing to remember is that when a friend invites you over, you need to arrive on time. If your friend tells you to come ―around 3:00‖, that means you can turn up a little bit after 3:00. But usually it is a good idea to arrive at the right time.

What to bring

Often it is also nice to bring something to your friend’s house. This could be a box of chocolates for you two to share, or maybe a movie that you can watch together. You can also bring 英语试题第3页(共12页) C. Traffic pollution

some flowers. A little gift is a nice way to show your friend that you are excited to be at his house.

How to greet

When you visit your friend’s house, you may also meet his parents. You should tell them who you are and they may tell you their names. As a child, I went to visit my friend Paul. I called his parents by their first names John and Mary. But now I know it is more polite to call them Mr. or Mrs. Smith. This will show them more respect and then they may tell you to call them by their first names. Another way to show respect is to call them Madam or Sir.

It is a cool thing to visit a friend’s house. Be polite to your friend and your friend’s parents, and you will be invited again!

41. If you are told to get to your friend’s house around 5:00 p.m., it is polite to arrive at _____ p.m.

A. 5:02 B. 4:50 C. 4:30 D. 5:30

42. The passage mainly tells us _____.

A. when to arrive at your friend’s house B. how to greet people

C. what to bring to your friend D. how to be a good visitor

43. The passage may be from _____.

A. a notice on a wall B. a letter to a friend

C. an article in a magazine D. a news story in a paper

( 2 )

Some teenagers think that newspapers are boring and only for adults. But that’s not true. There ―I spend about half an hour reading newspapers every day,‖ said 15-year-old Gao Ming from Beijing. ―I’m interested in things happening at school.‖ School news is just one kind of news story in newspapers. There’s also world news: from international problems to pop stars.

Read the newspaper carefully, we’ll find different types of articles on the pages:

News stories — these stories are about events. Reporters try to show all points of a story to help readers understand what happened. Reporters try to speak to as many people as possible. They also use pictures and numbers to show the readers that the stories are true. The newspaper Teenagers has lots of news stories on the news page and front page. When we read them, we learn more about the facts, not the writers’ ideas.

Opinion writing — opinion writing is usually about something happening right now. But it isn’t just facts. Here writers add their own opinions to the news. Writers pick only the facts that help back up their ideas. They make readers believe that they are telling the truth. This is usually the kind of story that gets people thinking. Go to ―Speak Out‖ on Page Two for an example of opinion writing in Teenagers.

Advertisement — Don’t get happy too early when you read them. Those sweet words and lovely pictures are just ways to get us interested in their products! People have to pay to put advertisements in newspapers!

44. The underlined sentence ―‖ Means that the readers ―__________‖.

A. should understand interesting news stories B. ought to know which kind of things to read

C. need to look at the school news first D. must know the contents of all the news

45. Writers use some facts in opinion writings because they want us their opinions.

A. to understand B. to remember

C. to agree with D. to speak out

46. This passage mainly discusses how __________.

A. reporters write different kinds of news

B. teenagers get interested in newspapers

C. readers can read newspapers in better ways

D. readers can deal with different kinds of news in newspapers

( 3 )

Tibet is among the most popular places for Chinese tourists. The number of travelers to Tibet 英语试题第4页(共12页)

has grown by 10 percent every year for a few years. What is the best way to go to Tibet for tourist trip, by plane, by bus or by train? People who want to go to Tibet always ask this question. If you take the plane, you won’t see the beautiful places on the way. If you take the bus, you will be very tired after the trip. If you take the train, you can enjoy the scenery along the way and sleep quite well. Now, since July 1, when the first train ran 1,956 kilometers from Xining to Lhasa, more and more people have been going to Tibet.

The train stops at several famous places along the way, such as Qinghai Lake, Kunlun Mountain, and the Potala Palace. Passengers can enjoy many activities during the journey, like the Tibetan dancing and Karaoke. On the train, passengers can have tea, eggs and noodles for breakfast, and fried green vegetables and chicken for lunch. Unlike most Chinese trains which have open-hole toilets, this one has special toilets which can collect the waste. There is also a special garbage system in the train that keeps the environment clean.

All the windows on the train can protect people from the bright sunlight. Other equipment, such as televisions and electrical sockets for computers and cell phones, can also be found on the train.

Because there isn’t much oxygen there, trains will have oxygen masks for those who need them. It makes the passengers fell more comfortable when they have enough oxygen on the famous ―roof of the world‖. There are also doctors on the train to make sure that all of the travelers are safe.

47. This year 20,000 people visit Tibet, so in next year _____________ tourists will come to Tibet.

A. 20, 000 B. 22, 000 C. 21, 000 D. 23,000

48. What’s the advantage of traveling to Tibet by train?

A. It’s fast. B. It’s safe.

C. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way and sleep quite well.

D. It’s cheap.

49. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. The first train ran from Qinghai to Lhasa.

B. On the train to Tibet there are open-hole toilets.

C. If you feel sick, you can ask the doctor for help on the train.

D. On the train you can enjoy the bright sunshine.

( 4 )

The Beijing Olympic Games are getting closer and closer. Are you looking forward to the excitement ahead? To cheering on stars like Yao Ming and Liu Xiang?

On April 15, more than 7 million tickets went on sale. If you can use the Internet, go to www.tickets.beijing2008.cn., Or you can go to the Bank of China to book a ticket. But there’s no hurry. Any time before June 30, you can book a ticket to the opening and closing ceremonies. You can also order tickets to 28 sports events including basketball, football and swimming.

Whether you book tickets early or on the last day, you have an equal chance of getting one. If too many people want to see the same event, a computer will decide who are the lucky ones. You may worry that your pocket money will not be enough for a ticket. But the fact is tickets to the games are cheap. What’s more, students can get even cheaper tickets—for 10 yuan or less.

Tickets for your parents aren’t expensive, either. More than half are 100 yuan or less. The most expensive tickets cost 5,000 yuan. They are for the opening ceremony. It will be held on August 8, 2008.

50. When will the Beijing Olympic Games start?

A. On August 8, 2008. B. On April 15, 2008.

C. On June 30, 2008. D. We don’t know.

51. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Yao Ming and Liu Xiang are world-famous Chinese athletes.

B. You can buy the tickets either in Bank of China or on the Internet.

C. The earlier you book the tickets, the more chances you have of getting them

D. You can buy tickets any time before June 30.


52. If there are not enough tickets to the same event and you are lucky to get one, whom will you thank?

A The tickets company. B The computer.

C. The Olympic Committee D. The government.


( 5 )

Subject: Complaints

Date: May 30, 2007

From: David@ hotmail.com


Dear Sir or Madam,

Last Thursday, I traveled in the 8:40 am train from Glasgow to London King’s Cross and I was very unhappy with the service provided by your company.

The train was forty minutes later leaving Glasgow. Although the guard apologized, we were not given any reasons for the delay. We then had further delays when the train crew changed. We had to wait another thirty minutes. As a result, I missed my flight from London Heathrow to Frankfurt and had to wait for several hours.

What’s more, the service in the train was also very poor. The trip took over five hours. Unluckily, there was no dining car in the train and only a bar with soft drinks. The worst of all, the air conditioning broke down halfway through the trip and it got hotter and hotter in the train. However, there was no apology for this, and before we reached King’s Cross, the temperature was over 40℃. In view of the poor service, I feel I am entitled to compensation. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully. David Robertson

53. What time did the train start its trip to King’s Cross that morning?


54. What happened to David because of the delay of the train?


55. Why did it get hotter and hotter in the train?


( 6 )

China news, Xichang, Oct 19 – The Chang’e No. 1 moon probe satellite took its name after a young and beautiful goddess in a traditional Chinese legend who lived in her palace on the moon with her pet rabbit. Compared with the legendary fairy maiden, the satellite, with a weight of more 英语试题第6页(共12页)

than 2 tons, might appear large and hefty. However, scientists believed that the satellite could fly to the moon in a graceful way during the upcoming launch, just like what the fairy maiden did as described in the legend.

The main tasks facing Chang’e No. 1 are to take the 3D pictures of the moon and to explore the moon surface environment. Compared with manned spacecraft Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6, Chang’e No. 1 is a small satellite. While scientists need to add four boosters to send Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6 into space, the launch of Chang’e No. 1 will not need any booster at all. Since Chang’e No. 1 satellite is a small device, the loading capacity of the Chang’e satellite launch will be much lighter. In sending large satellites, the total weight of the satellite and the carrier rocket can be as many as 400 tons or more. However, Chang’e No. 1 and its carrier rocket, Long March 3A, weigh only 250 tons.

The Chang’e No. 1 satellite will fly around the earth for a couple of times before it shifts to the moon orbit. After that, 13 monitoring devices that are placed on the earth will adjust its flying positions in space. By then, people might see that the moon probe satellite will turn swiftly in space.

56. Why is the moon probe satellite named Chang’e?


57. What carried Chang’e to space?


58. What will the moon probe satellite fly around in the end?


( 7 )


Sally: I can’t speak French, and I don’t like cooking. I can swim.

James: I can’t play sports. I like talking to people in English.

Tina: I don’t like English or French. I want to learn how to play chess.

Qin Feng: I can’t play chess, but I like cooking.

Anna: I can’t play sports, and I can’t cook, but I can speak a little French.

(59)________ (60)_________ (61)_________ (62)__________ (63)__________

( 8 )

Journalists are the people who collect information about what’s happening and tell the public through television, radio, newspapers, magazines or the Internet.

A journalist’s life is not as great as people think. Most journalists spend a lot of time reporting boring stories. One of the exciting things about being a journalist is that journalists can suddenly find themselves in the middle of exciting events. Their task is to collect facts and try to tell all sides of a story. This includes interviewing people, getting materials, asking for experts and so on. After collecting information, reporters organize their information and write it down. After they have finished writing, they give their work to editors who review their stories and give advice.

The journalists’ job allows for a great deal of freedom. Although they make most of their interviews by phone, and some even by e-mail, they are also often out in the street, talking to people. Their job is full of changes, and journalists find themselves always in different places from one day to the next. On the other hand, reporting is also a job that can influence your life. When an important thing happens on a weekend, they will have to come into work and follow the story until it comes to an end.



( 9 )


(A) One night, a hotel caught fire and people inside ran out in their night clothes. Two men stood outside and looked at the fire.

―Before I came out,‖ said one, ―I ran into some of the rooms and found a lot of money. People don’t think about money when they are afraid. When you leave money in a fire, it burns, so I took all the bills that I could find. No one will be poorer because I took them.‖

―You don’t know my work,‖ said the other.

―What’s your work?‖

―I am a policeman.‖

―Oh!‖ cried the first man. He thought quickly and said, ―and do you know my work?‖

―No,‖ said the policeman.

The first man said, ―(67)_______________________________________________.‖

(B) A young businessman had just started his own firm. He’d rented a beautiful office. Sitting there, he saw a man come into the outer office. Wishing to appear busy, the young businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he had a big deal working. He threw huge fingers around and made giant commitments. Finally he hung up and asked the visitor, ―Can I help you?‖ The man said, ―Sure. (68)________________________________.‖

Part Three Writing (30%)


A) 将下列句子译成英语。(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

69. 听说这里将兴建一所学校,让所有进城务工农民的孩子能够入读。

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 70. 假如我是一名记者,我一定要去采访参加过西藏铁路建设的工人们。 71. 你知道哪个国家的足球队赢得了今年的女足世界杯的冠军吗? 72. 直到接了电话,他才意识到有人在捉弄他。

73. 那位经常在电视上评论历史故事的人是一个有名大学的教授。

___________________________________________________________________________ 英语试题第9页(共12页)






























Part One

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10.__________

11.__________ 12.__________ 13. __________ 14. __________ 15. __________

16. __________ 17.__________ 18. __________ 19.__________ 20.__________

21.__________ 22.__________ 23.__________ 24.__________ 25. __________

26.__________ 27.__________ 28.__________ 29.__________ 30.__________

Part Two

31.__________ 32.__________ 33.__________ 34.__________ 35. __________

36.__________ 37.__________ 38.__________ 39.__________ 40.__________

41.________ 42.________ 43.________ 44.________ 45.________ 46.________

47.________ 48.________ 49.________ 50.________ 51.________ 52.________







59._________ 60._________ 61._________ 62._________ 63._________





68._______________________________________________________________________ 英语试题第11页(共12页)

Part Three






74.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

75.(Writing)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 英语试题第12页(共12页)

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