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北京市小学生第五届高思杯?360°学习体检 四年级·英语部分




Part1 Questions 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

There is one question for each conversation.

For question 1-5, put a tick(√) under the right answer.

-1- Part2 Questions 6-10 You will hear a man booking a taxi. Listen and complete questions 6-10. You will hear the conversation twice. -2-




Eric used to be a p_ _ _ _, but now he has retired.

12. Make sure you have everything in your s

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ before you go for a journey. .

13. Andy wants to buy a new car, but he can’

t a_ _ _ _ _ it obviously. 14. I need a p_ _ _ of socks instead of stockings.

15. Lily went through the forest without thinking of the r_ _ _ she was taking.


16. Can you come______ Wednesday morning?

A. in B. on C. at D. in the 17. The car belongs to ______.

A. I B. his C. mine D. him 18. Let us hope we can settle the matter without ______more trouble.

A. any B. a little C. some D. little 19. --I feel a bit hungry.

-- Why don’t you have ______ bread? A. any B. some C. little D. a 20. If you go to the party, you ______enjoy it.

A. is going to B. are going to C. will be D. will 21. Everyone ______ like reading in this room.

A. don’t B. not C. doesn’t D. didn’t 22. Steve is a teacher, ______.

A. so is Maggie. B. so am Maggie. C. neither is Maggie. D. neither was Maggie. 23. Judy is______ than Bill.

A .cleverer B .clever C .more cleverer D .less cleverer 24. The girl ______is sing is my sister. A. who B. which C. whom D. where 25. I wish I could be ______ him. A. as tall as B. as taller as C. as weaker as D. as cleverer as


360°学习体检 四年级·英语部分

四、情景交际从方框内A-G中选择合适的句子补全对话(每空2分,共10分) ? For questions 16-20, mark the correct letter (A-G) on the answer sheet.


Mr. Price: Good morning, George. How are you?

George: Example answer Part 3

Mr. Price: Not bad. Not bad. Now, what A can I do for you?



Mr. Price: Certainly, George. Do you want

skimmed -milk or full-cream milk?

George: C Mr. Price: Here you are. Anything else? George: D Mr. Price: Any tea in particular? George: E Mr. Price: Here’s your tea. Is that all?

George: F Mr. Price: That’s £2.30, then, altogether. George: Here you are. Thank you.

G Mr. Price: Goodbye. George: Goodbye.


live Kate is town very much. Kate thinks living in town is the country. There are more parks, shops and cinemas in town than in the

country. She especially likes the lights in town. She thinks the lights more beautiful than the stars. She likes to read and reads Often Kate reads until very late at night. Sandy likes the country She thinks the country life is quiet. There is less noise and fewer cars. She likes to eat her aunt’s eggs. She often helps her aunt her work. Sandy likes to run. She runs faster than Kate. In the country, Sandy can run longer than in town.


北京市小学生第五届高思杯?She also thinks running in the country 31. A. am B. is C. are D. / 32. A. in the town B. in town C. in the country D. in country 33. A. old B. older C. more old D. more older 34. A .interesting B. more interesting C. beautiful D. more beautiful 35. A. live B. living C. to live D. is living 36. A .at night B. at the night C. in night D. in the night 37. A .quickly B. more quickly C. quicklier D. more quick 38. A .good B. well C. better D. best 39. A. for B. at C. to D. with 40. A. am B. is C. are D. / 六、阅读理解(本大题共10小题,每题2分,共20分)


360°学习体检 四年级·英语部分

41. If you want to go out for lunch on Sunday, you can call at ______.

A. 83386223 or 83338989 B. 87679690 or 83386223 C. 83338989 or 87872738 D. 87872738 or 876796960 42. If you want to buy a new dress, you can go to ______.

A. 69 Hong Kong Road B. 368 East Huanshi Road C. 5300 Shanghai Road D. 635 Grand Road 43. ______ isn’t open for two and a half hours in the afternoon on weekdays.

A. Full Hotel B. Hongnan Restaurant C. History Museum D. Baihe Shopping Center

44. On Sunday morning, the coffee shop in Full Hotel doesn’t open until ______. A. 6:30 a.m. B. 7:00 a.m. C. 7:30 a.m. D. 8:00 a.m. 45. You can know ______when you visit History Museum.

A. the history of South China B. the history of Guangdong’s native people C. the history of Shanghai

D. the history of Hong Kong


A man was walking through a forest. He had a few caps in his hand. In the forest there were a lot of monkeys. It was hot, so he decided to have a rest under a tree. He put a cap on his head and lay down to sleep.

When he woke up, he couldn't find his caps, "Where are my caps?" he cried and looked up. He saw some monkeys in the tree. Each had a cap on its head.

"Give back my caps!"shouted the man to the monkeys. But the monkeys didn't understand him. They only jumped, danced and laughed.

"How can I get back my caps?" he thought hard. At last he had an idea. He took off his cap and threw it on the ground. The little monkeys did the same thing. Happily the man picked up all the caps and went on his way. 判断正误:正确的写“T”、错误的写“F”、没提及的写“N”. 46 .One day a man was going through a forest.

47. The man decided to have a rest because he was ill. 48. When the man woke up, he found his caps were gone.

49. In the forest there were a lot of monkeys and little all kinds of birds. 50. The man was angry when he got all his caps back.


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