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一,从下列每组单词中找出画线部分发音与众不同的一项。 ( )1.A. game B.late C.bag ( ( )3.A.he B.let C.bed ( )4.A.go ( )5.A.music ( )6.A.the ( )7.A.orange ( )8.A. Yes ( ) ( )10.A.look ( ( )!2.A.club ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B.nose B.duck B.three B. glue B. boy B. kite B.sun C.lot C.cut C.that C.grandfather C.finally C.know

C.unit D. usually


( )1.A.next B.meet C,finally D.then

( )2.A.gym B.hall C. library D.second

( )3.A.dentist B. Driver C. job D.pilot

( )4.A.kind B.friendly C.helpful D.get

( )5.A.grandson B.always C.granddaughter D.grandmother

( )6.A.second B.meet C. third

( )7.A.secretary B.because C.fireman

( )8.A.cousin B.usually C.always

( )9.A.friendly B.helpful C. already

( )10.A.weekend B.plan C.spend

( )11.A.bus B.car C.cat D.plane

( )12.A.red B.green C.black D.pen

( )13.A.book B.desk C.ruler D. pencil

( )14.A.teacher B. policeman C. doctor D. man


A.一种 B。两种 C.三种 D.四种

( )1.lake name cat face

( )2.hi sit milk will

( )3.supper blue usually but

( ) ( )5.go nose so those


________ship _________apple ________orange ________headache ________cold ______astronaut 五,按顺序默写26个英文字母大小写


Open day __________ 在那以后__________

would like to___________ 在三楼____________ a bank clerk___________ 回来____________

not at all_____________ 互相___________

play badminton_____________ 去购物____________ 七,根据要求写单词。

I'm(原形)___________ It's(原形)___________

bus( 复数)____________ man( 复数)____________

tall (比较级)___________ heavy(比较级)___________

no (同音词)____________ one(序数词)_________

run(现在分词)__________ two(序数词)_________

cycling (原形)_________ always反义词)__________ he (宾格)___________ 互相(译成英语)_________

we (形容词性物主代词)_________ activity( 复数)____________


How far 夏天

in summer 多远

be good at 乘飞机

by plane 擅长

in 10 years time 10年后

traffic jam 台风

all of the people 所有人

a typhoon 堵车


1.-----What do you usually do on the weekend? -----I usually go ___________.

A.cycling B.to cycle C.cycle

2.-----_______lessons do you have today? ----We have six lessons.

A.How B.How much C.How many

3.There is_____“s”in the word “news”.

A、a B、an C、the

4.Whose book is it? It’s —— .

A.hers B.her C.she

5.Don’t pass the ball to Ben._______

A.Pass me to it B.Pass it to me C.Pass to it me

6. _______ does your father do?

A.Who B.What C.Which

7.I what _____a map of China

A.buy B.is buying C.to buy

8..Thank you ______talking to us.

A.to B.for C.and


He is a worker.

A,What is he like? B.What is he?C.Who is she?

10.It’s very hot.Jim is _____his coat.

A。Putting on B.taking off C。taking down


Mrs Green is dring car..Mr Green Mrs Green stops.“You mustn’t park(停车)here.”Mr Green says.“Why not?”Mrs Green asks.“Because it says‘No Parking’ ”Mr Green answers.“I don’t care(在乎).”Mrs Green says.“Wait for me here.I’m going shopping now .”“And I’m going to Sleep(睡觉)”Mr Green says.The policeman take away(带走)the car,and They also take Mr Green.He is sleeping in the car.

( )1.Mr Green is driving a car.

( )2.Mrs Green is sitting beside him.

( )3.They see a sign’ No Parking ’

( )5.Mr Green’s car is stolen( 偷) by the policeman.


写一篇以 My family为题目的小作文,要求不少于五十个单词。 ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————--————————————————————————————————————————————————————————--——————.

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