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一, 写出下列字母对应的大写和小写的相应形式

1 .d f k q r E G H S T



H i J k ____ ______ ___ ____ g ____ e d

c ____ D E _____ _____ ____ k ____ i h g J i _____ _____ F e


1.allh(礼堂) 2.idels(滑梯) 3.irbdydal (瓢虫)

4.aannba(香蕉) 5.oomrassld(教室)


1.How are you?_______________________

2.Clean the blackboard, please.__________________

3.Is it a dog?________________________

4.He’s my little brother.______________________________



A.This pen is purple B.This pen is blue C.This pencil is green


A.Is this your bag? B.This is your book. C.Is this your book?


A,I can see a cat. B.I can hear a cat. C.It’s a cat.


A,Do you like lions? B,I like lions. C,I don’t like lions.


A.It’s sour. B.It’s sweet. C.It’s an apple


A.Hello,Kittty. B.I’m Kitty .

7.How are you?____________

A.I’m fine,thank you. B.Thank you

8. Oh,_____________?

She is my good friend, A.Who is she? B.Who is he?

9.You are beautiful. ________________

A,I’m fine,thank you. B.Thank you


A.Goodmoring, B.Byebye


1.My apples _______big.

A.is B.are C.am

2---You are beautiful.

---____________ A.Yes, I am. B.Thank you C.I'm fine

3.---____ is she?

---She is my sister. A.What B.How C.Who

4.----How are you?

-----I'm ________,thank you. A.fine B.bine


5.---Hi,Alice, ----____________

A.Hi,Kitty B.Hello,I'm Alice C,I'm Kitty

6.----Hello,Are you Alice? -----___________________

A.No,I am B.Yes,I'm not C.Yes,I am

7.You _______Peter.

A.is B. am C.are

8.----Who is he? -----He's _______sister,

A.me B.I C.my

9.This is Mary,________is my mother.

10.A.He B.She C.You

11.My hair _______short.

A.are B.is C.am

11.It's _______apple. A.and B.a C.an

12.It's sour,It's a_____________.

A.lemon B.pineapple C.banana

13.Eddie has five _________. A. peg B. a peg C.pegs

14..Close _______eyes. A. you B.your C.yours

15.I ____ like cats. A.don't B.isn't C.aren't

16.----Goodbye,Alice. ------______________

A.Hello. B,Good morning C.Goodbye

17.I______Mrs Wang. A. am B. is C.are

18.------Is it a pencil? -------____,it isn't.

A.Yes B.No C,Hi


---Yes,please. A.The B,A C.An

20.-----Here you are. ------___________

A.Yes B.Thank you C.No

21.----Who is he? ----He's my ________.

A.mother B,sister C,father

22,Peter ____ my good friend. A,is B.am C.are

23.Danny is a boy, _________is eight. A.she B,She


24.My _______ is Kitty. A.name B,hand C,Ben

25.__________ your name? A.What's B.Whats C,What are

26.What ___ it? A.am B.is C.are

27.-----What color is it? -----_________ red.

A.It B.Its C.It's

28.-----What are they? ----________pigs.

A.They B.They're C.This

29.How many ________? A.sandwich B.sandwichs


30.----________ is your bag? ----It's yellow.

A.What B,What color C,What's

31.Listen _____ the dog in the street. A,at B.to C,/

32.----________does it feel? ------It's soft.

A.How B.What C.Is

33.----Can Ming hear a dog? -----_________,he can't hear a dog.

A.Yes B.No C.Do

34.Taste this ,It's __________.

A.rough B.smooth C.sour


1.A.pencil B.rubber C.pink ( )

2.A.hard B.rough C.desk ( )

3.A.apple B.fish C.orange ( )

4.A.boat B.monkey C.lion ( )

5.A.taste B.nice C.smell ( )


( )1,How are you ? a.She is my mother.

( ) 2,What's your name? b.It's a circle.

( ) 3.Who is she? c.Thank you!

( ) 4.What shape is it? d.Fine,thanks.

( ) 5.Here you are, e.I'm Kitty.


I am a cat, My name is Beibei,I am yellow,My nose is red.My eyes are green,I am on the roof

Now,I can see a dog in the street,I can hear a bird,Tweet!Tweet!

( )1.Beibei is a dog.

( )2.The cat is yellow.

( )3.The cat is on the roof.

( )4.The cat can see a bird.

( )5.The cat can hear a dog.

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