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第一题 单项选择(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


1do you shop? I shop once a month.

A.how B.how often C.how long

2.What’s the matter?

I’m not feeling A.good B.well C.better

3.What are they doing for vacation? They’reat home.

A.relax B.relaxing C.relaxed

4. _________ does Bob get to school? He takes the train.

A.When B.How C.Why

5.How long does it ________ you to get from home to school?

A.use B.take C.spend

6.That must be ________ more fun than taking a bus.

A.a lot B.a lot of C.lots of

7.Thank you for your__________.

A.invite B.invitation C.invites

8.I’m_________ than my sister.

A.outgoing B.more out going C.more outgoing

9.My friend is________ me.

A.same as B.the same like C.the same as

10.Mary is a funny girl.She always makes me________.

A.laughing B.laugh C.laughs

11.We need _________and a cup of yogurt.

A.two teaspoons of honeys B.two teaspoon of honeys C.two teaspoons of honey

12.You are never ________ young start doing things

A.to, to B.too, to C.to, too

13.I’m going to move________.

A.interesting somewhere B.somewhere interesting C.to somewhere interesting

14.Mr Smith ______English last term.

A.taught us B.taught our c.teaches D.teaches our

15.In the morning he read and _________ computer.

A.plays B.plays with C.played with D.played






All parents love their children.Many parents want their kids to(1)____well-known people when they(2)____.Most of them want their kids to live better than others.Many of them (3)_____their kids will be singers or actors. Actors and singers can(4)______money easily in our country.When they appear in the advertisement,they will get (5)______money which a farmer or a worker can't make all his life.

Some of the parents want their kids to be businessmen(6)_____ doctors. If they work hard, they

will have cars and big houses in several(7)_____.Some parents want their kids to work in cities and towns.They don't (8)______them to work in the countryside.People who work in the cities and towns can get money after the (9)______.If you are a famous man, especially an actor, you'll get much but pay a little. A farmer is (10)_____---he gets little but pays much.

(1) A.do B.become C.like D.work

(2) A.grow up B.get up C.stand up D.set up

(3) A.make B.like C.love D.hope

(4) A.lose B.make C.remember D.take

(5) A.many B.a little C.much D.a few

(6) A.or B.and C.but D.else

(7) A.days B.weeks C.years D.moths

(8) A.paly B.need C.enjoy D.want 二.1-5 BADBC 6-10 ACDAB

(9) A.retire B.leave C.die D.move

(10)A.happy B.different C.rich D.lucky


“Well, we’re in our new house. Let’s get a new pet to get long with.” Mrs. Brown said to her husdand.

“That sounds like a pretty idea,” he answered. “Do you want to see the ads in the newspaper?” Let’s go to the animal shelter. Many pets there need homes.Since tomorrow is Saturday, we can both go.”she said.

Next morning the Browns met Mr. Snow at the animal shelter.“We want to be sure that the pets here go to good homes,”Mr.Snow said,“So I need to ask you some questions.”

After they talked for a while, the Browns decided to get a small dog. It wouldn’t need a big house or a big yard. A small dog bark(吠) and warn(警告) them if someone tried to break into their house.After Mr. Snow gave the Browns a book on pet care, they chose one and wanted to take her home right away.But the animal doctor hadn’t checked her yet.So Mr. Snow told them to return on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon the Browns went to the animal shelter.The animal docter said,“Shadow has had all of her shots(预防针).She will be healthy.” The Browns thanked the docter and took Shadow home.

31.From the reading we learn that_____.

A. the Browns have never had a pet beforeB. the Browns knew about Shadow from the newspaper

C.Shadow is a small and healthy dog D.Mr. Brown didn’t quite agree with his wife

32.The word “shelter in the reading means_____

A.a place to sell small dogs B.a place to keep homeless animals

C.a place to study animals D.a place to sell books on pet care

33.Mr. Snow asked the Browns some questions to____

A.see if they had moved to a new house B.find out how rich the Browns were

C.knew where they’d keep their new pet D.make sure they’d take care of pets

34.The Browns think that a small dog____

A.doesn’t need any room to keep B.can help them watch house

C.eats less food than a bigger one D.usually has a beautiful name

35.It’s clear that ____

A.Shadow will not be easy to get ill B.the Browns were not satisfied(满意)with Shadow

C.Mr. Snow didn’t check Shadow at all D.Shadow likes barking a lot 答案:31-35. CBDBA


Mr. Green was a professor(教授) of medicine in a university(大学). He was very strict with his students.When exams came, the sthudents would feel a little worried and afraid beacause Mr. Green was Seld(很少) pleased with the students’ answers.A few students would be lucky if he or she could get a high grade from him

Here came the exam.Now a student entered the exam room and got seated before some professors. When he saw Mr. Green, he felt a little nervous(紧张).Mr.Green asked the student to describe(描述)a certain illness.His answer was OK.Then Mr.Green asked the student about the medicine for the illness, and the student answered right.

“Good,” said Mr.Green, “and how much with you give the patient(病人) each time?” “A full of spoon.”

“Now you may go out and wait for the result,”said Mr.Green.The student felt confident(自信) and left the room。Suddenly(突然) the student realized tha he had made a mistake. “A full spoon is too much,” he said to himself.Anxiously(不安地)he opened the door of the room and cried,“Mr.Green, I’ve made a mistake. A full spoon is too much for the patient. He can take only five drops.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” said Mr.Green coldly. “But it’s too late.Your patient has died.”

36.Why were stusents afraid of Mr.Green?

A.Because he was cold and unfiendly to themB.Because he was seldom pleased with their answers

C.Because he tought they were bad students D.Because he wasn’t easy to get along with

37.The student’s answer of the illness was___A.wrong B.right C.short D.long

38.To cure(治疗)the illness, the student should give the patient ____of the medicine each time.

A.a full spoon B.half a spoon ]

C.more than five drops D.only five drops

39.Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A.No one could pass the exam because Mr.Green was strict

B.Mr.Green was pleased with the student’s first two answers

C.The student felt confident after he left the room.

D.The professer made a mistake this time

40.What can we learn from the sentence“Your patient has died.”?

A.The patient really died and the professer felt

B.Maybe the professer gave the student a low grade

C.Maybe the student passed the exam

D.The medicine for the illness had no influence

答案:31-35. CBDBA. 36-40. BBDBB


Mr White was at the window of a train in a station. He was going to New York,and he was very angry.The train begin moving and an old porter came to the window.

Mr White shouted angrily at the porter,“I gave you my luggage(行李)an hour ago,but you haven’t put it in the train.Why isn’t it here,and where have you put it?

The porter looked at Mr White and said,“I looked for you everywhere,but I didn’t find you.Your luggage isn’t as foolish as you are.You’re in the wrong train.This one is going to Washington.”

( )1.Mr White was angry because he __________.

A.had his luggage stolen B.couldn’t find his luggage

C.didn’t like the porter D.found the train began moving

( )2.Mr White didn’t know ___________.

A.where to go B.his luggage was lost

C.he was in the wrong train D.found the train began moving

( )3.In the story, _________ was wrong.

A.the porter B.the train C.something D.Mr White

( )4.The porter looked for ________ everywhere.

A.the luggage B.Mr White C.the train D.something

( )5.Mr White was ___________.

A.a clever man B.very foolish

C.careless in doing things D.as foolish as the luggage



Two friends are going through the forest(森林), one friend says to the other, "If any beast(野兽) comes out from behind the trees, I will stay with you and help you. " The other friend says, " I will help you too, if any beast comes near you. " After a little time there is a great noise , and a big bear(熊) comes out from behind the trees, At once one of the friends runs and gets up in a tree. The other friend is fat; he can not get up in a tree. He lies down at the foot of the tree. He says to himself, "The bear will think I am dead. "The bear comes near him; it puts its nose down and smells(闻) him. It thinks the man is dead, so it goes away. The other friend comes down from the tree, and says," What did the bear say to you when it put its mouth so near to your ear?” The friend answers," the bear said, 'if a friend runs away from you when you need his help most, he is not a real friend.

31. Where are the two friends?

32 . What does the thin friend do when a big bear comes out?

33. What does the bear think after it smells the fat man?

34. Are they real friends?

35. Are they dead ?

答案:31. They are in the forest. 32. He gets up in a tree.

33. It thinks the man is dead. 34. No,they aren’t.

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