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初二 2

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初二(下)unit6短语总结 (阳光英语学校内部资料) 5页

1.到----进行一次参观 2. make a decision 3. 合适的交通工具

4. too----to用法 5.乘火车的花费 6 .决定下来

7. start out 8. 一张100元的票 9. 一张硬/软卧票

10. pay/spend/take/cost 用法小结 :

11.一个带有一张单人床的房间 一间两人用的房间 12. raise money for

13. put on 上演,穿上(反义) 14.put up 举起= →(反义) 15. put away 16.盼望做某事 17. hear from sb. = 18. at the top of 19.建议某人做某事 20. 在度假

21. 在---- 中心 22. 它占地100平方米。

23. 迫不及待做某事/情不自禁做某事 24.one and a half hours =

25. 多远 26. 方位介词in/on /to区别 The crowd (be)---- . 27. a large /small crowd of people 28. 踩在某人的脚上 29. push sb. in all directions 30.挤出一条道 31.旅行经历

32. 到达北京(三种)

33.对---感到惊讶 34. have fun doing sth

35..去野营 36. 追赶 37.get lost

38.. 时间从句的引导词有:

39.The traffic in Beijing (be)heavy / crazy . 40.be afraid of doing sth. =

41. 守交通规则 →(反义) 42.节约能源

43.. 引起空气污染 44. get a fine 45. get hurt

46. 转错弯 47. in danger 48. use sth to do sth =

49.与---分享 50. in case of 与 if 区别 51. 当心 急救

52. 注意--- 53.总而言之 54.borrow --- from →(反义)

55.一个空瓶子 注入 56. 21个计时赛段

57. go across /go through 区别

58. The road is difficult to ride .(改错)→

59一个朝左的急转弯 50. 减速 51.避免---

52. 阻止某人做某事 53. rush to


1. I’ll be back before you ________.

A. will leave B. will have left C. leave D. would leave

2. If it_________ tomorrow, we will go for a picnic in the park.

A will be fine B is fine C is going to be fine D have been fine

3. The volleyball match will be put off if it ________.

A. will rain B. rains C. rained D. is raining

4. The new secretary(秘书) will meet the manager as soon as she ________.

A. will arrive B. is going to arrive C. arrives D. is arriving

5. It will get worse ________the government(政府) does nothing about the pollution.

A. but B. unless C. except D. if

6. _____ you try,you will never succeed. A. If B. Until C. Since D. Unless

7. Your teacher will be unhappy if you _______ to school late.

A. come B. will come C. are coming D. came

8. We’ll go to the farm if it ____ tomorrow.

A. won’t rain B. will be rainy C. doesn’t rain D. isn’t raining

9. I ____ her the answer if she ____me. A. can tell, will ask

B. will tell, will ask C. would tell, ask D. will tell, asks

10. Don’t worry. Peter will call you as soon as he _____ London.

A. will get to B. gets to C. get to D. got to

11. I’ll give the book to him after he ___ here next Sunday.

A. will come B. comes C. is coming D. Came

12. When I find his phone number tomorrow, I ______ you.

A. tell B. told C. will tell D. have told

13. I __ the CDs to you if I have time tomorrow.

A. will return B. returned C. have returned D. return

14. If she ______________(not get) home on time, her mom will be worried.

15. If Tom works hard, he_____________(make) a lot of money.

16. If I study hard, my dream ___________(实现). 6页

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