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2012-2013学年 三年级高思杯试卷

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【学生注意】请务必将答案填在答题纸上,只填在原题上不得分! ...

一、 根据句意,选词填空 (10X2’)

salad meals scissors knife a restaurant a theatre torches

lunch a dictionary envelopes right a cinema postcards spoons

二、单项选择题 (5X3’)

11. Bob ________ a letter to his friend last Tuesday.

A. writes B. wrote C. written

12. I don’t like our new English teacher ________ is always late for class.

A. who B. which C. where

13. There ________ a cow and ten ________ on the farm.

A. are; sheep B. are; sheeps C. is; sheep

14. He can speak English very ________.

A. well B. better C. good

15. --_______ you finished your homework? --No, but I ________ do it this evening.

A. Have; am going to B. Did; am C. Were; will


三、读对话,选择相应答句 (5X3’)


Peter: It’s your birthday today, isn’t it, Jill?

Jill:Peter: Someone told me. Are you going to have a party?


16. Jill: __________

Peter: Wow! Have you invited a lot of your friends?

17. Jill: __________

Peter: And what time does it start?

18. Jill: __________

Peter: Oh! Has your mum bought a lot of food?

19. Jill: __________

Peter: Great. Well, have a good time!

20. Jill: __________

Peter: And next time, please invite me too!


No more school?

Yesterday the Head Teacher told all the pupils at Crossroad School, “I have some good news for you. You won’t go to school in future. You’ll stay at home to learn. From Monday to Friday you will have lessons by computer.”

Tim and Mary were happy because they hate getting up early in the morning. “We won’t have to get up early any more! We will be able to get up at 11 o’clock in the morning,” Mary said. “We’ll be able to do our lessons in bed!” said her brother.

The Head Teacher went on, “You need to buy a computer, a mobile phone, some headphones and a webcam,” he said. “At 7 o’clock your teachers will call you. Then you will turn on your computers and your webcam. Your teachers will be able to see you through the webcam”.

The next week the lessons started. Tim and Mary stayed at home for their lessons but they hated them because they wanted to see their friends and go to school again.



Tim and Mary study In the future they


21. They will stay _____________________.

22. Mary and Tim hate _____________________ early.

23. Their teachers were able to see them _____________________.

24. They called Mary and Tim at _____________________.

25. Tim and Mary wanted to see_____________________.


Example: 0. a the every

us them 26. it

also yet 27. too

can must 28. should

longer long 29. longest

look eat 30. ask

where what 31. when

stays stay 32. staying

isn’t don’t 33. aren’t

what who 34. which

over on 35. in




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