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二 词组互译

1在星期天on Sunday 2.上一节音乐课have a music lesson 3.唱和跳sing and dance

4.读和写read and write 5.唱这首歌sing the song 6.听这首歌listen to the song

7.把它放在你的头上put it on your head 8.把书放这/那儿put the book here/there

9.在四点整at four o’clock 10.做一个模型轮船make a model ship 11课后/ 放学后after class/school 12.住在一个小镇上live in a small town

13.游泳好swim well 14.溜冰好skate well 15. 喜欢打篮球like playing basketball

16.照着我们做follow us 7.把一把尺子放在他的鼻子上put a ruler on your nose

六 翻译句子

1. 你会(做)什么?我会做木偶。What can you do ? I can make a puppet.

2. 你会拉小提琴吗?不,我不会。我会弹钢琴。

Can you play the violin? No, I can’t. I can play the piano.

3. 你爸爸会烧菜吗?不,他不会。你爸爸会什么?

Can your father cook? No, he can’t. What can your father do?

4. 女孩会跳舞,但男孩不会。他会唱歌。

The girl can dance, but the boy can’t. He can sing.

5. 他们正在上一节英语课

They’re having an English lesson.

6. 我们现在学那首歌好吗?

Shall we learn the song now?=Let’s learn the song now.

7. 在我们班谁会跳舞?Helen会跳舞。Who can dance in our class? Helen can.

8. 你们可以在哪里踢足球? Where can you play football?

我们可以在操场踢足球。 We can play football in the playground.

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