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一、词汇(每空2分,共30分) A)根据汉语提示完成下列句子。(每空一词)

交通规则), we will be dangerous.

最后结果). 减速) a little.

4. I can’t (另外), I have no time. 更少的人死亡). B)请用括号内所给词的适当形式填空

6. We all couldn’t help ________ (laugh) after we heard the funny story.

10. He was so tired that he fell _________(sleep) at this desk. 二、单项选择(每小题2分,共30分)

( ) 11. I wanted some more coffee but there was _______ left. A. any B. none C. no one D. some

( ) 12. —Peter, don’t play that kind of joke any more! —Sorry! I ________ do it again. A. won’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t ( ) 13. There is ________ in the bus. Please wait for the next one.

A. a little space B. few rooms C. a few room D. little space

( ) 14. Miss White _______50,000 yuan building the Hope School after visiting that village. A. took B. paid C. cost D. spent ( ) 15. – What shall we do if it ________ tomorrow?

--We can make a snowman.

A. snow B. snows C. will snow D. snowed

( ) 16.—Shall we go hiking tomorrow? —________. The radio says it will rain. A. sure B. That’s a good idea C. I’m afraid we can’t D. All right ( ) 17. —I’m going to the Fairy Mountain tomorrow. —________ .

A. Have a good trip B. It’s my pleasure C. No way D. It’s hard to say ( ) 18. — How was your weekend? — Great! We ________ a picnic by the lake. A. have B. are having C. had D. will have

( ) 19. _____ important for us to be careful when we ride our bicycles in the street. A. We are B. It C. That is D. It is

( ) 20.There are______ of students in our school but only ______ of them are girls.

A. hundred; two hundred B. hundred; two hundreds C. hundreds; two hundreds D. hundreds; two hundred ( ) 21. It is over ________ from Shijiazhuang to Beijing.

A. three hours’ drive B. three hour’s driver C. three hours’ drives D. three hours drive ( ) 22. — Could you come back at five?

—________ . I have something important to do at school at half past four.

A. I could not B. Yes, I hope to C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so ( ) 23. —It’s 9 o’clock now. I must go.

— It’s raining outside. Don’t leave ________it stops.

A. when B. since C. while D. until ( ) 24. Spring is the best time ________ there.

A. visiting B. visit C. visits D. to visit ( ) 25. We all got________ at the________ news.

A. excited; excited B. exciting; excited C. exciting; exciting D. excited; exciting 三、完形填空(每小题1.5分,共15分)

him, ―Remember this.

―Willcouldn’t find it. He was worried, ― I can’t find ―I think you bought a ticket. All right. You don’tone, saidthe conductor.But the old man still looked worried and said, ―You don’t know why. If I can’t find my ticket, I don’t26. A. say B. says C. talk D. talked 27. A. to B. on C./ D. for 28. A. care B. careful C. well D. good 29. A. take B. and C. with D. for 30. A. ago B. after C. long D. later 31. A. see B. look at C. give D. show 32. A. found B. looked C. looked for D. looked at 33. A. before B. ago C. after D. later 34. A. others B. the other C. another D. the another

35. A. What B. When C. Why D. Where . 四、阅读理解 A(每题2分)

A lady wrote a long novel.She sent it to a famous editor.After a few weeks the novelwas returned to her. The lady was angry. She wrote back to the editor. ―Dear sir,yesterdayyou sent back a novel of mine. How do you know that the novel is not good? You didn’t read it. Before I sent you the novel, I posted together pages 18, 19 and 20 . This was a test to see

whether you would read the novel. When the novel came back yesterday, the pages were still posted together. Is this the way you read all the stories that are sent to you?The editor wrote back: ―Dear madam,at breakfast when I have an egg, I don’ t have to eat the whole egg in order to discover(发现) that it is bad. ( ) 36. The title that can explain the story best is __________.

A. A Letter Returned B. A Novel Given Back C. Testing Whether Reading or Not D. Reading While Eating ( ) 37. The novel was sent back to its writer because__________.

A. some pages of it were posted together B. the editor checked the novel in a hurry C. the editor thought it was not good D. the novel wasn’ t written by the writer herself ( ) 38. Which of the following sentences is true?

A. The editor read the whole novel carefully. B. There are twenty pages in the novel. C. Both the editor and the lady were clever. D. The editor was pleased with her nove. ( ) 39. The lady posted three pages together so as to find_____________. A. whether the novel was read through B. whether the novel was opened C. whether the novel was stolen D. whether the novel was broken ( ) 40. From the story we know that ________.

A. the editor likes the novel very much B. the editor has a good way to read novels C. the editor has a good way to eat an egg D. the editor doesn’t like the novel at all B(每题3分)

After supper Mr. Jackson turned on the television.He tried to find a football game on it. Atthat time the telephone rang and he went to answer it.―Hello,he said, ―7462135 It's Betty speaking said a woman.―Henry is ill. And I have totake him to hospital.But Lucy is

too young.―Don't worry.I'll go and look after her.But where's your husband Jam―He's gone to London.He'll be back at two tomorrow morning.Mrs. Jackson was on dutyin the hospital that

night and Mr. Jackson had to go to help his sister.Lucy was only four.She began to cry when her mother left,Mr. Jackson told her some storiestaught her a song and showed her some nice

pictures.He didn't stop until the little girl went to sleep.Mr.Jackson went home after James cameback.He was asleep soon after he went to bed. His wife came into the bedroom and it woke him

up.He had a look at the clock on the wall and found it was half past eight.He jumped off the bed and ran to the garage(车库)with his bag.His wife tried to say something but he called back,―I was never late for work, you know. But I'm latethis morning.―No,you aren't, said Mrs. Jackson.―It's Saturday. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

41.On what day did Betty call Mr. Jackson?

42.Why did Betty ask for Mr. Jackson's help?

.What did Mr. Jackson do to make Lucy stop crying?

44.Why did Mr. Jackson run to the garage when he woke up?

45.How many people have been mentioned(被提到)in this passage ?

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