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( )1. Don’t let _______ in. There’s no time for me to see _______.

A. anybody; anybody B. somebody; everybody

C. everybody; anybody D. anybody; somebody

( )2. ______ in the river is good ____ your health, but sometimes it’s very


A. Swim; at B. To swim; for C. Have a swim; in D. Swims; of

( )3. In _______ of China, _________ children begin to study to English when

they are about ten years old .

A. many; much B. much; many C. few; a little D. little; a lot

( )4. —May I go there by bike?

—No, you _______. It’s going to rain soon.

A. don’t B. aren’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t

( )5. They are all behind me. I’m at the _______ of the team.

A. end B. head C. back D. middle

( )6. _______ a big shop! _______ nice the watches in it are!

A. What; What B. How; How C. How; What D. What; How

( )7. Which is the number sixty-nine thousand, six hundred and ninety-six?

A. 96969 B. 96696 C. 69969 D. 69696

( )8. —_______ boy is your classmate, Ed?

—The boy in the hat.

A. Whose B. Where C. Which D. How

( )9. Mike doesn’t like eggs _______ meat, _______ Max does.

A. but; and B. for; or C. or; but D. and; so

( )10. Children in England usually get presents ______ Christmas and _______

their birthdays.

A. at; on B. until; in C. of; by D. for; to

( )11. —Excuse me. How can we get to the Science museum?

—______ a No. 2 bus and get _______ at the second stop.

A. Drive; up B. Take; off C. Have; to D. Ride; on

( )12. The clouds over the city are different from ____ in the country; the weather

in the city is also different from ______ in the country.

A. this; those B. this; these C. these; that D. those; that

( )13. Elsa has to pack her computer, ________?

A. isn’t she B. does her C. hasn’t she D. can she

( )14. —Would you like to have some more fish?

—Yes, please. It’s very delicious.


A. Let me not give you any more. B. I’m glad you like it.

C. You don’t want some more, do you? D. I don’t think you like it.

( )15. If you were in danger, you would probably(可能) cry out “_______” 1

A. Come on! Come On! B. Help! Help!

C. Save life! Save life! D. Save me! Save me!

( )16. People use a MENU in a _______.

A. bedroom B. cinema C. bookshop D. restaurant

( )17. Martin didn’ A. happened B. turned on C. kept on D. excused

( A. live with B. give food to C. guess D. cook

( ’s.

A. not the same B. difficult to C. worse than D. all the same as

( )20. Swimming in this cold weather? It’ A. 正中下怀 B. 跑题的 C. 不可能的 D. 毫无疑问

( )21. Australian seasons are the opposite of Chinese seasons, A. 总是 B. 从不 C. 十分之九 D. 总而言之

( )22. —_______ jump on the bed. Be a good boy.

—OK, I won’t.

A. Not B. Don’t C. No D. Doesn’t

( )23. _____ the oranges are bad. This one’s bad, and that one’s bad, too.

A. All the B. Both the C. All of D. Both of

( )24. The exam paper was uneasy, ________?

A. was it B. aren’t they C. wasn’t it D. were they

( )25. —You did a good job! —_________.

A. You’re so kind. B. Thanks a lot.

C. You did better than me. D. I’m not so well.

( )26. Are these _______ green or yellow?

A. leaves B. leaf C. leave D. left

( )27. Their lift runs very fast. But _______ runs faster than ________.

A. Our; theirs B. Ours; theirs C. Their; ours D. Their; our

( )28. Did the strange scientist die _____ the morning of July 10th?

A. at B. in C. on D. from

( )29 —Elroy wanted to go skating with you. But he didn’t know _______.

—I went to my uncle’s house just now.

A. where you went B. where did you go

C. where you go D. where do you go

( )30 Can’t you see? Betty with her friends ______ the plan over there.

A. discussed B. are finding out C. is discussing D. talked about



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