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1.__________ 2.___________ 3.____________ 4.____________ 5.____________


6. A. Yes, it wil. B. No, there won?t. C. No, they won?t. D. Yes, they will.

7. A. for five hours ago.

C. since nine o?clock.

8. A. Yes, I wouldn?t.

C. No, I would. B. for it was nine o?clock. D. since five hours. B. Yes, certainly not. D. No, not at all.

B. I stood in front of the library.

D. An alien went into a souvenir shop.

B. She says I am lazy.

D. He said I have been doing well in it. 9. A. I was standing in front of the library. C. I saw an alien get out of the UFO. 10. A. She said I am hard—working. C. He said I could do better.


11. A. He will write a letter to his best friend. Ⅲ、对话理解,根据你所听到的对话选出能回答问题的最佳答案(听两遍,共5小题,每

B. He will give his best friend a ticket to a ball game.

C. He will argue with his best friend again.

D. He will call up his best friend.


12. A. About the space.

C. About the robot.

B. About the future. D. About computers.

B. He saw an alien come into his room. D. He saw an alien buy a souvenir.

D. Both A and B. D. Saturday.

13. A. He saw an alien get out of the UFO.

C. He saw an alien go into a store. 14. A. Gina. 15. A. Monday.

B. Scott.

B. Thursday.

C. Gina?s classmates.

C. Sunday.

Ⅳ、短文理解,根据短文内容,选出你所听到问题的最佳答案(短文和问题各读两遍,共5小题,每小题1分) 16. A. On Thursday. 17. A. Tom.

B. On Saturday.

C. On Sunday.

D. On Tuesday. D. Tom?s brother.

B. Tom?s mother. C. Tom?s father.

18. A. Because the bus is comfortable. C. Because the hospital was very far. 19. A. cut in line. 20. A. Unhappy.

B. wait in line. B. Sorry.

B. Because he had no bike. D. Because he didn?t like walking. C. get on the bus. C. Worried.

D. buy a ticket. D. angry.



21.—When did you get your first pair of skates? —________________. A. For 6 years.

B. Since I was 7 years old. D. Since 6 years ago.

D. go

C. When I was 7 years old. A. take

B. have

22. I?m going to ___________ time with my grandparents this vacation.

C. spend

23.When did you finish your ______________ exam? A. end of year C. end-of-year

B. end-of-year?s D. end-of year

24. —Why are you so ____________, Tom?

—The news is too ______________. I don?t know why this often happens. A. surprising; surprising C. surprised; surprising A. for, in

B. surprising; surprised D. surprised; surprised C. as, in

D. as, with

25.Charles? cousin is the same age ____________ him. They get on well __________ each other.

B. as, on

26. —What __________ in ten years?

—Great changes will come to our life. A. more

B. will happen

C. will do

D. will see

27. —I think people will use the bicycles ______________ in the future.


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