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一. Johnny Dean 是一个著名的歌手,下面的对话是谈论他的外表和性格的。仔细听,选出你所听到的单词,对话读两遍。(计5分)

二. 听五组对话, 选择最佳选项回答问题。每组对话读两遍。(计5分)

6. Which class is Jean in?

A. Class 3. B. Class 6. C. Class 1. D. Class 5.

7. What colour is Tom's shirt?

A. Red. B. Brown. C. Black. D. White.

8. What does Mike have?

A. A piano. B. A trumpet. C. A guitar. D. A violin.

9. Where is the eraser?

A. In the pencil case. B. On the box.

C. Under the cap. D. Behind the door.

10. How much is the pen?

A. $5. B. $1. C. $9. D. $3.

三..听短文, 选择最佳答案回答下列问题。短文读三遍。(计10分)

11. Which picture is the photo of Bob?

12. What's Bob's father?

A. An English teacher. B. A football star.

C. A policeman. D. A basketball star.

13. What is Bob good at?


A. Playing football and volleyball. B. Playing basketball and football.

C. Playing basketball and volleyball. D. Playing basketball and table tennis.

14. What's Bob's favourite food?

15. When does Bob often go to school?

A. At 5:20. B. At 6:00. C. At 6:20. D. At 5:00.




1.Yesterday the weather was cool,so we 决定)to play tennis.

2.I like (度过)the weekends with my brothers.

3.What kind of 面条)would you like?

拥挤的). We can’t get it on.

5.I enjoy the articles in the school 杂志).


6.There are three in our city. We can buy food, vegetables and other things from them.


8. My cousin can’大笑).



A.英语句子的首词;数词 B.国家名称;缩略词

C.月份名词;星期名词 D.职务名词;单词I

12.. 书写上没有错误又合乎英语表达习惯的句子是_________。

A. yes, I am. B. This's my computer.

C. I'm in Two Grade. D. What's this in English?

13. _________ are all in Class Eight.

A. You, I and she B. I, you and she C. She, you and he D. You, she and I

14. I have _________ orange coat. It is in my _________ room.

A. an; / B. an; the C. a; a D. the; a

15. I can see only some _________ and _________ on the table.


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