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八 指出下列每组词中划线部分发音是否相同,若相同,请在括号内写S,否则把发音不同的词的编号写在括号内。(5分)

1. ( )

2. ( )

3. ( )

4. ( )

5. ( )

九 请写出十种表示交通工具的英语单词,并在其后的括号内写出这个词的中文意思(注:意思相同但写法不同的只算一个)。(5分)

1._____________ ( ) 2. ____________ ( ) 3. _____________ ( )

4._____________ ( ) 5. ____________ ( ) 6. _____________ ( )

7._____________ ( ) 8. ____________ ( ) 9. _____________ ( )

10. ___________ ( )

十 请圈出最佳答案的编号。(5分)

1. This bag is too ________. I can't carry it.

A.light B.heavy C.small

2. Let's ______ the match on TV.

A.watch B.see C.look

3. Do you _______ English?

A.say B.listen C.speak

4. Mr. Lee is from England, ________ you know?

A.are B.do C.have

5. Take good care _______ the little children.

A.of B.with C.to

6. Everyone in my family _________ very busy now.

A.am B.are C.is

7. There are some ________ in the bottle.

A.paper B.fish C.pear

8. That's ______ book. _______ is over there.

A.my, Hers B.mine, Hers C.mine, Her

9. Who are two _______?

A.baby B.babys C.babies

10. ________ is my cousin.

A. In the middle of the boy B. The boy in the middle

C. In the middle is the boy

十一 阅读对话,并在横线上写出对话中所缺的字母。(10分)

A: Excuse me, Jack. I can't f_______ my coloured pencils. I think they're at h______. Have you

got any, please?

B: No, I haven't. A_____Mike. I think he has got s______.

A: Excuse me, Mike. Have you got any coloured pencils?

C: Yes, I have.

A: Can I b_______ them?

C: S_________. But please give them b_____ soon.

A: All right.

C: Here you are.

A: Thank you. But these pencils are m______.

C: Are they y________? Oh, sorry, m_______ are here.

A: That's all right. Thank you.

C: You're welcome.

十二 阅读对话,并在横线上写出对话所缺的单词。(5分)

Tom: Hi, Sam. What ______ is it?

Sam: 7:30. Don't _________. We aren't late for class.

Tom: Good. What are you doing?

Sam: I'm ________ my pencils, pen and books in my school-bag.

Tom: What ________ is today?

Sam: Wednesday.

Tom: Great! It's my favourite school day. We have English lessons on Wednesday.

Sam: I see. You ______ English.

十三 根据三个句子的启示,把后面句子译成英文。(12分)

1. The boy can read the book, can't he? (那男孩能读这书,不是吗?)

There are some eggs in the box, aren't there?( 有一些蛋在盒里,不是吗?)

She has got a ball, hasn't she? (他有一个球,不是吗?)

A. 你喜欢那些花,不是吗?


B. 他在那里煮饭,不是吗?


2. Li Ming is taller than I. (李明比我高。)

This ball is smaller than that one. (这球比那球小。)

She is younger than Mary. (她比玛莉年轻。)

A. 那黄色的尺子比这白色的尺子长。


B. 他的鞋比我的鞋旧吗?


3. He was reading at 7 yesterday. (他昨天七点钟在看书。)

They were cleaning the room at five yesterday afternoon. (昨天下午五点钟他们在清洁房间。) I was playing with my cat at two yesterday afternoon. (昨天下午两点钟,我在跟我的猫玩。)

A. 昨天早上九时我在河里游泳。


B. 昨天晚上六时半我母亲在补衣服。


十四 读短文,根据短文内容圈出正确答案的编号。(8分)

Ann: All the children look very happy today.

Bob: Yes, they do. Today is K Day.

Ann: K Day?

Bob: K is for kite.

Ann: Oh, I see. Do you like flying kites?

Bob: Yes. Shall we make some?

Ann: Good. But I can't make kites, can you?

Bob: Yes, I can. Let me show you.

Ann: All right.

1. K Day is "_________"in Chinese.

A. 风筝节 B. 飞行节 C. 儿童节

2. Ann and Bob like ___________ kites.

A.drawing B.flying C.watching

3. Ann and Bob want to ___________.

A.make some kites B.flying kites C.A and B

4. Ann ________ make kites but Bob _________.

A.can, can't B.can't, can C.can't, can't

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