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1. Poor Lily! Her mother is ill. So she is _______ with her mother.

A. in hospital B. in hospitals C. in the hospital D. in the hospitals

2. --- What would you like to drink, Jerry? ---________, please.

A. Two cup of coffee B. Two glasses of coffees

C. Two cups of coffee D. Two glasses of coffee

3. My brother together with his friends _______ to school on foot every day.

A. go B. goes C. went D. is going

4. Last week, he ________.

A. bought a gift his mother B. bought his mother for a gift

C. bought a gift to his mother D. bought his mother a gift

5. You shouldn?t ________ so much money playing computer games.

A. take B. spend C. cost D. pay

6. --- Would you like some more rice? --- Yes, just ________.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

7. He has gone to Africa. He has never ______ there before.

A. went B. being C. been D. was

8. Helen is _______ American girl. She is studying in ________ university now.

A. a; an B. an; a C. an; an D. a; a

9. An actor was killed last night. The police _______ the case.

A. is looking for B. are looking for C. is looking into D. are looking into

10. We started _______ ten _______ the morning of May 5th.

A. at; in B. in; at C. at; on D. in; in

11. At last he began to cry _______.

A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard

C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder

12. We waited for Jerry for some time and then he came _______ his car.

A. on B. by C. with D. in

13. The bridge ________ by the peasants themselves in 1980.

A. was built B. will be built C. has been built D. built

14. It _______ my brother?s birthday tomorrow. He _______ a party.

A. is going to be; will have B. will be; is having

C. will be; is going to have D. will have; is going to be

15. ---_________ I finish washing all the clothes now? --- No, you ________.

A. Must; can?t B. May; can?t C. Must; needn?t D. Can; mustn?t

16. --- Tom, I _______ your father for a long time. --- Oh, he is working in Tianjin now.

A. don?t see B. haven?t seen C. won?t see D. didn?t see

17. His mother is ill. So he has to stay at home to ___________ her.

A. look for B. look up C. look after D. look at

18. The book ______ me 30 Yuan.

A. spent B. took C. cost D. has taken

19. --- _______ does Bob surf the Internet? --- Twice a week.

A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How much

20. Someone is knocking at the door. Who is __________?

A. he B. she C. it D. They

21. __________ June, 2001, Jerry came back from Norway and became an English teacher.

A. On B. In C. At D. For

22. __________ a lovely girl she is!

A. What B. How C. When D. Where

23. I don?t feel well _________. I will see the doctor next week.

A. late B. lately C. slowly D. Early

24. I saw Lady Gaga ________ the morning of that day.

A. on B. in C. at D. /

25. There is ________ milk in the bottle. It?s enough for both of us.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little


Once upon a time, a rich man wanted to make a trip (旅行) to another town. He tried not only to take things to sell but also to take money to things with. He to take ten servants with him. They would the things to sell and the food to on their trip. Before they started, a little boy ran up to and asked to with them.

The rich man said to the little boy, “Well, may go with us. you are the smallest, the thinnest and the weakest of all my , you can?t carry a load (担子). You must the lightest one to carry.” The boy thanked his master and chose the biggest load to carry. That was bread.

“You are .” said his master, “That is the biggest and the heaviest one.” The boy said and lifted the load gladly.

On the trip they walked for days and at last they got to the town. All the servants were tired the little servant. Do you know ? Most of the bread was eaten during the trip and a little was left when they arrived at the town.

1. A. eat B. buy C. change D. get

2. A. decided B. liked C. hoped D. tried

3. A. take B. bring C. carry D. borrow

4. A. cook B. eat C. buy D. drink

5. A. them B. the servants C. the road D. the rich man

6. A. stop B. stay C. go D. talk

7. A. you B. he C. I D. they

8. A. Since B. If C. Because D. But

9. A. family B. guests C. servants D. things

10. A. heavy B. light C. small D. difficult

11. A. eat B. choose C. pick up D. understand

12. A. brave B. right C. clever D. foolish

13. A. sorry B. nothing C. angrily D. good-bye

14. A. besides B. of C. except D. with

15. A. who B. him C. that D. why



Once there was an old farmer, with a horse which was almost as old as him. He set out one morning with his son to sell the horse before it died. Father and son walked, because the farmer did not want the horse to be too tired.

They met two men on the road who said, “Why are you walking, farmer? You have a horse, It?s a long way to market .” The farmer knew that this was true, so he rode on the horse, while his son walked.

Then they met two old women, “What are you doing up there, farmer? Can?t you see how tired the boy is?” So the farmer got down, and his son rode instead.

Next, three old men stopped them, one said, “Why are you walking, farmer? Get up. It?s too hot for an old man like you to walk today,” So the farmer got up behind his son, and they rode on.

Some time later, a young woman passed them, “Why aren?t you walking?” she asked, “It isn?t far to the market. Give your poor horse a rest.” So the farmer, and his son, got down once again.

It is a fact that you cannot please all the people all the time.

1. The farmer wanted to sell the horse ______.

A. before it was dead B. before it become too tired

C. before the market was over D. before it was as old as he was

2. The two men on the road ______.

A. asked how far it was to the market

B. said they thought the horse looked very tired

C. asked why the farmer was not riding on his horse

D. told the farmer's son to get off the horse and walk

3. The two old women said it was wrong for ______.

A. the farmer to ride such a tired horse B. the farmer to ride while his young son walked

C. the boy to ride instead of his father D. only one person to ride such a long way

4. The farmer got up behind his son because ______.

A. the old man said it was too hot for him to walk B. the three old men stopped them on the road

C. he did not know why he was walking D. his son could not ride the horse by himself

5. What can we learn from this passage?

A. We should protect animals.

B. You must respect your parents all the time.

C. In fact,you should please all the people all the time

D. You cannot make all the people satisfied all the time


Mr. White was a chicken farmer. He had hundreds of chickens, and sold the eggs and the meat and got quite a lot of money from them. But he lived in a very hot part of the country. He found that his hens could hardly lay any eggs in summer. So he decided to put air conditioning (空调) into his henhouse (鸡窝), then the hens would lay well all through the year, and he could get more eggs, and in that way get more money.

The boss of the air conditioning company came to see him, and when he saw Mr. White?s house, he thought that he might be able to persuade (说服) him to buy an air conditioning for his house too.

?Your wife would be much happier to have a nicer house with an air conditioning to live in.? he said to Mr. White. But Mr. White was not interested, he said, ?My wife doesn?t lay eggs.?

1. Why didn?t the chikens lay eggs?

A. It?s cold. B. It?s warm. C. It?s hot. D. We don?t know.

2. Mr. White bought an air conditioning for ________.

A. his wife B. himself C. the boss D. his chikens

3. Who wants Mr. White to buy another air conditioning?

A. His wife B. The boss C. The chikens D. His son

4. ?My wife doesn?t lay eggs.? means _______.

A. he thought the air conditioning was not helpful to his wife

B. he hoped his wife could lay eggs.

C. his wife was not afraid of hot weather.

D. his wife hated the chikens.

5. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Mr. White sold air conditioning to make a lot of money.

B. Mr. White decided to put air conditioning into his henhouse.

C. The boss was able to persuade Mr. White to buy an air conditioning for his house.

D. Mr. White?s wife wouldn?t be much happier to have a nicer house with an air conditioning. 答案

单项选择1-5 CDBDB 6-10 DCBDC 11-15 CDACC 16-20 BCCBC 21-25 BABAD 完形填空 1-5 BACBD 6-10 CADCA 11-15BDBCD



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