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2013年“现代信息杯”上海市中小学生英语听力竞赛小学组考卷 注意事项:




一、 听句子,从题中所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最符合句意的选项,并将答题


1. A. I went swimming last night B. I like swimming in cold weather.

C. I never went to swim at night. D. It was too cold to swim last night.

2. A. Amanda is Australian. B. Daniel isn't Australian.

C. Daniel isn't American. D. Amanda and Simon are from Austria.

3. A. He is not as old as others. B. Many people are older than him.

C. There are no older men anywhere. D. He's older than some other men.

4. A. You can come if you have an invitation. B. You mustn't go with an invitation.

C. You don't need a ticket to come in. D. You cannot buy a ticket outside.

5. A. She can see the children. B. She is taking care of the children.

C. She is looking at the children. D. The children are in front of her.

6. A. They only like cars. B. They do not like any other cars.

C. They do not have two cars. D. They have a big family.

7. A. What are her favorite things? B. How is Monica?

C. Does she look like Monica? D. Does he like Monica?

8. A. He'll be at home as usual. B. It is possible that he will have to work.

C. He works at home. D. He always goes home after work.

9. A. I want to go to your room when I come home. B. We will clean the room together.

C. I’d like you to tidy the room. D. I want you to keep yourself clean.

10. A. She is used to spending weekends in parks.

B. She went to the park on weekends in the past.

C. She usually goes to the park on weekends.

D. She usually goes to the park during weekdays.


11. A. At 7:15. B. At 7:30. C. At 7:45. D. At 8:00.

12. A. In a railway station. B. In a classroom.

C. In an airport. D. In a bus stop.

13. A. Husband and wife. B. Waiter and customer.

C. Salesman and customer. D. Host and guest.

14. A. A concert. B. A book sale.

C. A garden. D. An art exhibit.


15. A. It was excellent. B. It was too long.

C. It was wonderful D. It was uninteresting.

16. A. He doesn’t know where to find the manager.

B. He doesn’t know the manage well.

C. He knows the building very well.

D. He can’t understand what the woman said.

17. A. The woman had to work in the office last night.

B. The woman missed the film last night.

C. The woman didn’t want to see the film.

D. The woman forgot to bring her ticket.

18. A. Football. B. Basketball. C. Volleyball. D. Table tennis.

19. A. She is eager to know what the present is.

B. She is not anxious to know what it is.

C. She doesn’t want any present.

D. She really doesn’t care about the present.

20. A. She is not interested in the article. B. She has given the man much trouble.

C. She’d like to have a copy of the article. D. She doesn’t want to take the trouble.

21. A. In the playground. B. In the teachers’ office.

C. In the library. D. In the classroom.

22. A. Tell the man not to fish here. B. Ask the man what time it is.

C. Go and ask the man how to catch fish. D. Tell the man to go home.

23. A. In the morning. B. At noon. C. In the afternoon. D. At night.

24. A. A designer. B. A waiter. C. A teacher. D. A shop assistant.

25. A. Come to a party. B. Have lunch.

C. Make a phone call. D. Attend a meeting.

26. A. 7:15. B. 7:20. C. 7:25. D. 7:30.

27. A. Lonely. B. Bored. C. Excited. D. Surprised.

28. A. When to use the new gas. B. How to drive fast.

C. Where to go by car. D. How to save gas.

29. A. To have some medicine. B. To have more rest.

C. To see the doctor. D. To stay away from others.

30. A. In the kitchen. B. In the bathroom.

C. Beside the telephone. D. On the back door.

31. A. Home. B. Hospital. C. Cafeteria. D. Restaurant.

32. A. The man asked the woman to take some medicine.

B. The woman should eat less food than ever before.

C. Some medicine could solve the woman’s problem.

D. The woman should have the right food.

33. A. In an apartment. B. In a house agency.

C. In a bedroom. D. In a waiting room.

34. A. 10 dollars. B. 25 dollars. C. 30 dollars. D. 50 dollars.

35. A. The man’s watch is 5 minutes fast. B. The man’s watch is 15 minutes fast.

C. The man’s watch is 5 minutes slow. D. The man’s watch is 15 minutes slow.

36. A. Learn how to drive. B. Teach her Dad to drive.


C. Ask for a driving lesson. 37. A. Egyptian. B. Greek. 38. A. Mother and son. C. Teammates. 39. A. Honest. B. Rude. 40. A. They will hold a furniture display. C. They are short of chairs for the audience. D. Take a driving test. C. German. D. American. B. Teacher and student. D. Classmates. C. Kind. D. Brave. B. They will hold a lecture tonight.

D. They haven’t prepared the lecture well.


听短文,回答第 41- 42小题 41. A. Wonderful. B. Awful. 42. A. The TV didn’t have sound. C. The bed wasn’t comfortable.

听短文,回答第 43- 44小题 43. A. Shirts.

B. Gloves.

C. Exciting. D. Pleasant. B. The shower didn’t work. D. The room was dirty.

C. Toys.

D. A clock.

44. A. He left his suitcase in the airport building. B. He couldn’t enjoy the beauty of the evening.

C. He was suspected as a terrorist and taken to an airline office. D. He intended to visit more teachers and buy more presents.

听短文,回答第 45- 47小题

45. A. At a country inn. B. At a shop. C. At a hotel. D. At a pub 46. A. A bed. B. A table. C. The fire. D. The fish 47. A. To see a horse. B. To see the horse eat fish. C. To see the rain. D. To eat the fish.

听短文,回答第 48- 50小题 48. A. 85 percent. B. 80 percent. C. 50 percent. D. 5 percent. 49. A. Almost everywhere in the world. B. Areas with cold winters.

C. The hottest areas in the world. D. The coldest areas in the World. 50. A. America. B. France. C. Australia. D. China.



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