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One day Tom tells his friends, “ I’m going to have holidays in Beijing. But I can’t speak Chinese, so I’m going to have evening classes and have Chinese lessons there for a month.” Soon his holidays come and he goes to China

happily. After he comes back, his friends ask him, “ Do you have any trouble with your Chinese ,Tom?” “ No, I don’t.” answers Tom, “ But the Chinese do!”

I often get up at 6:00 in the morning. I have breakfast at 6:30. I usually go to school at 7:00. Our classes begin at 8:20 a.m..

I often have Chinese, Maths, English in the morning. I have lunch at 12:00. I have other three lessons in the afternoon. I’m very happy at school. At about 4:30 , I go home. I have dinner at 6:00 p.m.. I often watch TV at 7:00. I like “Animal World” very much. I go to bed at 8:30.

I have a good friend in my home. It’s a cat. Its name is Mimi. It’s white and yellow. And it’s very beautiful. I play with it after school. It often plays with a ball or lines. My friends, Mary and Alice come to see it, but it is behind sofas or in a box. Our families sit in a sofa and it can go there with us. In the evening, I must study at my desk, but it is on the desk, too. At that time, I put it down. Is it my good friend? Guess, please.

Betty and Kitty are twins. They’re 12 years old. They look the same. But they have different hobbies. Betty likes collecting stamps. She has many beautiful stamps. They’re from different cities and countries. But Kitty likes growing flowers. The flowers are all very beautiful. Betty and Kitty both like reading books. Betty likes reading storybooks. But Kitty likes reading science books. On Sunday, they usually ride bikes to the park. They can play with their friends there. Sometimes their parents go there, too.

Lovely Pandas’ faces look like cats’, but their fat bodies and short tails are like bears’. Pandas are very lovely and they are friendly to people. People like them very much. Most Pandas live in China. The northwestern part of Sichuan Province(省) and southern part of Gansu Province are their hometowns. Pandas like to climb trees. They usually live in the forests of high mountains, eat bamboo and drink spring water.

Our Good Friends Mary, Nancy, Ron and Kate are good friends. Mary’s favorite number is 3 and her favorite country is France. 16 is Nancy’s number, and America is her favorite country. Ron likes Japan very much. 30 is his favorite number. Whose favorite number is 60? Oh, it is Kate. Kate’s father works in Chinese food very much and they also like Chinese people. Kate’s lucky number is 6. All of them hope that one day they can travel the world together.

My name is Lily. This is my house. There are five rooms in my house. This is my father and mother’s room. There are three pictures on the wall. There is a desk near the window. There are two chairs behind the desk. On the left of the room, there is a toilet. On the right, it’s my room. There are four pictures and a poster on the wall.

Good News

Jim is a primary school student, he’s in Grade Two now. He has a round

face and wears glasses. He likes football and swimming. But today he’s not at school. He’s ill . He’s in bed. He had a bad cold. He must stay in bed for a week. But that’s a good news for him, because he doesn’t like school.

A crow is thirsty . He finds a bottle with a little in it. But the neck of the

bottle is too long, the crow can’t get the water. The crow thinks and thinks, and then he has a good idea. He puts some pebbles in the bottle, the water rises up. Now he can drink the water. What a clever crow!

Jim met two friends in the street.

“Come back to my apartment for a meal,”he said."You can see the whole of the city from my bedroom window."

His two friends agreed and they went back with Jim to the apartment

building where he lived on the 40th floor.

When they arrived,however,the elevator was out of order.

"I'm sorry,"Jim said,"we'll have to walk."

"But it's forty floors!"they said.

"We'll talk as we climb,"Jim said."You can tell me the new jokes you've heard and when we get to my apartment I'll tell you a story."His friends agreed and they started to climb the forty flights of stairs.At last they reached the top floor and were standing outside the door of Jim' apartment. "Now tell us a good story,"his friends said.

Jim looked at them sadly and said,"Once upon a time there was a man who met two friends.He invited them to his apartment on the fortieth floor.The elevator wasn't working and they had to climb forty flights of stairs.When they reached the fortieth floor he put his hand in his pocket for the key to the door of his apartment.It wasn't there.Then he remembered where it was.It was in his car."







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