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Zhang Wei is a Chinese . He is not young, but he is not Eight. He has a son. name is Zhang Lin. He is . Mr. Zhang teaches English. his class there are thirty him. His wife (妻子), Zhang, is a nurse (护士). She is mother.

Today is Sunday. is free (空闲) in Mr. Zhang’s family.

( )21. A. worker B. student C. teacher D. doctor

( )22. A. good B. twenty C. old D. friend

( )23. A. He B. His C. She D. Her

( )24. A. three B. fifteen C. twenty-eight D. eighteen

( )25. A. At B. On C. In D. Of

( )26. A. students B. boy C. girl D. boy and girl

( )27. A. likes B. is like C. are like D. like

( )28. A. Miss B. Mr C. Mrs D. Mis

( )29. A. Mr. Zhang’s B. Zhang Lin C. Mr Zhang D. Mr Zhang’s son’s

( )30. A. Every B. Every one C. One D. All

四、阅读理解 (本大题共10小题,每小题2分,共20分。)

A. TV play B. Sports C. Around the world D. Talk show

( )32. The program of _________ will let you know much about western (西方的) countries.

A. Sisters B. Around China C. Around the world D. On TV next week

( )33. If you want to know something about tigers, elephants and monkeys, the best program

for you is ______________.

A. Around China B. Animal world C. TV play D. Foreign arts

( )34. English classroom is a program that _______________.

A. lets you know something about classroom B. tells you something about students

C. tells you something about school life D. teaches you English

( )35. The program at the end of Channel 2 means (意思是) __________ on TV next week.

A. news B. programs C. people D. places


Mrs. Brown lives in a small village. Her husband is dead. She has a son but no daughters. His name is John and he is twenty-five. After John finishes collage (大学), he gets work in a big city, New York, and he lives there. It’s quite a long way from his mother’s home, and she is not happy about it. But John says, “There is no good work for me in this small village, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in New York. Then I can give much to you.”

One day Mrs. Brown is very angry. She takes a train to her son’s house in New York. Then she says to him. “John, why do you never call me?”







“But mother,” John laughs (笑) and says, “You don’t have a telephone with you.” “No,” she says, “I haven’t, but you have one.” )36. Where does Mrs. Brown live? A. In a small village B. In a big city C. In New York D. In a town )37. What is Mrs. Brown’s son’s age? A. 20 B. 21 C. 25 D. 13 )38. How does Mrs. Brown go to New York one day? A. On foot B. By bus C. By bike D. By train )39. Why does John never call his mother? A. John doesn’t want to do that B. John has no telephone C. His mother has no telephone D. His mother doesn’t want to answer )40. Which is right? A. The village is near New York

B. John works in a big city and his mother likes it

C. In the village there is no good work for John

D. John never gives money to his mother.


41.a cat,eyes like a cat,a tail like a cat ,but isn't a cat? →________.

42.It is very cute. It often helps people and lives with us. It eats mouse. It’s a...


.43.I have a tail. I can fly. I'm covered in colorful feathers. I can whistle and I can talk.

I am a… → ________.

44.I'm very, very big. I like to eat peanuts and hay. I have four legs and two big ears.

My long nose is called a trunk. I am an... →________.

45. What animal wears big black glasses on its face? →________.


46 .Mr. Green has a daughter. He loves her very much. And his daughter has a son. Mr. Green loves his daughter, so he likes his grandson very much, too. So there is a saying:”Love me, love my dog. “ What’s the Chinese meaning. It’s __________(in Chinese).

47..It’s raining cats and dogs now. the words “cats and dogs” means:_______. (In English).

48. My uncle has a brother. He is not my uncle. Who is he? He is my ______.

49. Jim, Tom and Sam have seventeen apples, Jim wants one-half of them, Tom wants one third of them, Sam wants one ninth of them, at last do you know how many apples Sam can get? ( He can get _______)

50.It will take four seconds for a clock to strike(敲打) five. How many seconds will it take for a clock to strike ten? _________seconds.

find every place on the map because some places are too he has to ask the policeman Mr Zhang's watch and he wanted to buy a new policeman said," and then turn right. It's next to a fruit shop."Mr Zhang thanked the policeman and went to the watch shop.


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