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My Good Friend

I have a good friend. Her name is Betty. She is very beautiful. She has big eyes and a small mouth. She is 10 years old. She is in Class Five, Grade Three. She likes singing, dancing and playing ping-pong. Do you have a good friend, too?


My Family

My name is Peter. I have a happy family. There are three people in my family, my mum, my dad and I.

My dad is a boss. He’s tall and strong. He likes watching TV. My mum is a nurse. She is tall, thin and very kind. She likes reading books. I am a student. I study hard.

I love my parents. My parents love me, too.


My Doll

I have many toys. My favourite toy is a doll. It is very mice. It has red hair. It has big eyes and a small mouth. It wears a green dress. I go to sleep with it every night. I like it very much.


John’s Family

There are eight people in John’s family. His grandparents live with them. His father is watching the bird. His mother is cooking. John’s brother, Sam, is playing with his toy plane. Lily and Nancy, his two sisters, are playing with the dog. What a happy family!


On the Beach

It is Sunday today. I go to the beach with my family. It is sunny. The sky is blue. There are some birds in the sky. My mother and my sister are playing on the beach. I’m in a boat with my dog. We want to catch some fish. Where’s my father? He is sleeping under a tree.


My Teacher

My English teacher is Miss Black. She is thirty years old. She is very nice. She has long hair, big eyes and a small mouth. She likes swimming and reading books. She has a dog. She likes her dog very much. Bananas are her favourite fruit. She is very kind to us. We all like her.


Sunday Dinner

Today is Sunday. Bob and his family are at a restaurant to have dinner.

Bob’s father wants to have a cup of coffee. Bob’s mother wants to have some chicken, watermelon and coffee. Bob and his sister Ann want to get noodles and coffee. Bob likes Watermelon too.

They have a nice meal.


My Family

I’m betty. I’m a nice girl. I have a happy family. My father is strong. He has a shop. My mother is pretty. She is a nurse. My grandpa and grandma are old. My brother is young.

I love my family very much.


About Me

Hello! My name is Lin Jie. My English name is Susan. I have big eyes and a small mouth. I’m ten years old. I’m in Class Five, Grade Three. I like singing,

dancing and playing the piano. I want to be a friend with you. Would you like to be my friends?


My Birthday Party

Today is a special day. It’s my birthday. I’m nine years old now. I hold a birthday party. My friends come to my house to celebrate my birthday. We eat birthday cake and sing the birthday song. After that, they give me gifts. I like my friends very much. We have a good time together.


My Dog

I have a lovely dog. Its name is Wang wang. It has a round head and two big

black eyes. Its coat is white. I like it very much. Every morning when I go to school, it says goodbye to me. When I come back home, it shakes its tail to welcome me. After I finish my homework, we play together. How happy we are!


My Family

Hello! My name is Wang Lili. I’m a girl from Jilin. There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. My father is a doctor. He is 38 years old. My mother is a teacher, and she is 35 years old. I’m 12 and I’m a student. I have a happy family.


Happy New Year

I’m very happy this new year. I went to my grandparents’ home with my parents. My grandparents bought me some gifts and a lot of food. My parents bought new cloths for me. I played with my sisters and brothers. We said “Happy New Year” to everyone.


My School

My school is very big and clean. There are six grades and Thirty-six classes in it. The number of students and teachers is more than two thousand. We have two teaching buildings, a big library, and a large playground. There are all trees and nice flowers in the school. It looks beautiful.

I love my school.


John’s Day

John gets up at 6 :30, and he has breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. At 7:30 he goes to school. In the afternoon he plays sports at 3:00. Two hours later he does his homework. At 6:00 he has supper. After that he watches TV at 8:00 and then he goes to bed at 9:00.


My Favourite Animal

Animals are friends of us. Most of them are lovely. I like giraffes best. They are very tall and have many brown spots. They have long necks, so that they can eat the leaves in high trees. Giraffes are friendly to people. When I go to the zoo, I always look at them. How lovely!


My English Teacher

My English teacher is Miss Smith. She comes from England. She’s a young lady. She has long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She’s kind and funny. There is always a smile on her face. She likes singing and dancing. She can also draw very well. We all like her.


Children’s Day.

Today is Children’s Day. I go to the park with my mother. The sun is shinning, the birds are singing, and the flowers are smiling at me. My mother and I fly a kite. In the afternoon, we sit under the tree and eat nice cream. We have a good time in the park.


My Bedroom

My bedroom isn’t big, but it’s very nice. My bed is near the window. On the bed there is a doll. It’s cute. A desk is next to the bed. I study on it very day. I have a bookshelf in my bedroom. There are many books on it . They’re my good friends.

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