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word superman 决赛试题

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2014年赤峰市第二实验中学基础年级单词大赛(Word Superman)试题


Part 1

I. Choose the best translation (英汉互译).30’

1. process

A.n. 表达; 表情 B. v. 加; 增加 C.n.过程; v.处理 D. v.流淌

2. series

A. n.序列; 系列 B.adj.否定的; n.底片 C.v. 欠; 归于 D. adj.国家的

3. broad

A. a.不礼貌的 B. adj.宽阔的 C. n.包装材料 D. n.奇迹,惊奇

4. course

A. n. 课程; 路线 B. v. 考虑 C. prep. 在... 之上; D.发生

5. torch

A. 对高度评价 B. n.一段时间 C. adj.有价值的,贵重的 D. n.火炬, 火把

6. n. 提议; 暗示

A. prize B. a series of C. break down D. suggestion

7. n. 物质; 材料; adj. 物质的

A. material B. unfold C. actor D. weight

8. silver

A. adj. 简短的; n. 摘要 B. n.银,银器,银币 C.发生 D. n.情感, 感情

9. position

A. n. 自然; 本性 B. n.职位,位置,身份 C. v.取代,复植 D. v.重复

10. official

A. adj. 简短的 B. n.顶,尖端;小费 C. adj.官方的 D. n.木板,委员会

11. emergency

A.共同; 共用 B. n.紧急情况 C vt. n.无性繁殖; 克隆 D. n.过程; v.处理

12. pyramid

A. v. n. 前进 B. 很多的; 相当多的 C. n.金字塔 D.v. n. 评论; 注释

13. toast

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A. n.烤面包,吐司面包 B. n.大陆,洲 C. n.速度,速率 D. n.奖赏,奖赏

14. variety

A. n. 肉 B. v.哄骗,戏弄 C. 因为; 由于 D. n.种种,种类,品种

15. ruin

A. n.力量,权力 B. v. 毁灭; 毁坏 C. n.射击 D. v.引导,领导

16. n.教练;马车;长途车

A. explode B. reserve C. appearance D. coach

17. a.电子的

A. design B. fur C. electronic D. teammate

18. n.现实;事实

A. reality B. ballad C. habitat D. olive

19. threaten

A. a.确信的 B. a.以前的 C. n.减轻;免除 D.vt.威胁;预示;vi.似将发生

20. tube

A. n.管,管状物;地铁 B. a.顽皮的 C. a.技术(学)的 D. vt./vi.(使)再结合;

21. olive

A. n.狩猎;追踪 B. n.橄榄,橄榄树 C. n.体操,体能锻炼 D. a.以前的;从前的

22. striker

A. n.打击者,罢工者 B. n.疼痛;痛苦;辛劳 C. n.体能锻炼D. n.荣誉,赞美;辉煌,

23. amber

A. n.琥珀 B. n.公主 C. a.以前的;从前的n.前者 D. n.网

24. extinction

A. n.设计者;制图者 B. n.消失,消散;失踪 C .n. 百足虫 D. n.灭绝;熄灭

25. virus

A. n.现实;事实 B.n.疼痛;痛苦;辛劳 C. n. (天)火星 D. n.病毒;计算机病毒

26. afterwards

A. n.犀牛 B. a. 分析的,分解的 C. n.卷状物vt.摇滚;溜旱冰 D. ad.后来

27. tadpole

A.n.名声,名望 B. n.蝌蚪 C. n.财政;金融vt.筹款 D. vt.取代,代替;放回原处

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28. analytical

A. vt.为...做广告 B. a. 分析的,分解的 C. n.种类 D. n.网络系统

29. arise

A. n.文体;样式 B. vi.起来,升起;出现 C .vt.广播 D. a.熟悉的;通晓的

30. respond

A. a.木制的 B. n.龙;凶恶的人 C. vi./vt.回答;响应,有反应 D. n.群,组;军队

31. logical

A. a.符合逻辑的 B. a.额外的,外加的 C. n.灭绝;熄灭 D. a.普遍的,全体的;

32. vt./vi.(使)弯曲

A. stage B. bend C. series D. shock

33. ad.真诚地

A. lightning B. invader C. giant D. sincerely

34. stage

A. a.自私的 B. a.投入的;热爱的 C. vi./vt.沸腾;煮 D. n.舞台;时期;阶段;

35. tip

A.n.(车、 船)费 B. n.尖端;提示;小费 C.n.灾难,祸患 D. n.流言; vi.说闲话

36. frightening

A. vi.持不同意见 B. a.引起恐惧的;可怕的 C. n.包裹 D. n.损害,破坏

37. fluently

A. n.项目;条款 B. n.庇护,保护 C. ad.第二;其次 D. ad.流利地,通畅地

38. rescue

A. vt.营救;拯救n.拯救B. ad.逐渐地 C. n.老挝 D. n.损害,破坏

39. pace

A. n.管子,管道 B. n.步法;速度, vt./vi.踱步 C. n.海拔高度D. n.兽医

40. shock

A. vt.使震惊; n.打击;冲击 B. a.中西部的 C. n.楼中单元房 D. n.三角洲

41. flame

A. n.火焰;光辉 B. n.农场;农家 C. n.口音,重音 D.vt.攻击,袭击n.攻击

42. accent

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A. n.口音,重音 B.vt.酬劳,奖赏 C.a.投入的;热爱的 D. vt./vi.请求;乞求

43. reporter

A. a.无私的;忘我的 B. vt./vi.(使)弯曲 C.n.记者,通讯员 D. vt.劝说;说服

44. persuade

A. n.搭档 B. n.事件,大事 C. vt.劝说;说服,让...相信 D. n. 生计,谋生之道

45. leap

A. vt./vi.跃过;跳n.跳跃 B.n.航行,旅行,航海 C.vt.释放;松开 D.n.(车、 船)费

46. cruelty

A. n.巨人;伟人a.巨大的B. a.不公平的,不公正的 C. n.残忍,残酷 D. a.平静的

47. latter

A.n.标题;题目 B. a.(两者之中的)后者的 C.a.渐渐的,逐步的 D.vt.请求,要求

48. prefer

A. n.急流,湍流 B. a.心烦的;生气的 C. vt.更喜欢,宁愿 D. n.运河,沟渠

49. catfish

A. n.标题;题目;头衔 B. n.楼中单元房 C. vt.使震惊n.打击;冲击 D. n.鲶鱼

50. willing

A. a.乐意的,愿意的 B. n.银行存折 C. n.枕头 D. a.法律的;法定的;合法的

51. valley

A. a.中西部的B. vt.认出;认可 C. vt.确定;决定,决心;判定 D. n.山谷,河谷

52. rapids

A. n.急流,湍流 B. vi.选举;投票 C. n.同一,一致;身份 D. n.枕头

53. youth

A. n.庇护,掩蔽处 B. a.自私的 C. n.灾难,祸患 D. n.少年;青春;青少年时期

54. dialect

A. n.羊毛;羊毛制品 B. n.总统;主席;校长 C. n.方言;地方话 D. n.看法;见解

55. lawyer

A. n.纳粹党人,纳粹分子 B. vt.请求,要求 C.n.庇护,保护 D. n.律师

56. waterfall

A. n.西班牙语 B. n.时刻表;日程表 C.n.瀑布 D. n.陷阱;诡计vt.诱捕;设圈套

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57. journey

A. n.瀑布 B.n.路线,路程,通道 C. n.楼中单元房 D. n.旅行;旅程vi.旅行

58. conquer

A. a.犹太人的 B. n.表达;表情 C. vt.攻克,征服;克服 D. n.污物;赃物;泥土

59. transport

A. n.步法; vt./vi.踱步 B. n.法规,原则 C. vt.运输 D. vt./vi.遮蔽;掩护

60. vote

A. vt./vi.爆裂,炸破B. n.庇护,掩蔽处 C.vi.选举; n.投票 D.vt.毁坏;毁灭 Part2

II. Choose the proper letters to make the words complete(补全单词): 10’

1. rt A. a;b;a B.a;s;o C.o;s;a D.o;b;o

2. nce A. i ;a;u B.a;i;u C. u;a;i D. i;u;a

3. A.e;i;e B.i;e;e C.e;e;i D.i;e;y

4. us A.o;e;i B.e;e;o C.e;i;o D.o;e;e

5. d A.e;o;e B.o;e;e C.i;e;o D.o;i;e

6. A.e;a;e B.i;a;e C.e;e;e D.i;e;e

7. ty A.i;e;i B.i;i;i C.e;e;e D.e;i;i

8. rd A.e;a B.a;e C.o;a D.a;o

9. A.i;e;a B.a;e;a C.i;a;e D.i;e;e

10. A.u;e B.a;e C.u;y D.i;e

III. Choose the right word in order to complete the word in right form in each sentence according to the meaning of the sentence and the initial(根据句意及首字母补全单词): 10’

11. Sorry to have d_______ answering your letter because of pressure of time

A. decided B. delayed C. discussed D. disliked

12. Do it now, o_________, it will be too late.

A. orally B. outwards C. otherwise D. obviously

13. The c________ were drawn. We couldn’t observe him from the window.

A. cases B. companies C. curtains D. cottages

I am a word superman !

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14. The wounded soldier walked with great d_______________.

A. disaster B. discourage C. distance D. difficulty

15. The patient is gathering his s____________ with every passing day.

A. strength B. seeds C. scream D. secretary

16. He rode a m___________ to the station to meet a friend.

A. minibus B. motor C. mystery D. machine

17. He was the y___________ of the three noblemen.

A. youth B. youngest C. yellow D. yours

18. Science and t____________ have made our motherland rich and powerful

A. test B. taxi C. technology D. teaching

19. In r_____________ years, advances in medical science have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past.

A. red B. real C. right D. recent

, he knows nothing about the event.

A . Orally B. Otherwise C. Outside D .Obviously

IV. Match the definition of the words and choose the right order of the definitions according to the order of the English words(词义配伍): 10’

21. (1) destination (2) transportation (3) knowledge

a. information and understanding about a subject.

b. a place you are going to

c. a means or way of carrying passengers or goods

A. bca B.abc C.cba D.acb

22. (1) rub (2) recognize (3)pat

a. to know who someone is because you have seen him or her before

b. to press something against something else and move it

c. to tap someone gently with the open hand

A. abc B. bac C. acb

23. (1) excuse (2) hospital (3) universal

a. understood by everyone in the world

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b. a reason that you give to explain careless or bad behaviour

c. a large building where sick or injured people are looked after and received medical


A. bca B. cba C. abc D. cab

24. (1) thunder (2) sorrow (3) toilet

a. a large bowl that you sit on to get rid of waste liquid or waste matter from your body b. the loud noise that you hear during a storm, usually after a flash of lightning

c. a feeling of great sadness, usually because someone has died or because something

terrible has happened

A. abc B. bca C. cba D. cab

25.(1)selfish (2) painful (3)blackborad

a. caring only about yourself and not about other people

b. making you feel upset ,or very hard and unpleasant for you

c. a board with a dark smooth surface used in schools for writing on with chalk

A. abc B . bca C . cab D. bac

V. Guess the meaning of the underlined words according to the context of each sentence, and choose the best answer(根据句意猜测词义): 20’ the age of twenty-five.

A.臣民 B. 移民 C. 公民 D. 市民 aching muscles.

A. 眨眼睛 B. 挠痒痒 C. 打喷嚏 D. 学口哨 can’t make up her mind.

A. 优柔寡断的 B. 明察秋毫的 C. 勤学好问的 D. 倾国倾城的 and goose.

A. 小鸟 B. 动物 C. 美食 D. 家禽

I am a word superman !

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A. 深情的 B. 勉强的 C. 虚弱的 D. 无奈的 A. 流浪者 B. 探险者 C. 旅行者 D. 迁徙者 Wilma’s legs began to have problems.

A. 小儿麻痹症 B. 老年痴呆症 C. 风湿关节炎 D. 跌打损伤痛

33. He replied quickly. But after he considered the problem more carefully, he regretted having A. 错误的 B. 匆忙的 C. 果断的 D. 明智的 A. 坏死性的 B. 开放性的 C. 封闭性的 D. 传染性的 develop fast .

A. 雇佣 B .失业率 C. 劳动 D. 买卖

VI.Spelling: according to the explanation ,complete the words. The first letter has been given. (根据释义拼写单词)。20’

something used to make music

person going past

far away in space or time

to make things easier

to take the place of

short sentence or phrase expressing the beliefs of a person or group

welcome area in a hotel

not seen or found very often

to choose carefully


I am a word superman !

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