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( )1.Look! Lucy is ____ a new red dress. She is beautiful today. A. with B. put on C. in D. wear ( )2.-____ ? -My bike is broken.

A. What is it? B. What is wrong with you

C. Where is it D. Whose is this

( )3.There are so many people in the shop. You must _____ your things. A. look at B. look after C. put away D. put on

( )4.I have two good pen friends. One is an American, ___ is an England. A. the other B. another one C. another D. other ( )5.Turn right ____ the museum. A. at B. on C. in D. for ( )6.Look at that boy. _____ name is Bob. A. He’s B. His C. He D. Him

( )7.The students of our class ____ some flowers in the garden next weekend.

A. are going to grow B. will grew C. are going to growing D. will grows ( )8.-Where ___ you just now? -I ___ in the playground.

A. was, were B. was, was C. were, was D. were, were ( )9.Ben and I ____ some flowers last week.

A. plant B. planted C. planting D. plants ( )10.-What ___ he do? -He ____ pears on the farm.

A. does, pick B. did, picks C. does, picked D. did, picked ( )11._____ it often ____ in winter?

A. Does, snow B. Does, snows C. Do, snows D. Does, snow ( )12.-____ season in Beijing ____ you like best?

-I like autumn best. It’s cool and sunny.

A. What, does B. Which, are C. Which, do D. What, are ( )13.-____ are his football clothes? -Under the bed. A. Where B. Who C. Whose D. What ( )14.I can se ____ in Lucy’s room.

A. other thing B. any other thing C. some thing D. some other things

( )15.There are ____. You can buy a pair for your mother.

A. woman sock B. women sock C. women socks D. woman socks


( )1.John’ A.乱七八糟 B.站起来 C.整整齐齐 D.六神无主

( )2.If the Chairman(主席)doesn’t stop talking. I’ A.爬墙 B.站起来 C.离席 D.冲上台去 ( )3.Don’’s not good.

A.说双关语 B.耍两面派 C.有双重身份 D. 玩双关游戏

( )4.What’s the Chinese for ―‖ A. 六分之一 B.半斤八两 C.人云亦云 D.见面分一半 ( )5.‖I am not quite myself‖ means ― I am _____.‖

A. feeling blue B. not very well C. OK. D. very sorry

三、选择合适的词填空。 1.选择am, is, are填空

(1)This ______ an apple. Those ______ oranges. (2)Where ______ Tim and Tom? In the library. (3)There ______ ten birds in the trees. (4)There ______ some milk in the bottle. (5)How old are you? I ____ ten years old. 2.选择in, on, of, to, for, from填空。

(1)-May I speak ______ Miss Green? -Sorry, she’s not in. (2)-Tom, this new shirt is ______ you. –Thank you, mum.

(3)-Excuse me, where’s the classroom ______ Class One? -Room 201. (4)-Are you _____ Beijing? -No, I’m not.

(5)-What’s _____ the letter box? -Many letters.

(6)-Are there any books _____ the shelf? -Yes, there are.




2.Tom gets up at six o’clock.(改为现在进行时)

___________________________________________________________ 3.I like the small apple.(改为否定句)

__________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________________________ 5.What time do you go to school?(改为一般过去式)

___________________________________________________________ 6.It’(对划线部分提问) ___________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)


五、从B栏中选出A栏的正确答句。 A

( )1.What date is it today? A. Milk is.

( )2.Who are there flowers from? B. I’d like a pair of glasses. ( )3.What is Helen doing? C. They’re from my friend. ( )4.Who is younger, Milk or Ben? D. Yes, he is. ( )5.How far is it from here? E. It’s his.

( )6.Diid Tony go to the library? F. I can see a bird.

( )7.Is he as tall as Liu Tao? G. It’s only one kilometer. ( )8.What can you see in the picture? H. It’s the second of July. ( )9.What would you like? I. Yes, he did.

( )10.Whose key is this? J. She’s drawing a picture.

六、阅读短文,判断句子是否与短文相符,相符的请写“T”,否则写“F”。 A smart dog

A man said that his dog, when given money, would go to the bookstore to buy a newspaper. But nobody saw it before. On day, his friend gave the dog some money and wanted to see what would happen then. The dog ran away quickly, but it didn’t be back with the newspaper an hour later.

―What happened?‖ asked his friend. ― Why didn’t your dog be back?‖ ―How much did you give it?‖ asked the man. ―Five dollars.‖

―Well, that was too much for a newspaper. When you give him five dollars, he goes to a movie theater.‖

( )1.The man has a dog.

( )2.His friend gave the dog five dollars.

( )3.The dog didn’t be back because he went to the movie theater. ( )4.Five dollars was not enough for a newspaper. ( )5.The dog didn’t go to the bookstore.

( )6.The man’s friend gave the dog $5 because it was really smart.


My ___1___ is Wang Fang. I’m ___2___ new student. I am in Class Six, ___3___. My teacher is Miss Li.

____4___ home I have a good friend. It ___5___ a bird. ____6____ name is Polly. It’s very ___7____. I like ___8___ very much. But I don’t ___9___ its age. I __10___ it’s two.

( )1.A. class B. name C. row D. a name ( )2.A. an B. the C. a D. /

( )3.A. Grade One B. Grade two C. Class One D. grade One ( )4.A. In B. At C. On D. To ( )5.A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )6.A. His B. Its C. I D. He ( )7.A. new B. right C. nice D. wrong ( )8.A. them B. him C. she D. it ( )9.A. look B. see C. go D. know ( )10.A. find B. thank C. know D. think


以“My friend”为题写一篇不少于50字的短文。




1—5: CBBAA 6—10: BACBD 11—15: DCADC 二

1—5: ACBBB


1. is, are 2.are 3.are 4.is 5.am

1. to 2.for 3.of 4.from 5.in 6.on 四、

1.What does John do at school every day?

2.Tom is getting up now.

3.I don’t like the small apple.

4.Which man is Mr. White?

5.What time did you go to school?

6.What’s the weather like in Shanghai?

7.How often do you read English?




1—5: BCABA 6—10: BCDDD

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