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盱眙县第一小学五年级英语阅读竞赛试卷 一.完形填空。(每题2分,共20分)

a farm and my mother is in a factory.My Monday to

Saturday we all stay at home. We often go out in a car on Sunday. We

. My father is good

play football in the playground near Ben's house.

( B ) 1.A.in B.on C.at D.to

( C ) 2.A.day B.hours C.days D.minutes

( B )3.A.on B.from C.in D.for

( B ) 4.A.In B.On C.All D.on

( B ) 5. A.fish B.fishing C.fishes D.to fishing

( C ) 6.A.we B.them C.us D.our

( A ) 7.A.at B.in C.of D.for

( D )8.A.lot of B.a lot C.a lots of D.lots of

(A ) 9.A.Sometimes(有时) B.Sometime C.Some time D.Some times

( )10.A.hobbies B.hobby's C.hobby D.hobbies’




Jim has got a fever,so he can’t go to school today.Jim’s mum takes him to the hospital.The doctor says to Jim,‘Take this medicine,drink more water and have a good rest.’But Jim does not like taking medicine.Then his mum says,‘If you want to get better soon,take the medicine.’‘Ok,’says Jim.And he takes the medicine. ( F ) 1. Jim has got a toothache,so he is absent from school today. ( T ) 2. Jim and his mother are in the hospital.

( T ) 3.The doctor tells Jim to take some medicine.

(F ) 4.Jim likes taking medicine.( T ) 5. Jim takes the medicine at last.


A fox is looking for food. He is very hungry. Suddenly(突然) he stops. He sees a lot of fine grapes at the top of the wall.“How nice they are! I want to eat them.” The fox jumps and jumps, but the wall is too high. He can’t get the grapes. The fox goes away and says, “I don’t like those grapes. They are not good to eat.”

( F )6.The fox is looking for his mother.

( T )7.There are many nice grapes at the top of the wall.

( T )8.The fox wants to eat the grapes.(F )9.The fox doesn’t like those grapes. ( F )10.The fox goes away because the grapes are not good to eat.



There is a telephone on my desk. It's my good friend. It helps me a lot. My

telephone number is 8445816 . Sometimes when I have something to talk about with my classmates. I don't need to go out. I call them. I write down many telephone numbers of my friends. My best friend John's number is 8459471 . When I can't remember my homework, I ask him by telephone. There are some "Telephone

Messages"(电话留言) beside my telephone. When I am out, my mother writes down the massages for me.

( B )1. Whose telephone number is 8445816?

A. John's mother's. B. His own(自己的). C. His classmate's. D. John's. ( C )2. What time does he call his classmates?

A. When he wants to do his homework. B.When he remembers his homework

C. When he has something to talk about with them. D. When he needn’t go out. ( A )3. Why does his mother write down the massage for him? Because ________.

A. he is out B. he is doing homework C. he forgets his homework D. he is at home ( B )4. What does he think of the telephone?(他认为这个电话怎么样)

A. Useless B. Important(重要的) C. beautiful D. Helpless

( D )5. Where is the telephone?

A.In his office. B. In his school. C. In his classroom. D. In his room. B

I have six baskets. Three are big. And three are small. I have some apples and

oranges. I put three apples in each(每个)small basket, and I put three oranges in each big basket and one orange in each small basket. The number(数量)of the oranges is my age(年龄).

( C )6. I have __________ apples.

A. three B. six C. nine D. twelve ( D )7. I have ____________ oranges.

A. three B. six C. nine D. twelve ( C )8. What are those in the small baskets? They’re ______________.

A.nine apples B. nine oranges

1.Whose picture is this? ____________________________________________.

2.Where's the family now? ____________________________________________.

3.Who is the little girl in a red coat? _____________________________________.

4.What presents do Mr Brown's children want to buy? _______________________.

5.Which festival (哪个节日)is tomorrow? _________________________________.


This is a picture of an elephant________. It is drinking(喝) water_____ in a river. This kind of animal l_ives_____on land. They are the largest(最大的)animals on land. They______ are very tall and strong_____.They have very long noses______ and they use them to h_elp_____people carry things. Most of them live in Africa (非洲). There are not many in China. But we can see them in the _zoo____. Children like watching them and play_____ with them at the w_eekends______.





四.1.It’s a picture of Mr Brown’s family.

2.They are now in China.

3.She is.Sue.

4.They want to buy a new skirt and a new bike.

5.It’s Children’s Day.

五.1.elephant 2.water 3.lives 4.They 5.strong

6.nose 3.help 8.zoo 9.playing 10.weekends

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