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1.请在答题卡上相应的位置写好自己的姓名、学校、年级、准考证号。 2.本试卷共50小题。竞赛结束时,请将试卷和答题卡一并交回。


一、听短对话和对话后的问题,从题中所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项,并将答题卡上的相应位置涂黑。每段对话和问题朗读一遍。(共60分; 每小题2分) 1. A. Twice. 2. A. At 2:00.

B. Once. B. At 2:10.

C. Three times.

D. Never.

C. At 2:15. D. At 2:25.

3. A. In a post office. B. At the movie theatre. C. In a restaurant. D. In a department store. 4. A. Teacher and student. B. Doctor and patient. C. Barber and customer. D. Boss and secretary. 5. A. Sunny.

B. Rainy.

C. Cloudy.

D. Windy. D. In cash. D. The black hat.

6. A. By credit card. 7. A. The white hat.

B. By traveler’s check. C. By check. B. The yellow hat.

C. The blue hat.

8. A. The man can do his work in the library. B. The man should stop working immediately. C. The man should have the air-conditioner repaired. D. The man can work without an air-conditioner. 9. A. By underground. B. By bus. 10. A. $12.

B. $16.

C. By taxi. C. $20.

D. On foot. D. $24.

11. A. Very small. B. Not as big as the old one. D. Much smaller than the old one.

C. Much bigger than the old one.

12. A. The weather is nice. B. It’s quite warm today. C. There will be a heavy storm . 13. A. He was arrested.

D. It’s going to snow.

B. He lost his driver’s license.

D. He told a lie to the woman. B. Manager and secretary. D. Doctor and patient.

C. HE forgot to report to the police. 14. A. Teacher and student. C. Boss and clerk.

15. A. Two weeks ago. B. One month ago. C. Two months ago. D. Three months ago 16. A. To pay for the box. C. To keep the box.

B. To repair the box. D. To move the box.

17. A. She is asking the way.

B. She is taking a walk. D. She is repairing traffic lights. C. She is carrying something.

18. A. The man doesn’t like Mark Twain’s novels.

B. The man has never read Mark Twain’s novels.

C. The man is extremely fond of Mark Twain’s novel.

D. The man has many favorite writers.

19. A. Honest. B. Reliable. C. Enthusiastic. D. Warm-hearted.

20. A. She thinks favorably of it.

C. She disapproves of it.

21. A. 200. B. She doesn’t give her opinion. D. She thinks it wise to do s

C. 400. D. 600. B. 300. 22. A. In a department store. C. In a publishing house. 23. A. His classmates. B. In a movie studio. D. In a research laboratory. C. His keys. D. His glasses. B. His bag.

24. A. He went to a picture show. C. He painted some pictures. B. He watched a football match on TV. D. He went out to play football.

B. Checking in at a hotel. D. Reserving a seat in a cinema.

B. She will get up early tomorrow.

D. She will have coffee tomorrow.

B. Making a new table.

D. Opening a DIY store. 25. A. Having a meal in a restaurant. C. Booking a ticket at a station. 26. A. She would like to have some coffee. C. She thinks it too early to have coffee. 27. A. Getting everything they need. C. Buying a less expensive table.

28. A. The room is too small.

C. Her health is failing.

29. A. Boring. B. The room is filled with smoke. D. She has to give up smoking. C. Challenging. D. Exhausting. B. Demanding.

30. A. It is his favorite book. B. It is not worth reading. C. It is not the one he likes.

D. It is better than he expected.

二、听长对话和短文, 每段对话或短文后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项,并将答题卡上的相应位置涂黑。每段对话和短文读两遍,问题朗读一遍。(共40分;每小题2分)

听对话, 回答第31~33


31. A. Black. B. White. C. Grey. D. Purple.

32. A. A present, a book and some name cards. B. A wallet, some name cards and a book.

C. A watch, some name cards and a book. D. A birthday card and some new books.

33. A. 64982315 B. 64892315. C. 46892351.

D. 64892351.

听对话, 回答第34~36


34. A. School life. B. The weather. 35. A. By plane.

B. By ship.

C. Holiday plans. C. On foot. C. No one.

D. Family. D. On foot. D. His parents.

36. A. Sarah. B. His friends.

听短文, 回答第37~39


37. A. New York City. B. San Francisco C. Los Angeles. D. Seattle. 38. A. On Monday at 10:30 p.m.

C. On Sunday at 9:30 a.m. 39. A. Because he was angry.

B. On Friday at 11:20 p.m. D. On Saturday at 10:30 am.

B. Because he had many things to do. D. Because he was excited.

C. Because it was noisy outside.

听短文, 回答第40~42


40. A. In spring. 41. A. One.

B. In summer. B. Two.

C. In autumn.

C. Three.

D. In winter.

D. Four.

42. A. Lay tomatoes on the ground.

B. Break tomatoes and throw them to others. C. Go into tomatoes and “swim” in them. D. Eat as many tomatoes as they can.

听短文, 回答第43~45


43. A. Yale.

B. Harvard.

C. Princeton.

D. Columbia.

44. A. Latin and Greek. B. Latin, Green, French and German.

D. French and German.

C. American history and German.

45. A. How to start a university.

B. The world-famous colleges in America.

C. How colleges have changed.

D. What kind of lesson each college teaches.

听短文, 回答第46~48


46. A. The reason of dreams.

B. The meaning of dreams. D. Dreamers while they dream.

C. What happens in dreams. 47. A. Dreams are easily remembered.

B. Dreams are likely to be frightening.

C. Everyone dreams every night.

D. Persons dream only one dream a night.

48. A. A dream that was of most interest to him.

B. A dream that happened immediately after he went to sleep.

C. A dream that happened just before he woke up.

D. A dream that was much frightening.

听短文, 回答第49~50


49. A. They enter university.

C. They coach sports. B. They work for charity. D. They travel abroad.

50. A. They can broaden their outlook by travelling.

B. Many of them come to China to learn Chinese.

C. There are tens of thousands of them every year.

D. They keep in touch with friends through the Internet.

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