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1. Mary likes to eat ______.

A. apple B. rice C. hot dog D. tomato

2. The coat is not ______. ______ coat is on the bed.

A. mine; my B. mine; mine C. my; my D. my; mine

3. There ______ a bottle of milk and some bananas on the table.

A. am B. are C. be D. is

4. Tom and Ted ______ their English teacher last weekend.

A. visit B. visiting C. visited D. to visit

5. People don’t drink ______ dirty water.

A. some B. a C. many D. any

6. Miss Zhang is ______ Chinese teacher. She teaches ______ Chinese.

A. them; their B. their; us C. their; them D. them; us

7. Helen’s mother will ______ her a nice present on her next birthday.

A. gives B. give C. to give D. giving

8. Jack’s hat _____ on the table now. However, it _____ on the table just now.

A. isn’t; was B. isn’t; wasn’t C. is; was D. was; isn’t

9. My mother ____ the morning TV every day.

A. watch B. sees C. see D. watches

10. Cindy _____ her dog for a walk in the park now.

A. take B. is taking C. taking D. took


1. Did you go __ (swim) last Sunday?

2. Who can ______ (sing) English songs well in your class?

3. Jim’s parents are doctors; my parents are ___ (drive).

4. She likes ____ newspapers, but she ___ a book yesterday. (read)

5. They want ___ (do) some shopping with their mother.

6. Mike, _____ (not talk) with each other. _______ (be) quiet, please.

7. Her birthday’s on the ________ (five) of September.

8. Jim and Tom _____ (plant) trees now.


备选词汇: well learn play friend swim

We are __1__ English, but how can we learn English __2__? If you want to know how to ___3__, you must go into the river. And if you want to be a football __4___, you must play football.

So you can learn English by using it. You should listen to your teacher in class. You must speak English to your ___5__ every day. You also must write something in English. Then one day you may find your English is very good.

1._____ 2._____ 3.___ 4.______ 5.____

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