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一、单词辨音。找出每组单词中划线部分的读音与其他三个不同的选项,请将代表该案的字母填入括号。 ( )1、A.old B.cold C.open D.hot

( ) 2、 ( )3、 ( )4、 ( )5、 二、单选。

()6.——where is your key ?—____ is in my bag.

A.My B. Your C.It D.That

( ) 7 .——Is Alice a doctor? ——No,_________ .

A.he isn?t B.she isn?t C.she doesn?t D.I am not

( ) 8.——I am sorry, Mr.Green.-__________.

A.That?s right B.You are right C.No,thanks D.It?s all right

( ) 9. The blue bike isn?t ________.It?s_______.

A.mine;your B.her;mine C.mine;his D.his;her

( ) 10.My parents and my aunt are______English teachers.

A.both B.all C.every D. Also

( ) 11.——Is there a tree in the river ?——No,_______,but there?s _______near the river.

A.there is;one B.itn?t is;a C.it isn?t;one D.there isn?t ;one

( ) 12.——Can the boy speak English? ________.

A.Yes,he do B.No, he doesn?t C.Yes, he can?t D.Yes,he can

( ) 13.She doesn?t like _______.

A.eggs,bread,milk B.eggs and bread, milk

C.eggs,bread or milk D.eggs or bread, milk

( ) 14.He often __________he can fly.

A.dream B.dream of C.dreams D.dream that

( ) 15.______the twins like playing basketball?

A.Do B.Are C.Does D.Is

( ) 16.—_____? —Yes,Ido.

A.Are you reading B.How do you do

C.Do you like reading D.What do you do

( ) 17. The boys want_____football this afternoon.

A.to play B.play C.playing D.to play with

( ) 18.He_______super at home every day.

A.doesn?t has B.hasn?t C. doesn?t have D.don?t have

( ) 19.Would you like ______me carry the box?

A.help B.helping C. to help to D. To help

( ) 20.---How ______ can you jump in a minute? ----26 times.

A. many B. often C. much D. long




( )21.What are these? A. You are welcome. ( )22. What are they doing? B. They are oranges. ( )23.What does your father do ? C. He is OK.

( )24.Thank you very much. D. He is a doctor.

( )25.How is your father? E. They are watching TV.



Mrs. Brown ___26____ in a school. It is Saturday. She has ____27____ classes. At eight in the morning, she ___28___ to a shop and buys a nice dress. She puts it in her bag and then buys ____29____cakes for her children. At eleven she ___30____ home. She wants to put on her new dress, but she ___31_____ find her bag. She calls the shop assistant (售货员),?Hello, Mrs. Black. This is Mrs. White. Can you help ___32___ find my bag? ___33___ in your shop.?

?Of course, Mrs. White.? says the assistant. ?We found three bags here. But which one is ___34____??

?I?m ____35___,? says Mrs. White, ?I can tell you which one is mine.?

( )26.A. work B. works C. working

D. study

( )27.A. not B. any C. some D. no ( )28.A. walks B. go C. walking D. walk ( )29.A. a piece of B. a little C. some D. much ( )30.A. gets to B. gets C. get D. get to

( )31.A. can B. don?t C. can?t D. isn?t ( )32.A. I B. my C. mine D. me

( )33.A. It?s B. Its C. They?re D. He?s

( )34.A. you B. your C. mine D. yours

( )35.A. go B. come C. coming D. going



Ann lives in New York. Her father has a shop there and her mother is a doctor.

She is seven years old and begins to go to school this autumn. It?s a little far from the shop and her father drives a car to take her to school every day. So she is never late for class and her teachers like her. It?s Monday today. Miss Green is teaching them to count(数) from one to ten. Ann is studying hard, and soon she can count them. Miss Green is happy and asks, ?How many people are there in your family, Ann?? Ann stands up and says, ?Two, Miss Green.? ?Who are they?? ?My father and my mother.? ?Oh?? Miss

Green is surprised(惊讶的), she says.“There are three people in your family.”But now I am not at home.I?m not at home.I?m at school,you know.”

( )Is Ann an English girl or an American girl?

A.She is an English girl B .She is an American girl

C. She is an English teacher. D.She is an American teacher.

( )What grade is Ann in?

A.She is in Grade Three. B.She is in Grade Two.

C.She is in Grade One. D.She is not a student

( )How does Ann go to school every day?

A.By car. B.By Bike C.By bus. D.On foot.

( )Why is Miss Green happy?

A.Ann is late for class.

B.Ann studies Chinese.

C.Ann can count from one to ten.

D.The children are listening to her.

( )How many people are there in Ann?S family?

A.There are four.

B.There aren?t three.

C.There are two.

D.There are three.


Come and see the Indian elephants and tigers from America.The koalas(树袋熊) are waiting to meet you,and the monkeys from Thailand(泰国) are waiting to laugh at you,and the giraffes from Zambia(赞比亚) are waiting to look down on you.

Tickets Time:

Adule:$6 June 1--June 2

Children:Free 9:00am--7:00 pm.

Keep the park clean!

Do not touch(触摸),give food or go near the animals!

( )How many kinds of animals are talked about in the poster?

A.4 B.5 C.6 D.7

( )Mr and Mrs Brown will take their twins aged 6 to the park.How much will the tickets be together(总共)?

A.$6 B.$12 C.$18 D.$24

( )Visitors(游客) Can go to there EXCEPT(除了)_________on June 1.

A.9:15 am B.11:25am C.2:45pm D.9:15pm

( )From the passage we can know the animal“giraffe”is _________ .

A.long B.fat C.tall D.Strong

( )The poster may be made (制作) just_____________.

A.on New Year?S Day B.on Christmas Day

C.after Children?s Day D.before Children?s Day.


以My family 为题,写一篇小短文介绍你的家庭,不少于五句话。


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