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The wedding banquet

Wai tung is a successful gay who has the green card in America.He lives with his lover-Simon in a happy live.But what makes him worried is that his parents don’t know he is a gay and always urge him to get married.Simon comes up with a suggestion that wai tung pretends to marry with weiwei-an unsuccessful artist to make his parents feel at ease.But at their wedding day,something are out of control.Weiwei gets pregant.This is what makes Simon mad.They quarrel in front of wai tung’s parents because they think the two elders can’t understand English.Then Mr.Gao was a little angry and was sent to hospital for stroke.In the hospital,wai tung tells his true felling to his mother.They decide to conceal this to his father.Once Mr.Gao talks with Simon,Simon finds that Gao can speak English,and then he knows that Gao knows everything.At last,the parents go back to Taiwan.The three young people live together happily.

After seeing this film,many people may think it a comedy.But in my point of view,it is a story which makes me feel sad and heavy.With the rapid development of our society,people now have changed a lot.But still many people hold the idea that gays or lesbians are mental patients,and they also think that the phenomenon of homesexuality is illegal.That is why many gays cannot be treated like most of the 'nomal people'.How stupid!In my opinions,every one has the rights to choose what they like and how they spend their life,and no one can look down upon them.What impresses me a lot is wai tung's speaking.It is difficult for two gays to fall in love with each other,so we want to stay with each other without some accidents.Gays' love is also true love.I can understand the characters' feeling.They are under great pressure which is from the family and the society.To my relief,they don't be beated by pressure,and they still love each other.So what I want is that people should understad them.

The more enlightened people will be,the more harmonious our society will be. 跨3班



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