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IV 情景对话 (共10小题,每小题2分,共20分) ( ) 31 Is this you ruler? No, _______ A this is B it isn’t C it is D this is not. ( ) 32 Shall we go to the park tomorrow?

A Excuse me. B thank you C Good idea D Very well ( ) 33 What’s for breakfast?

A Bacon and eggs B in the restaurant C at 7o’clock D a meal in the ( ) 34 How are you doing? _________

A I’m fine B I’m washing my hands C It’s sunny DA red coat ( ) 35 ____________________________ It’s red.

A What’s it? B What color is it? C What is this? D What is the matter? ( ) 36. 当别人向你道谢时,你应回答:____________ . A. Thank you, too. B. We are friends. C. That's all right. ( ) 37 How do you feel? _________

A I’m old B cold C I can do D It’s fine ( ) 38 Hello! May I speak to Ann?

_____________________. She isn’t at home. A Sorry B Excuse me C Thank you D Fine

( ) 39 当别人向你说 “ Happy New Year!” 时,你应回答:__________ A. Thank you . B. The same to you !. C. I’m happy today . ( ) 40 当别人向你说:How are you ? 你应该说:__________ A. I'm ten. B. Fine, thank you. C. How are you ? V 阅读理解 (共10小题,每小题2分,共20分) A

There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake. There are many flowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small lake behind

the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says: “ Don’t swim in the lake!” there is a playground in the middle of the park. There are small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much.

( ) 41. The park near my house is __________


A new and beautiful B old and beautiful C clean and new D old and


( ) 42 Is there a cafe in the park? ___________

A Yes, there isn’t B No, there isn’t C Yes, there is D No, there is. ( ) 46. What did John want to be twenty years ago? _______________________________________ ( ) 47 What did the robber want? ________________________________________

( ) 43 People can’t _______in the lake.

A swim B fish C boat D play

( ) 44 The shops in the park are not ________

A small B big C good D pretty

( ) 45 Do we like the park? _________________________

A Yes, we do B No, we do. C Yes, you do. D No, we don’t. B Twenty years ago, my father, John wanted to be a businessman. He wanted to be rich. So he worked very hard and every day he went home very late. One night when he came home after work, a robber stopped him and

wanted to take his money. My father was very afraid. He did not want to lose his money. He didn’t know what to do. Luckily a policeman came and caught the robber. My father thanked the policeman politely. Now my father is a policeman. He wants to help other people. ( ) 48 How did John feel? _________________________________________ ( ) 49. Who came to catch the thief? _________________________________________. ( ) 50. What does John want to do now? __________________________________________

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