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Tom lived a long way from the city. One day he went to the city to buy something in the shop, and after he bought them, he went into a restaurant and sat down at a table. When he looked around, he saw some old people put eye glasses on before reading their books, so after lunch he went to a shop to buy some glasses, too. He walked along the road, and soon found a shop. The man in the shop made him try on (试戴) a lot of glasses, but Tom always said, “No, I can’t read with these.” The man became more and more puzzled(迷惑). At last he said, “Excuse me, but can you read at all?”“No, I can’t..” Tom said, “If I can read, do you think I come here to buy glasses?”

( )51. Where did Tom meet the old people ? .

A. In the restaurant B. In the shop

C. At school D. In the park

( ) 52. When did Tom go to the shop to buy some glasses?

A. Before lunch B. After lunch C. In the morning D.In the evening

( )53. Why did Tom go to a restaurant ? .

A. Buy eye glasses B. Have lunch C. Buy some books D. Sell eye glasses

( )54. What did the old people in the restaurant do before reading their books ? .

A.Bought glasses B.Took their glasses off

C.Put their glasses on D.Drink tea

( )55. In fact, Tom ____________.

A. liked eye glasses B. went to the wrong shop

C. couldn’t read at all D. knew the man in the shop


Dear Lindar,

I am really glad to receive your letter . You said you were learning to cook , Is it interesting ? I think if you want to keep healthy ,food is very important . You will be in good heath if you try different kinds of foods , especially vegetables and fruit . I eat them every day .

You asked me how to make a milk shake .There are mang different kinds of milk shake ,such as apple milk shake , banana milk shake and carrot milk shake . Carrot milk shake is my favorite , because carrots and milk are both good for my health .Before starting ,we need a carrot ,a glass of milk ,some ice and two teaspoons (勺)of honey . Of course , you need a blender .

Now ,let’s start . First ,wash the carrot and cut it up .Next , put the carrot , the milk ,some ice and two teaspoons of honey into the blender . Then turn on the blender. Keep it working for only one minute . Finally , pour the carrot shake in a glass and drink it . It’s delicious .

I want to learn how to make some Chinese food , for example ,dumplings . Could you teach me?

Write soon.

Yours ,


( )56. This letter is about how to make ________.

A. fruit salad B. a milk shake C. a sandwich D.dumplings

( )57.__________kinds of milk shake are mentioned in the letter .

A. Five B. Four C. Three D.Two

( )58.What kind of milk shake is Sally’s favorite ?

A. Apple milk shake . B. Banana milk shake. C. Strawberry milk shake. D. Carrot milk shake .

( )59.Which of the following is not mentioned in the letter ?

A. Milk and ice . B.Sugar and yogurt . C. Carrots and honey . D.Vegetables and fruit .

( )60. Which of the following is not true according to the letter ?

A. Sally can cook Chinese food . B. Linda is learning to cook .

C. Sally thinks carrots are good for health . D. Sally eats fruit every day .


( )61.If you like Chinese kung fu, you can call Fred at 8961-3042.

( )62.You can learn to speak French every Thursday.

( )63.We can join the volunteer club on Sunday morning.

( )64.I can’t cook and I can learn to cook in Room 302 every Tuesday.

( )65.If you like playing the piano, you can join the music club.

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