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注意:1. 全部题目在一小时内完成。

2. 第1至8大题的答案写在答题卡中。

3. 第9至12小题的答案写在答卷上。


1. 听一个生词和一段含有这个单词的对话一次,根据对话内容对词的意思进行猜测,选出词的正确解释。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字母涂黑。(10分)

(1) A. How fast something is B. How high something is

C. How well something is D. How nice something is

(2) A. Feeling ill because someone is away from one's home

B. Feeling bad because someone is away from one's home

C. Feeling lonely at home

D. Feeling bored at home

(3) A. The ability someone has after he or she was born

B. The ability to do an activity or a job well after practice

C. The feeling someone has when he or she does something well

D. The help of others when someone does something well

(4) A. Impatient B. Dishonest C. Lazy D. Unhappy

(5) A. To move your hand quickly B. To take care of your face or body

C. To cut hair off your face or body D. To wash your hair quite often

(6) A. Big and cute B. Warm and comfortable

C. Strange and interesting D. Colourful and exciting

(7) A. Speak patiently to someone B. Speak gently to someone

C. Speak angrily to someone D. Speak happily to someone

(8) A. Some tear on one's face B. Some very long hair on one's head

C. A small line on one's face when someone grows old. D. A smile on one's face

(9) A. A little B. Horribly C. Some D. Very

(10) A. To have a quick look at B. To study hard

C. To look happily D. To look for a long time

2. 听短文一次,根据短文内容选出问题的正确答案。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字母涂黑。

(11)which of these is not true?

A. Both Yao Ming and Liu Xiang are from Shanghai.

B. Both Yao Ming and Liu Xiang are heroes to many young Chinese people.

C. Yao Ming is about three years older than Liu Xiang.

D. Yao Ming is 47 cm taller than Liu Xiang.

(12) how many medals did the American athletes get in the first medern Olimpic Games?

A. Two B. Seven C. Eighteen D. Twenty

(13) which of these is true?

A. The whale is the biggest fish in the world.

B. The shark is the biggest animal in the world.

C. The whale shark is the biggest fish in the world.

D. The whale shark is the biggest animal in the world.

(14) which of these is not true?

A. Polar bears live around the Arctic.

B. Polar bears never live around the Antarctic.

C. Polar bears have thick coats of fur.

D. Polar bears like sleeping on ice.

(15) which of these isn't true?

A. People in East Asia use the word "typhoon".

B. People in Australia use the word "cyclone".

C. People in North America use the word "hurricane"

D. People in India use the word "typhoon".

(16) which of these isn't true?

A. Most of Italians have black hair.

B. Most of people of Spain have dark hair.

C. The hair of most people in North Europe is dark.

D. The hair of most people in China is dark.

(17) when and where was the strange baby with two faces born?

A. She was born in New Delhi, on May 14.

B. She was born in a village near New Delhi, on March 14.

C. She was born in a village near the capital of India, on May 10.

D. She was born on a farm in the capital of India, on March 10.

(18) which of these isn't true?

A. Halloween is on the thirtieth day of October.

B. On Halloween adults give children food, fruit or money when they say "trick or treat" in front of their house.

C. Many families make jack-o'-lanterns before Halloween.

D. Many jack-o'-lanterns have candles inside.

(19) which is true?

A. Joe's new bedroom is upstairs.

B. Joe's new bedroom is opposite his parents and next to his grandparents'.

C. There are two sofas in his new bedroom.

D. A, B and C.

(20) what does the short passage want to tell you?

A. To take medicine is dangerous.

B. You should go to see the doctor very often.

C. The doctor's advice is important when you take medicine.

D. Some medicine killed sick people in the past.

(21) which of these isn't true?

A. Anderson was born in 1805 and died in 1875.

B. Anderson never studied at school when he was young.

C. Anderson wrote fairy tales and many other kinds of books.

D. Anderson became a famous writer before he was twenty years old.

(22) Which continent(洲)didn't Mr. William visit in the past ten years?

A. South America B. North America C. Africa D. Europe

(23) Which is right?

A. The old Mr. Brown has three sons.

B. Mark is Tim's brother.

C. Kerry is Lucy's sister.

D. Tim is Mary's uncle.

(24) how old and how tall is Sally?

A. She is twelve years old and one metre 45 centimetres tall.

B. She is six years old and one metre 15 centimetres tall.

C. She is thirteen years old and 45 centimetres tall.

D. She is twelve years old and 80 centimetres tall.

(25) what's the name of the game?

A. Wheelbarrow race B. Sack race C. Three-legged race D. Hide and seek.

(26) what is Mary wearing now?

A. She is wearing a red cap, a white coat, a light green skirt and a pair of black boots.

B. She is wearing a red hat, a white blouse, a dark green skirt and a pair of brown boots.

C. She is wearing a red hat, a white coat, a dark green skirt and a pair of black boots.

D. She is wearing a red hat, a white coat, a dark green shirt and a pair of blue boots.

(27) what is the short passage about?

A. It's about Xiaoming's routine on weekdays.

B. It's Xiaoming's school timetable.

C. It's about Xiaoming's school plan.

D. It's about Xiaoming's activities at the weekend.

3. 听对话和问题两次,根据对话内容选出问题的正确答案。在答题卡中把正确答案的响应字母涂黑。(18分)

(28) A. 15 to 18 gold medals. B. 25 to 28 gold medals. C. 30 gold medals D. More than 30 gold medals.

(29) A. Because they were good at farming, they built fantastic temples and began to study the stars many years ago.

B. Because they were good at farming, they dug great rivers and began to make ships and planes many years ago.

C. Because they were good at farming, they built fantastic temples and began to study the sea many years ago.

D. Because they were good at fishing, they built fantastic temples and began to study the ocean many years ago.

(30) A. Miss Chen visited San Francisco last month.

B. The Golden Gate Bridge is an old bridge in San Francisco.

C. The colour of the Golden Gate Bridge is bright red-orange.

D. The Golden Gate Bridge was open to traffic at noon on May 28, 1947.

(31) A. Rome B. Venice C. Florence. D. Milan

(32) A. Frenchmen often shake hands.

B. Young people in Europe shake hands much with other young people.

C. In Thailand, people don't shake hands.

D. In Thailand visitors mustn't put their hands on a child's or a baby's head.

(33) A. Venus is the hottest planet, but it isn't the closest planet to the sun.

B. Uranus is the hottest planet, but is isn't the closest planet to the sun.

C. Venus is the hottest planet and it's the closest planet to the sun.

D. Uranus is the hottest planet and it's the closest planet to the sun.

(34). A. There are about 380,000different kinds of plants on Earth.

B. Plants can't live well in very dark place.

C. Plants can't live well in very dry place.

D. Animals can make food for themselves from sunlight.

(35) A. Hwa-meis have another name.

B. The Hwa-mei is the city bird of Guangzhou.

C. All Hwa-meis are good at fighting.

D. Hwa-meis are good at singing.

(36) A. Guangxiao Temple is the oldest in Guangdong.

B. Guangxiao Temple is one of the four famous temples of Guangdong.

C. Guangxiao Temple has a long history.

D. Guangxiao Temple has a history of over 1,500 years.

(37) A. On a train from New York to Hollywood in 1926.

B. In a plane from New York to Hollywood in 1927.

C. Walt Disney first drew Micky Mouse when he travelled by train from New York to

Holly wood in 1927.

D. Walt Disney first drew Mikey Mouse when he travelled by plane from New York to

Hollywood in 1926.

(38) A. Sixty-one dollars. B. Seventy- one dollars.

C. Sixty-one yuan. D. Seventy-one yuan.

(39) A. The number of the colleges in Oxford university.

B. The number of the students who are studying at Oxford university.

C. The number of the young people who want to study at Oxford university each year.

D. The number of the new students of Oxford university.

(40) A. Simon was borrowing books at the library at a quarter to nine.

B. Sue was at the library at a quarter to ten.

C. Sue borrowed a novel from the library yesterday morning.

D. The book is about Monkey King and is in English.

(41) A. Because the queen of Britain like it when she was ill.

B. Because the queen of Scotland liked it when she was ill.

C. Because the queen of England liked it when she wan ill.

D. Because Mary ate it everyday.

(42) A. Fourteen hours. B. Fifteen hours. C. Thirteen hours. D. Sixteen hours.

(43) A. He would say, "There's bothing wrong with you."

B. He would say, "I think you have a stomachache.

C. He would say, "I think you have a bad cold."

D. He would say, "You look very thin."

(44) A. The Zambian national flag has four colours.

B. The Zambian national flag has five colours.

C. The Indian national flag has six colours.

D. The Indian national flag has three colours.

(45) A. He's an accountant. B. He's a sailor. C. He's a lifeguard. D. He's a plumber.

4. 听笑话一次,根据笑话的内容选出问题的正确答案填空。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字母涂黑。(5分)

(46) ____________ one evening.

A. Mr. Smith felt very tired after work.

B. Mr. Smith washed plates and did some cleaning.

C. Mrs. Smith went to bed earlier tha Mr. Smith.

D. Mr. Smith didn't go to bed.

(47) Mr. Smith wanted Mrs Smith to ___________ the next morning.

A. Take him to work B. Wake him up. C. Cooked breakfast for him. D. Make a phone call for him.

(48) When Mr. Smith woke up, it was ___________.

A. A quarter past six. B. A quarter past seven C. A quarter to seven D. A quarter to eight.

(49) Mrs. Smith wrote the words on a piece of paper ___________.

A before a quarter to eight B. After a quarter to eight. B. At seven forty-five D. After Mr. Smith got up.

(50) Mrs. Smith didn't wake Mr. Smith up because ________________.

A. She didn't see his paper. B. She got up later than Mr. Smith.

B. She was still angry with Mr. Smith. D. She didn't know how to wake Mr. Smith up.

5. 听故事一次,根据故事的内容选出正确的答案填空。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字母涂黑。(5分)

(51) Li Da was __________ than Li Ding.

A. Younger B. Older. C. More honest D. Kinder.

(52) Li Ding ___________ Li Da.

A. Couldn't go fishing with B. Didn't give money to C. Didn't listen to D. Couldn't live with

(53) Li Ding fell into water of the sea because ____________.

A. The king of the sea wanted to see him.

B. The daughter of the sea king wanted to marry him.

C. A big fish pulled his net into the water.

D. A big fish crashed into his boat.

(54) Which is not right?

A. The king of the sea like Li Ding.

B. Li Ding agreed to stay in the palace.

C. Li Ding became the husband of the sea king's daughter.

D. Li Ding didn't want to go back to his village.

(55) Finally Li Da __________.

A. Became a turtle B. Became rich C. Became poorer than before D. Died

6. 听文章一次,根据文章的内容选出问题的正确答案填空。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字


(56)In some part of ___________people grew potatoes first.

A. North America B. South America C. Europe D. Australia

(57) people took potatoes to their country earlier.

A. English B. Italian C. Spanish D. French

(58) At first ________refused (拒绝)to eat potatoes.

A. English people B. French people C. South American people D. Both A and B

(59) ________ are popular food in England.

A. Fish and chips B. Chicken and pork C. Fried beef with potatoes D. Potato soup

(60) New England is in __________.

A. South America B. North America C. Australia D. Europe


7. 选出相应单词的音标词填空。在答题卡中把正确答案相应字母涂黑。(5分)

(61)Are you _______they can do it?

A. /su:/ B. // C. /su?/ D. /u?/

(62) Don't come here. It's _______.

A. /'di


B. /'dein?r?s/ C. /'dei

?r?z/ D. /'d?nr?s/

(63) Look at the sky. There is a _______ over there. It's beautiful.

A. /'ri?b?u/ B. /'reinb?u/ C. /'rei?b?u/ D. /renb?u/

(64) The child likes eating ____________. A. /' rin?z/ B. /'r?n?z/ C. /'ri

?iz/ D. /'ri


(65) Would you like some ice cream for _____? A. /'dez:t/ B. /di'z:t/ C. /'dez?t/ D. /di'zt/

(66) Is Tom __________ a letter to his grandmother?

A. /'waitin/ B. /'raitin/ C. /'waiti?/ D. /'raiti?/

(67) Let's act out the ___________. A. /'dailg?/ B. /de?lg/ C. /'dai?lg/ D. /'dilg?/

(68) Six hundred and four hundred is one _________.

A. /'θauz?nd/ B. /'eaus?nd/ C. /'θaunz?nd/ D. /'eau?z?nd/

(69) Take the ________three times a day. I think you'll be all right soon.

A. /'medisn/ B. /'medsn/ C. /'med?z?nd/ D. /'medzi:n/

(70) What ___________ did he speak, English or French?


/'leingwi/ B. /'l?ngwii/ C. /'l??

gwi/ D. /'l??gi/

8. 读短文,根据短文的内容选择正确的词填空。在答题卡中把正确答案相应的字母涂黑。(5分)

It was January. It was very cold outside. Two Canadian children Pat and May _(71)_ their warm clothes and taking a walk in the park near their house. Suddenly they saw five birds on the ground under the trees. They were _(72)_food.

"The poor birds,"said May. "They _(73)_ hungry. The ground is so hard. I don't think they can find any food in the park."

"Let's help them," said Pat.

"What should we do _(74)_?" asked May.

"Let's make a house for them and give them some food."

May thought that was a good idea. The two children ran back to their house. They got a wooden box and cut a hole in the box. Then they put the box in a tree in the park. In front of the wooden box they put a cup. Inside the cup they put some bread.

The birds _(75)_ found the bread and came into the wooden box.

"Now they are very happy," said May.

(71) A. wear B. wore C. are wearing D. were wearing

(72) A. find B. found C. looking for D.looked for

(73) A. can B. must C. can be D. must be

(74) A. then B. too C. after that D. by themselves

(75) A. quick B. fast C. soon D. tried to


In Australia there are "flying doctors". "Flying doctors" are both doctors and pilots. That means they can help sick people and fly planes. Australia is a very large country. In some places there are no hospitals and people have to go a long way to see the doctors when they are ill. Sometimes people ask for help when they need to see a doctor.

Mr. Brown is a flying doctor. Yesterday when he was having his breakfast at seven o'clock the telephone rang, "my daughter is very ill, sir. We live in a small town. There is no nurse or doctor in the town. Please come and help us." the woman said in a sad voice. Mr. Brown looked at the map on his wall and asked the woman where the town was. Then he ran quickly to his plane. he flew his plane for half an hour, then landed near the small town. The woman was waiting for him nearby. Mr. Brown got to the sick girl's house and gave her a check-up. "don't worry, your daughter isn't very ill," he told the woman. "She will be all right soon after she takes this medicine. Tell her to stay in bed for one or two days and have a good rest." "Thank you, Doctor," the woman said again and again.

Mr Brown felt happy and said goodbye to the woman and her daughter. Then he flew home. When he got home it was one o'clock in the afternoon.


(76)What's the Chinese for the word "pilot"?

(77)How many hours did it take to fly to the woman's town?



10. Fill in the blanks with the right words and complete the short passage. 用适当的词填空,使短文成立。答案写在答卷上。(5分)

Do you know the Lascaux Cave(洞穴)and the famous pictures there?

In 1941, a French schoolboy, Marcel Ravidat, and three _(79)_ his friends played on the hill near the village of Montignac. Suddenly Marcel's dog disappeared down a hole in the rocks(岩石)。 The hole was dark. Maybe it was dangerous down there. Marcel wanted to find his dog very much, _(80)_ he couldn't go down the cave at once. The next day he carried ropes and candles and

returned to the hole together _(81)_ his friends. They climbed into the hole and entered to a big cave. In the cave they discovered some pictures of animals on the walls. Prehistoric(史前的) men _(82)_ these pictures more than 20,000 years ago. After that the Lascaux Cave, the four boys and the dog _(83)_ famous.

11. Translate the sentences into English. 把下面的中文句子翻译成英语。答案写答卷上。(8分)



(85) 当明年春天来时,这些天鹅将飞去北方。


(86) 像你这样的人怎能赶上他们。




12. 根据表格或你知道的关于赵蕊蕊的事情写一段话来描述赵蕊蕊,然后提不少于三个关于赵蕊蕊的问题(问题必须是档案和你描述的短文没有提供答案的)。(7分)

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