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1. When_________2.get up _________3.go hiking _________

2. 4.season_______5.October_______6.doing the dishing _________

7.swinging_________ 8.taking picture _________9.购物________

10.春天 _________11.五月________12.第三_________

13.吃晚餐_________ 14.书房_________ 15.正在跑_________


( )1.What do you do ____the weekend?

A.on B. in C.at

( )2.Can I speak ___John?

A.for B to C.on

( )3.Which _________ do you like best?

A. season B. seasons

B. August C. a season ( )4. _________ is the ninth month of a year. A. September

A. to…for C. October ( )5.Winter is beautiful, but it’s _________ cold _________ me. B. too…for C. too…to

( )6When do you get up this morning? — ________.

A.At 6:30 B.On Monday C.What about you?

( )7._____ about you?

A.How B.Where C.Why

( )8..Mike: What’s your favourite season?

Dong dong: __________.

A.Swimming B.Fly kites C.Fall

( )9.There are ____ seasons in a year.

A.two B.there C.four

( )10.I like winter, because I can play ____ snow in winter.

A.and B.with C.or


( )1. What are you doing? A It's may the 5th

( )2. Is her birthday in June? B. November.

( )3. What's the date? C. I'm answering the phone.

( )4. What do you do on the weekend? D. Yes, it is.

( )5.Which month does Mike like best? E. I often going hiking.


( )Can I speak to your mom, please?

( )She is cooking dinner.

( )Thank you.

( )Hello! This is Mike.

( )Please hold on.


1.what you on do the weekend do (?)

2.I summer like best (.)

3.what the date is(?)

4.the monkeys doing are what (?)

5.when do get up you(?)

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