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1.国际上用 _______ 表示不明飞行物。






A. k; w

B. p; i

C. t; z

D. f; e


A. 形容词、介词、冠词;重读

B. 连词、动词、代词;不重读

C. 名词、动词、代词;重读

D. 冠词、介词、副词;不重读


A. eleven

B. eighteen

C. nineteen

D. twenty-one


第1页,共12页 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

A. There is a computer, some paper on the table.

B. "Shrek II" is very popular among children.

C. Jim says, "whose book is this"?

D. I can’t drive a car or ride a bike; but Jim can.

6.After school we usually play ______ soccer for half ______ hour on ______ playground.

A. /; an; the

B. the; a; the

C. /; a; a

D. the; an; a

7.Nancy can’t find ______ eraser. Can you lend ______ to her?

A. her; her

B. her; yours

C. my; yours

D. /; yours

8.Lily and Lucy are twins from ______. They like ______ films very much.

A. Americans; America

B. America; Americans

C. American; Americas

D. America; American

9.The book on the table isn’t very good. It’s very ______.

A. interesting

B. boring

C. exciting

D. wonderful

10.Nancy writes books ______ children ______ 14-15.

A. to; for

第2页,共12页 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

B. for; of

C. with; of

D. about; for

11.There are ______ months in the year. December is the ______ one.

A. twelve; twelve

B. twelfth; twelve

C. twelve; twelfth

D. twelfth; twelfth

12.— Must I go to clean the classroom now?

— No, you ______.

A. can’t

B. mustn’t

C. don’t have to

D. may not

13.I like the story very much, ______ Betty isn’t interested in it.

A. and

B. so

C. or

D. but

14.She has a pen in one of her hands, but what’s that in ______ hand?

A. another

B. the other

C. other

D. the others

15.— ______ is your new teacher?

— The one in the white shirt.

第3页,共12页 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

A. Whose

B. What

C. Which

D. Whom

16.— Aren’t they working?

— _______, but they aren’t working well. — Sure, we need a hand.

A. No, they aren’t

B. Yes, they are

C. Sorry, I don’t know

D. Sure, they do

17.— Let’s go to the movies tomorrow!

— Sorry, I have to do some cleaning tomorrow. — How about tonight?

— ______.

A. I’m glad you like it

B. Yes, she’s OK

C. That sounds good

D. I think so

18.— Can I come and see it this afternoon? — ______

A. Sure, come over about two.

B. Not at all.

C. I’m sorry, I can’t go today.

D. You’re welcome.

19.— What’s the relationship between Eric and me? — ______ Do you understand?

— I think I understand.

第4页,共12页] ] ] [ [ [

A. They are twins.

B. You are cousins.

C. Is he your brother?

D. It’s Tom Wilson.

20.— What club does Jack want to join? — The art club.

— ______?

— I think so.

A. Can he paint well

B. Does he paint well or bad

C. What can he do in the club

D. Do you like the art club, either



1. Which country’s food does this restaurant sell?

A. England.

第5页,共12页 [ ] [ ] [ ]

B. France.

C. America.

D. Italy.

2. How many kinds of pizza are there?

A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

D. Four.

3. What doesn’t the customer want?

A. The special.

B. A soup.

C. Something to drink.

D. A pizza.

4. How much does the customer pay for the food?

A. $11.50.

B. $10.25.

C. $10.00.

D. $8.00

5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The waiter helps the customer save money.

B. All the food the restaurant sell is English food.

C. A bowl of tomato soup is the same price as a Coke.

D. The special comes with a soup, a salad, or two pizza.


第6页,共12页[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]



These notices come from Kate’s school noticeboard.




1. There are _________ notices on the noticeboard.

2. You may get the new timetable from _________ to Friday.

3. The pupils must see _________ to get copies of the new bus timetable.

4. The pupils who lost things can see the lost property monitor _________ days a week. 5: 将文中划线的句子翻译成汉语。



1. If you are in space, you can see ________ sunrises and sunsets in a whole day.

2. Some astronauts think ________ is the most fun thing to do during their free time.

3. Astronauts have to attach their sleeping bag to the wall, or they will ________.

4. Astronauts often ________ during their free time.


5. 将文中划线的句子翻译成汉语。



Lucy is a well-known librarian in her hometown. She loves the (1)________. It’s like her second home. There are so many (2)________ books there. Each one has its (3)________ secrets. Each one has (4)________ to teach and share. Some (5)________ beautiful pictures. (6)________ have interesting stories. To Lucy, books are (7)________ her good friends. At the library, Lucy has friends (8)________ around her.

Lucy is always ready to help people, (9)________ the staff at the library all like her. They help

(10)________ choose books for the readers.


The Spring Festival (1)________(be) coming. Tina (2)________(love) this time of the year. She can

(3)________(get) up late and (4)________(play) all day. She (5)________(not, do) any homework.

Everybody in her family (6)________(be) happy at this time because they all (7)________(have) a long holiday. Her mother usually (8)________(teach) her to cook something delicious. Her father (9)________ (buy) some gifts for her! He always (10)________(give) her a surprise. For Tina, the happiest thing is to

receive a gift from her father.



1. Emma is like her aunt.

Emma and aunt ________ ________ ________.

2. How old is Lena?

________ Lena’s ________?

3. Jack is Lily’s good friend.

Jack and ________ ________ good ________.


4. They usually get to school at 8 o’clock.

They usually ________ ________ school at 8 o’clock.

5. Can I help you?

________ can I ________ ________ you?



1. 他读书多,所以懂得也多。 (a lot) 2. 我认为数学没趣。(interesting) 3. 看电影是他的爱好之一。(one of)

4. 到我们睡觉的时间了。(It’s time...)

5. 欢迎到我们学校来。(welcome) 六、问答题


1. Sam: How about trying the new French restaurant tonight?

Tom: I heard it’s very expensive.

Sam: Why don’t we go Dutch?

Tom: Good idea!

Read the dialogue, can you guess the meaning of "go Dutch"? You may answer it in Chinese. 2. Sue is 5 years older than her younger brother Paul. Paul is 6 years older than Jim, the youngest in the family.

If the total of the children’s ages is 32, how old is the eldest child?

3. What number should replace the question mark in the last circle?


4. Which letter should appear in the final medal?

5. Look at the shapes and codes given. Work out the code which matches the shape given at the end of the line.




要求:1. 将卡片所给信息全部体现在对话中,并发挥想象适当拓展对话;

2. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写规范、清晰;

3. 不得少于50词。


31.写作。 Wang Fei has a pen pal named Rose. She’s from the USA. They often share happiness and sadness with

each other. Here’s a letter from Rose.

假设你是Wang Fei,请根据Rose的来信,写一封回信,帮助Rose解决问题。

要求: 1. 叙述有条理,符合逻辑;

2. 用词得当,语法正确;

3. 书写清晰、规范;

4. 不得少于60词。























21、1-5 DCBDA

22、1. The United States / American

2. Diwali

3. sweets

4. turkey and pumpkin pie

5. do the cleaning and painting

23、1. three / 3 2. Monday 3. the school secretary 4. two

5. 每周五下午3:30到5:30,学校的乐队在学校大厅里练习两个小时。(答案不唯一)

24、1. fifteen / 15 2. watching the Earth 3. float around

4. write e-mails to their family and friends on Earth or watch DVDs.

5. 宇航员们整天努力工作,但在一天结束的时候他们有空闲的时间。 (答案不唯一)

25、1. library 2. interesting 3. own 4. something 5. have 6. Some 7. like 8. all 9. so 10. her 26、1. is 2. loves 3. get 4. play 5. doesn’t do 6. is 7. have 8. teaches 9. buys 10. gives 27、1. look the same 2. What’s; age 3. Lily are; friends 4. arrive at 5. What; do for 28、1. He reads a lot, so knows much.

2. I don’t think maths is interesting.

3. Going to the movies is one of his hobbies.

4. It’s time for us to go to bed.

5. Welcome to our school.

29、1. 各自付账.


2. 16.

3. 24. In the first circle, 56+79 divided by 5=27. The same formula applies to circle two and three.

4. F. Because they represent the places First, Second, Third and Fourth.

5. CZ.


30、One possible version:

RECEPTONIST: Hi, can I help you?

LUCY: Yes, please. I want to join the music club.

RECEPTONIST: Welcome. May I have your name, please?

LUCY: Lucy Jones.

RECEPTONIST: How old are you?

LUCY: I’m thirteen.

RECEPTONIST: What can you do?

LUCY: I can play the piano, but not very well.

RECEPTONIST: Why do you want to join us?

LUCY: I love music very much. And I want to be a pianist.

RECEPTONIST: Good. Do you have an e-mail address?

LUCY: Of course. It’s

RECEPTONIST: Great. Thanks a lot.

31、One possible version:

Dear Rose,

The place to start is to talk to your friend. Perhaps she lost the CD and is afraid to tell you. Or she may

forget to return it to you. If that is the case, it should be easy to solve.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t trust your friend. That’s why it’s important to try to find out the truth

about the CD.

If talking to your friend doesn’t work, then you can ask your parents about the best way to solve the





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