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姓名: 分数: 联系方式: 考点:



( )1. name is Jim. Is my brother.

A.His;He B.His;His C.He;His D.His;Him

( )2.-What can you see on the table? -We can see two and three .

A.vollyball;baseball B.pens;book C.broccoli;chicken D.apples;pears

( )3.-Happy birthday to you.Jingjing! - .

A.Thanks a lot B.The same to you C.You’re welcome D.Happy birthday ( )4.They have art festival every year.

A.an;in B.a;/ C.an;/ D.a;in ( )5.-Can you help me my math hpmework,Miss zhang? -OK.Come to my house Sunday morning.

A.with;in B.do;at C.to do;on D.to do;in ( )6.Our English teacher is Jenny Jones.We all call her .

A.Mr.Jones B.Miss Jones C.Mrs.Jenny D.Mr.Jenny

( )7.-It’s one to one.What time will it be in two minutes? - .

A.two two B.one one C.one two D.one three ( )8. weekends,Alan has hamburgers lunch.

A.On;in B.In;for Con;for DFor;on

( )9-What do you usually do after school? -I usually play guitar for hour.

A.the;a B.the;an C./;an D./;a

( )10.I am years old today.And my parents have a party for my birthday.

A.twelve;twelfth B.twelfth;twelve C.twelfth;twelfth D.twelve;twelve

二、句型转换(5*2) 1.My favorite color is yellow.(对画线部分提问) Favorite color?

2.I like math best.(改为同义句) Is math.

3.She thinks the movie is very exciting.(改为否定句) She the movie very exciting.

4.Mr.Johnson’s new T-shirt is 80 yuan.(对划线部分提问) Tom to go to see a movie on weekends?


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your letter,and I am glad to be your pen frieng.Let me tell you something about myself.

Iam a student in Class One,Grade Seven.This year,I learn many new subjects.They

are English,biology,history and so on.I like English very much because it’s very useful.I often see English movies at weekend.I think it is good for my English.

I have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon.After class I do sports.My favorite sport is soccer.I think it’s very exciting.I often play soccer with my friends,Martin and Victor.What about you? Please tell me something more about yourself.

( )1.Who writes the letter?

A.Tom. B.LiYong. C.Martin. D.Victor.

( )2.What class is Li Yong in?

A.He is in Class3,Grade7. B.He is in Class1,Grade7.

C.He is in Class2,Grade7. D.He is in Class7,Grade1.

( )3.What subject is NOT mentioned(提及)in the letter?

A.English. B.Biology. C.History. D.Math.

( )4.What dose Li Yong often do at the weekend?

A.He often reads English.

B.He often plays soccer with his friends.

C.He often writes letters.

D.He often sees English movies.

( )5.What is Li Yong’s favorite sport?

A.Basketball B.Soccer C.Baseball D.Tennis.


David是刚到你们学校学习的外国交流学生(exchange student),想通过学校的英语广播让更多的同学了解他。你是广播主持人,请你根据下面这些采访笔记,写篇短文介绍David周末的活动。短文的开头已经写好。(不少于60词)

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