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西吉回小五年级英语智力竞赛测试卷 姓名 得分

一、选出画线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词。(10分) ( ) 1. A. name B. grade C. have D. plane ( ) 2. A. see B. meet C. green D. Eraser ( ) 3. A. bike B. fine C. behind D. Different ( ) 4. A. these B. there C. three D. please ( ) 5. A. baby B. many C. goodbye D. strawberry ( ) 6. A. whom B. who C. whose D. wrong ( ) 7. A. spell B. dress C. secret D. desk ( ) 8. A. birds B. flowers C. maps D. boys ( ) 9. A. come B. brother C. mother D. go ( ) 10. A. think B. father C. those D. That 二. 单词和短语(共10小题,计15分)

A) 看图,根据已给出的首字母补全单词,完成句子(注意单复数)。






is for your birthday.

very well.

B) 根据括号中给出的汉语意思补全句子(注意单词首字母的大小写和时态变化)。(5题10分) 16. ________ (拍)your hands.

17. Anne ________ (有)two children, a boy and a girl. 18. There is a ________ (会议)this afternoon. 19. It's my ________ (第二个) school bag. 20. He ________ (来) here last year from Australia.

三. 从A, B, C, D四个选项中选出最恰当的选项。(5题10分)

21. ________ day is it today?

A. What B. How C. Which D. Who

22. The train leaves ________ 7:55 ________ the evening.

A. on; at B. in; in C. by; at D. at; in

23. She is ________ mother.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily and Lucy's

C. Lily's and Lucy D. Lily's and Lucy's

24. The teacher says, “ ________ in your homework, please.”

A. Hand B. Hands C. Handed D. Handing

25. I don't ________ breakfast, but my sister ________.

A. has; has B. have; doesn’t C. has; have D. have; does

四. 情景会话(Dialogues) (共10小题,计15分)

A) 看图,从所给的选项中选择恰当的句子补全小故事(每个选项只能用一次)。(5题10分)

A. What day is it today? B. I'm fine, too.

C. I'm fine. Thank you. D. Let's go to school.

E. Do you have a bike? F. It's June 1.

G. Who's on duty today?

B) 根据所给情景完成下列各题。(5题5分) 31. —Merry Christmas! — ________ A. Happy New Year! B. Merry Christmas! C. Fine. Thanks.

D. Have a good time!

32. —Excuse me. Where is the nearest supermarket?

—Sorry. I don't know. — ________

A. You're welcome.

B. Thank you all the same. C. Let's go.

D. Not at all.

33. —Let's go for a walk. — ________

A. Nice to see you. B. Here it is. C. See you.

D. That's a good idea.

named Chen Li. On Sundays, we don’t go to school, we often play at home. He often helps his mother do some housework and after that he goes out to play basketball or come to my house to play with me. I often read a book in the morning and then play computer games. If Chen Li come, we will play together or watch TV together. We are good friends.

A)根据短文内容,判断正误,正确的写T,错误的写F. (10分) 36. Chen Li is an English girl. ( )

37. Ha Len likes to play basketball very much. ( )

38. Ha Len often helps his mother do the housework. ( ) 39. Chen Li and Ha Len are good friends. ( )

40. On Sundays, Chen Li and Ha Len don’t go to school.( ) B)阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(10分)

Mrs. Green is going to give a birthday party for Mary (Mary is her daughter). Mary is going to be thirteen years old. Twenty friends

of Mary's are going to come to the party. They are all girls. Mrs. Green is getting ready for party. Mrs. White is helping her.

"Let's make a pretty cake," Mrs. White says to Mrs. Green. "Ok. Thank you very much."

Mrs. Green is going shopping now. She's going to buy fruit for the party.

Mrs. Green buys some fruit. She buys a lot of pears, orange, and bananas. Then she goes home.

It's three o'clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready .Now the first girl is arriving. The party is going to start in thirty minutes. ( ) 41. ______ is going to give a birthday party for Mary. A. Mrs. White B. Mrs. Green C. Mary D. Mary's friend ( ) 42. Mary is going to be ______ years old. A. twenty B. ten C. twelve D. thirteen ( ) 43. _____ are going to come to the party. A. Thirty boys B. Twenty girls

C. Forty children D. Mrs. Green and Mrs. White

34. —Where are you from? — ________

A. I go to America. B. I live in Shanghai. C. I am from America.

D. I like America.

35. — ________

—Yes. Here you are. —Thank you.

A. May I borrow your ruler?

B. What's this? C. Which one do you like?

D. Is it a ruler?

五. 阅读理解 (共10小题,计20分)

My name is Ha Len. I’m an English girl. I have a Chinese friend

( ) 44. Mrs. Green buys ____ for the party. A. a cake B. some fruit

C. some bananas and apples D. a lot of oranges ( ) 45. The party is going to begin at ____ in the afternoon. A. two thirty B. three C. four D. three thirty 六. 智力测试(IQ test) (共5小题,计10分)

46. This is a family tree. What relation(关系) is Alice to Peter?

47. On holiday, Susan often goes to bed at 8:15 in the evening. This is 15 minutes before her brother Harry and half an hour after her sister May. Her cousin Bob is often in bed an hour before Harry. Who goes to bed first?

48. What letter is a kind of drink(饮料)?____________________ 49. You can feel me, but can not see me, I can work for you, but you can not touch me. What am I?____________________

50. There are three letters in the word. The first letter is E and the last letter is also E. Without it you can’t see. What is it?______________ 七.小作文:(共20分)题目: My weekend


提示单词和短语: Luoyang Yingcai Training Center(洛阳英才中心),Maths Class, English Class

要求: 1. 条理清晰,意思明确、连贯,句子通顺,用词得当,语法正确,书写工整、规范;

2. 将提示内容描述清楚, 可作适当发挥; 不少于50个单词;

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