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答案 语法与词汇 1-5 ABDBC 6-10 DCDBA 11-15CDDBB

完形16-20 BACAD 21-25 BDCAC 26-30 BADDC 31-35 BACDB

阅读 36-40 BDCCA 41-45 ADDAD 46-50 CDBCB


51. High Dropout Rate in America’s High School

52. Many are bored with their classes or feel disconnected from their school and teachers.

53. very difficult/more and more difficult/more difficult than before/not so easy as before.

54. They feel the educators and parents are disappointed with them.Little by little they begin to feel tired of their classes.

55. 在过去的这二十年期间,一直努力通过教育改革提高毕业率。

三one possible version:

Dear Paul,

I quite sympathize(同情)with you and understand the great trouble you are suffering from. No matter what is troubling you, don’t blame yourself for not doing well. I suggest you communicate your trouble to your teachers and classmates, as they may help you out of the tough situation. You are not supposed to think about your exams all the time, which only makes you more depressed. Instead, you should think about the progress you have made in your study, which will surely increase your own confidence. In addition, I advise you to do more exercise in your spare time to relieve your stress, because sports will also help you sleep better at night. Only when you feel energetic can you concentrate on your study.

I hope you will get out of your trouble soon and live happily.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

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