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Innovative : introducing or using new ideas, ways of doing something, etc.

Upgrade : to raise somebody/ something to a higher grade or rank

Stingy : spending, using or giving unwillingly; mean

Consult: to go to (a person, book, etc.) for information, advice, etc.

Trace: to find the origin of something; to follow or discover

Consume: to use (something) up; to eat or drink (something)

Associate: to join (people or things) together; to connect (ideas, etc.) in one’s mind

Essential : necessary; indispensable; most important

Gap: an open or empty space in or between things

Feedback: response to an inquiry or experiment

Distract :draw someone’s attention away from something

Feminine : of or like women; having the qualities or appearance considered characteristic of women

Conquer: to defeat (an enemy, a rival, etc.)

Hug: to put the arms round (somebody or something) tightly, esp. to show love

Yell: to utter a loud sharp cry or cries as of pain, excitement, etc.

Sporty: liking or good at sport

Reliable: deserving trust; dependable

Crash : to fall or strike (something) suddenly and noisily; to fail suddenly; to collapse Remote: far away from other communities, houses, etc.; isolated

Secure: safe; protected

Commercial : of or for commerce; from the point of view of profit

External : outside; coming from outside

Instinct: natural inborn tendency to behave in a certain way without reasoning or training Chase: to try to win (something); to run after in order to capture

Claim: to state or declare (something) as a fact (without being able to prove it)

Asset: valuable or useful quality or skill

Enroll: to become or make (somebody) a member (of something)

Endanger: to cause danger to (somebody/ something) ; put in danger

Lessen : to become less

Remote: far away from other communities, houses, etc.; isolated

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