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Beneath each of the following sentences there

are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.(从A、B、C、D四

个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。) 31.-What did you do on Sunday?

-I did my homework _______ day. A.all a B.the whole C.the all D.whole 32.It is a school with a _______ history. A.30 year's B.30 years C.30-years D.30-year 33.We have _______ rain this year,so the trees and grass don't grow well.

A.little B.a little C.few D.a few

34.My pianl lesson will be _______ 4:00 pm _______8:00 pm.

A.at; and B.from; to C.from; and D.at; to 35.He studied English and Japanese,but he had no interest in _______ subject.

A.both B.none C.all D.either 36.-I have a terrible stomachache. -You _______ go to the hospital at once.Nothing can make you feel better. A.maybe B.perhaps C.have to D.could

37.My father _______ reading newspapers in the morning.

A.wants B.likes to C.loves to D.enjoys 38._______ call me Mimi! It's my cat's name. A.Not B.Don't C.Doesn't D.Didn't 39.-______you wash your clothes? -No.But I _______ tommorrow.

A.Do; do B.Did; wash C.Did; will D.Are; will wash

40.The underlined phrase(划线短语)in "He drank lots of water that day." can be replaced(被代替) by _______.

A.much B.many C.a lot D.more

41.There is _______with my computer.It doesn't work.

A.wrong nothing B.wrong something C.something wrong D.nothing wrong

42.They could not go camping_______the heavy rain.

A.because of B.because C.as D.for 43.The girl is going to do_______.

A.what does she want to do B.she wants to do C.she wants to do what D.what she wants to 44.-What not visit the museum? -_______

A.Yes,we do. B.Good idea! Let's go.

C.No,there isn't? D.It's behind the school. 45.-_______

-I think it's boring. -What about you?

A.Do you like the coat? B.What do you think of the film? C.I don't think it's boring. D.I will go to the cinema.

Ⅱ.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)(共20小题;选题题5小题,每小题1分;非选择题15小题,每小题2分,计35分)

A)Read the following passage which is followed

by five questions.For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the on that fits best according to the passage.(阅读下面的短文,根


Lin Feng is a tour guide for a group of American

bourists.He is talking with a tourist about the visiting plan.

Lin:Are there any places you'd like to go this weekend?

Tourist:Nowhere in particular(特别的).What's your plan?

Lin:Well,I'd like to suggest that you spend the weekend in the countryside.How do you like the idea? We can stay at a farmer's house north of Beijing. Tourist:Are there enough rooms for the whole group?

Lin:Sure.There're enough rooms.

Tourist:In that case(如果那样的话),we'll love to.Thank you very much for your idea,Lin.

Lin:Have any of you ever been to the countryside in China before?

Tourist:No,I don't think so.But it sounds fine. Lin:Today's Friday.We'll leave tommorrow morning.How's that?

Tourist:I'm starting to feel excited about it.What should we take?

Lin:Bring warm clothes.It gets a little cold in the fall's evening.

Tourist:Anything else?

Lin:Not really.Maybe camera if you're interested in taking some photos.

Tourist:Chris is the photographer of our group.We've made him responsible(负责的)for bringing back photographs of the tour. 46.Where is the farmer's house?

A.Somewhere in particular. B.In the north of Beijing.

C.In America. D.In Jilin.

47.When will they leave for the countryside? A.Friday afternoon. B.Friday evening. C.Saturday morning. D.Saturday evening.

48.What does Lin Fengadvise them to bring with? A.Warm clothes. B.Umbrellas. C.Light shoes. D.Raincoats.

49.What season are they probably touring in? A.Spring. B.Summer. C.Autumn. D.Winter. 50.Who will take the camera

A.The guide. B.Lin Feng. C.Everybody. D.Chris.

B)Read the following there passages.Each

passage is followed by several questions.Respond to the questions according to the passage.(阅读下列三



Sophie is at her brother's house.She's tired after her journey from London.She's having a dream. In her dream she's in a small room.On the wall there's a picture of a woman with long,fair hair and a white dress.There's a black dog with strange yellow eyes in the picture,too.The woman is speaking: "Sophie.I am your guide-not here,but in another world.The dog is your friend too..."

The next morning Seth and Sophie are in the garden.

"Seth,why is the cottage(小别墅) called ‘White Lady Cottage?’"

"Look at the wall near the door.Can you see a woman in the stone? She is the White Lady. People say she's messenger from another world! Talk to Mr Neil.His house is near here.I think he knows the story of the White Lady." "Has Mr Neil got a dog?"

"Yes,he has.It's black and it's quite big.It's got very strange eyes... Sophie,what's the matter?Are you OK?"

"Er...yes.Don't worry.I'm fine."

根据短文内容,简要回答第51-55小题。 51.Where is Sophie from?

52.What does the dog look like?

53.What is the lady in Sophie's dream?

54.Who is Neil?

55.What may Sophie feel after knowing about Mr Neil's dog?


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"is a popular saying in the United States. Other countries have the similar saying.It is true that all of us need recreation(娱乐).We can't work all the time if we are going to keep in good health and enjoy life.

Everyone has his own way of relaxing.Pehaps the most popular way is to take part in sports. There are team sports,such as baseball,basketball,and

football.There are individual sports,also,such as golf and swimming.In

addition,hiking,fishing,skiing,and mountain

climbing have a great attraction for people who like to be outdoors.

Not everyone who enjoys sports events likes to be an onlooker(旁观者),either watching them on television,or listening to them on the radion.When there is an important baseball game or boxing match it is almost impossible to get tickets because everyone wants to attend.

Chess,card-playing,and dancing are forms(形式) of indoor recreation enjoyed by many people. It doesn't matter whether we play a fast game of ping-pong,or go walking through the woods.It is important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy some forms of recreation.


All of us need recreation.It helps us

keep(56)________ and live a better life.The most popular way of (57)_______ is to take part in

sports.There are (58)________ sports like football and individual sports such as swimming.And some people like to be outdoors,others love (59)_______ recreations.Many people don't feel good to be an onlooker.They love to (60)________.That's why it's hard to get tickets to important games.


What kind of food shall we eat?(64)People in the modern world worry about it.Scientists say it doesn't matter.People in different countries and areas eat different kinds of foods. Some eat twice a day.Some eat four times a day.Some only drink a cup of tea for breakfast.(65) All these make no difference to people's health.The important thing is

to eat the right foods.The right foods in a day are vegetables,fruit,the right amount(数量)meat,fish and eggs. The main food in a day is rice or bread.You can be strong and healthy when you eat the right foods.

However,in the modern world,many people are too busy to have a balanced diet.Sometimes, they throw anything they have into their stomachs.Sometimes they even forget their meals.All these bad eating habits can cause(引起) some illnesses like stomach cancer(癌症).


61.To eat_______ is very important if you want to be strong and healthy.

62.No all people are having _______.Sometimes they don't even have meals.

63.________ can cause some illnesses like cancer.



A)Read the passage below,and fill in the blanks,with suitable forms of 10 words or phrases out of the 12 given according to the context.(阅读下面的短文,根据其内容提示,从所给的12个单词或短语中选择10个,并用其适当形式填空。每个单词或短语只适用一次。)


Yesterday I was watching TV at home when I suddenly(突然) remembered that(76)_______ was my father's birthday the next day.

I put my coat(77)_______ quickly,and then I ran outside to catch a bus.I went into a music shop,(78)_______ I couldn't remember which CD my dad wanted,so I didn't buy anything.Finally,I decided (79)_______ go to the bookshop and bought him a book about racing cars. I went home and told my mum about the present.She looked at me strangely (80)_______ some time and said,"But your father's birthday is next month!" Ⅳ.Sentence pattern transformation(句式转换)(共5小题;每小题2分,计10分)

Transform the sentences as required.(按要求进行句式转换。)

81.I'm staying there for three weeks.(对划线部分提问)

________ _________ are you staying there? 82.Tom bought a lot of gifts for his family.(改为一般疑问句)

_________Tom_________ a lot of gifs for his family?

83.They had to walk home yesterday afternoon.(完成反义疑问句)

They had to walk home yesterday afternoon,_______ ________?

84.How's the weather there?(改为同义句) ________ the weather _________ there? 85.Mary isn't as beautiful as Linda.(改为同义句)

Linda is _______ beautiful _______Mary. Ⅴ.Translation(翻译)(共5小题;每小题2分,计10分)

Translate the following sentences into

English,using the words given in the brackets.(根据所给提示词语,将下列汉语句子翻译成英语) 86.别提心,我们有足够的时间赶到那里。(enough) 87.当时这首歌很受年轻人的喜欢。(be popular with)


89.我现在必须离开了,是该回家的时候了。(it's time to)

90.他一直到十点才写完作业。(not...until...) Ⅵ.Dialogue completion(补全对话)(共5小题;每小题1分,计5分)

Beneath the dialogue there are seven choices marked A,B,C,D,E,F and G.Choose fwe of them that best

100.A clock works well.How many times do the short hand and the long one cover each other completely(彻底)?




Ami:Tom,this is Ami speaking.



B)请以“An exciting experience”为题,写一篇不少于60词的短文,讲述发生在你假期中的一次令人兴奋的经历。



题参考答案 笔试部分


30-35 BDABD 36-40 CDBCA 41-45 CADBB Ⅱ.Reading comprehension A)46-50 BCACD

B)A.51.London.52.It's black dog with strange yellow eyes.

53.Sophie's guide in another world.

54.The man who lives near the "White Lady Cottage."


B.56.healthy 57.relaxing 58.team 59.indoor 60.attend

C.61.the right foods 62.a balanced diet 63.Bad eating habits 64.现代世界的人们都对应当吃什么样的食物而感到烦恼。65.这些不会对人体的健康造成差异。 Ⅲ.Cloze

A)66.Most 67.was 68.gave up 69.some 70.different 71.buy 72.love 73.going to do 74.vegetables 75.offering

B)76.it 77.on 78.but 79.to 80.for

Ⅳ.Sentence transformation

81.How long 82.Did,buy 83.didn;t they 84.What's like 85.more,than


86.Don't worry.We have enough time to get there.

87.At that time this song was very popular with young people.

88.It takes me an hour to exercise every day.

89.I have to/must leave now.It's time to go home.

90.He didn't finish his homework until ten o'clcok.

Ⅵ.Dialogue completion

91-95 BECGF


96.SUN,PET 97.d,n 98.D 99.It means "very

expesive".100.None.(Because the short hand is not as long as the long one.)


A)One possible version:

Ami:Tom,this is Ami speaking.

Tom:Hi,Ami.What's up?

Ami:The day after tomorrow is my birthday.There will be a party at eight that evening.I wonder if you can come and join us.

Tom:Of course.I'd love to.But I don't know where you live.

Ami:Oh,it's easy to find my house.Take number 2 bus and then,get off at the city library.My house is right behind the library.

Tom:I see.I will be there on time.

Ami:Thank you so much.See you then. Tom:See you.

B)One possible version:

Last winter vacation I went to Britain with my dad to see a football match.We were really excited so we arrived at the stadium five hours early.There were some happy people outside and a lot of them were dancing and singing loudly.We went inside and

couldn't wait to get to our seats.Inside the stadium were thousands of exciting football fans.

The match was exciting,too.I chered for the players till the last minute.

It was a fantastic experience!

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