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第二届奥林匹克杯全国英语大赛 初二年级决赛赛题(笔试)

(时间:60分钟 总分:100分)

Ⅰ. 单词(Words)(共10题,计10分)

A) 根据下列句子的意思及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出所缺单词,每空限填一词。(每题1分, 共5分)

1. Do you know the Four Great I____________ of Ancient China?

2. In g__________, he can get along well with his classmates.

3. The apartment is so expensive that Mr. Green can’t a___________ it.

4. How to protect ourselves should be ___________(教) at school.

5. The math problem is too difficult. __________(无一人) of us can work it out in our class.

B) 选择合适的答案。(每题1分, 共5分)

( ) 1. He hardly had anything to eat, ________ he?

A. didn’t B. hadn’t C. had D. did

( ) 2. Which is the way to the __________?

A. shoe factory

B. shoes factory D. shoes’ factory C. shoe’s factory

( ) 3. So far, the moon ________ by man already.

A. is visited

B. will be visited D. was visited C. has been visited

( ) 4. Alice has gone to the classroom and she didn’t say ________.

A. when did she come back B. when would she be back

C. when she came back D. when she would be back

( ) 5. If you have lost a library book, you have to ________ it. 初二奥英试题,第1页(共8页)

A. find out

C. pay for B. look after D. take care

Ⅱ. 词组或短语(phrase)。选择与句中划线部分意思相同或相近的单词、词组或短语。(共5题,计5分)

( )1. Mike doesn’t like science. He thinks it is

A. as interesting as B. so interesting as

C. not so interesting as D. not very interesting as

( )A. his way is B. his idea is C. his life is D. his sound is

( )3. The runner A. fell behind

B. beat D. was neck and neck with C. ran faster than

( A. get good results in

C. not pass B. drop in D. miss

( )5. Mother has gone shopping. She’ll be back A. later B. very soon C. on time D. at the moment Ⅲ. 句子(Sentences)。从A、B、C、D中选出一组正确的排列顺序,使所给语句成为一段文理通顺的对话。(共5题,计10分)

( )1. ①Fine, thank you. And you?

②Hi, Lucy!How are you today?

③I’m fine, too.

A. ①②③ B. ②①③ C. ②③① D. ③②①

( )2. ①Six o’clock, this evening.

②I’d love to. What time?

③Will you please come to have dinner with me?

A. ①③② B. ②①③ C. ③②① D. ②③①

( )3. ①Excuse me. Where is the No. 16 bus stop?

②Thanks a lot.


③Just over there.

A. ①②③ B. ③②① C. ②①③ D. ①③②

( )4. ①Here you are.

②Yes. Please show me a pair of glasses.

③Can I help you, sir?

A. ③②① B. ②①③ C. ③①② D. ①③②

( )5. ①Hello!Mary I speak to Bruce?

②No, thanks. Goodbye!

③Sorry. He isn't here right now. Can I take a message for you? ④Goodbye!

A. ②①④③ B. ③④②① C. ①③②④ D. ④①③② Ⅳ. 情景对话(Dialogues) (共10题,计20分)

A) 根据情境选择正确的问句或答句。(每题2分, 共10分)

( ) 1. -I’m sorry I broke your coffee cup.

-Oh, really? ________

A. It doesn’t matter. B. I don’t know.

C. It’s OK with me.

( ) 2. -Must I finish it now?


A. No, you mustn’t. B. No, you needn’t.

C. No, you can’t. D. No, you shouldn’t. D. You’re welcome.

( ) 3. -I’m sure your dream to be an English teacher will come true.


A. Of course.

B. Sorry, I can’t. D. Thank you for saying so. C. You’re welcome.

( ) 4. -All people like the song.


A. You’re welcome.

C. So we do. B. I can’t sing it. D. I don’t think so.

( ) 5. -Excuse me, sir. _________________


-It’s over there.

A. Could you tell me where I can find the toilet?

B. Could you tell me where can I find the toilet?

C. Could you tell me where do I find the toilet?

D. Could you tell me the toilet is where?

B) 选择合适的句子补全对话。(每题2分, 共10分)

Boy: Who do you admire(崇拜)? Boy: Midori? Who’s that? Boy: Oh, yeah! She’s Japanese, isn’t she? was fourteen, she toured the United States. I saw her play when I was eight. Girl: Yes, I do. I play them all the time. How about you? Who do you admire?

Boy: I admire my grandmother, Laura. Boy: Well, she was born in Russia in 1932. She was an unusual girl because she started ice skating when she was four, and she became a skating champion when she was ten.


Ⅴ. 完型填空。(Cloze Test) (共10题,计15分)

class next year. But I didn’part-my favourite.

I have no idea. I asked my friend John. He got 227. When he knew my score, he said. “Oh, my God. You’re a genius!”same answers. Finally, I walked up to Lauren.

“David! How did you do on the MAP test?” I answered, “If I you, will you kill me?” ( )1. A. enough smart ( )2. A. hard interesting ( ) 3. A. was

B. had

C. were C. looks C. yet

D. have D. was looked D. too

D. while

B. too smart

C. smart enough D. very smart C. different


B. easy

( ) 4. A. was looking B. looked ( )5. A. either ( )6. A. when ( ) 7. A. for ( ) 8. A. begin ( ) 9. A. other ( ) 10. A. told

B. also B. after B. like B. end

C. before

C. to D. as D. front

D. others

C. last

B. another C. the other

B. am telling C. will tell D. tell

Ⅵ. 阅读理解(Reading Comprehension) (共15题,计30分) A) 阅读理解并填空。(每题2分, 共10分)

One day an old man was selling(卖) a big elephant on the market. A young man came to the elephant and began to look at it slowly. The old man went up to him and said in his ear, “Don’t say anything about the elephant before I sell it.


Then I will give you twenty dollars.” “All right.” said the young man. After the old man sold the elephant, he gave the young man thirty dollars and asked, “Now, can you tell me how you found the elephant’s bad eyes?” “I didn’t find the bad eyes.” said the young man. “Then why did you look at the elephant slowly?” asked the old man. The young man answered, “Because I have never seen an elephant before, and I want to know what it looks like.”

1. An old man wants to __________________.

2. The old man told the young man __________________.

3. He gave the young man __________________ after selling the elephant.

4. The young man looked at the elephant slowly because


5. We can use __________________(a Chinese idiom) to summarize the old man’s action.

B) 阅读理解,选择合适的答案。(每题2分, 共10分)

Every year thousands of young people in England finish school and then take a year off before they start work or go to university. Some young people go to other countries and work as volunteers (志愿者). Volunteers give their time to help people. For example, they work in schools or hospitals, or they do something helpful for the environment.

Pauline Jones, 18, lives in Cardiff, Wales. Next year she wants to go to university to study Chinese, but now she’s living in Belize. Pauline says, “I’m working with other people here to save the coral reefs (珊瑚礁) in the sea near Belize. The reefs here are beautiful, but if the sea water is very polluted (污染), the coral dies. I’m helping to do research on the coral and the fish that live around the reefs. All over the world, coral reefs are dying. We need to do

something about the problem before it’s too late. I’m staying with a family here and I help do some housework. I don’t get any money, but that’s OK. I love my work here, and I have learnt a lot about the people of Belize-and myself! When I finish my work, I want to stay here for another three months. I want to travel around Belize and Central America.”


( ) 1. Some young people from England _______ after they finish school.

A. go to university abroad

B. spend one year abroad as volunteers

C. go to work for money

D. start work in schools or hospitals

( ) 2. Pauline Jones’s major in university is _______.

A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese D. Spanish

( ) 3. Pauline Jones is now ___________.

A. eighteen years old B. doing something helpful for the environment

C. living in Belize D. A, B and C

( ) 4. From the passage, we know that the coral reefs _______.

A. will die because of the pollution

B. are not as beautiful as before

C. cannot live without fish in the sea

D. will probably be sold for money

( ) 5. Paul in Jones wants to _______ after she finishes her work as a volunteer.

A. stay there for another year

B. go back home to start work

C. learn about the people home

D. travel around Central America

C) 阅读理解,回答问题。(每题2分, 共10分)

Dragon-Boat Festival is also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating Zong Zi and racing dragon boats. To hold the dragon-boat races is in memory of Qu Yuan, one of the greatest poets(诗人)in China.

Qu Yuan was born in Zigui of Hubei Province over 2,200 years ago. Qu

Yuan was an honest minister(大臣)of the State of Chu, during the Warring States 初二奥英试题,第7页(共8页)

Period(475-22 l BC)(战国时期). He was upright and wise. He wanted to bring his country peace and make the state stronger, but the country was in the hands of bad officials, sohe failed. At last, he was very discouraged. (1) the Miluo River, throwing, he, into, himself, life, by, his, ended. It was said that people tried to save him by jumping into the river.

But it was too late. (2)他们也都很伤心,便往河里撒大米以慰籍屈原的精神。

(3)Now we read his poem Li Sao which was filled with deep love for his country. We can see the dragon-boat races and have a kind of Chinese food named Zong Zi to eat during the Dragon-boat Festival.

1. What are the two important things on the Dragon Boat Festival? _______________________________________________

2. (1)把划线部分的单词组成句子。


3. 将文中(2)处的汉语句子译成英语。


4. 把(3)处划线部分译成汉语。


5. List the words that can describe the qualities (品质) of Qu Yuan. (at least 3) _______________________________________________

Ⅶ. 智力测试(IQ test)(共5题,计10分)

1. Why are girls afraid of the letter C?


2. Why is the letter E so important?


3. How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or winding it?


4. What can you tell from Peter’s record card with extremely poor grades? ___________________________________________

5. Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?



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