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After prayed for a long time, the grandpa who was carrying a shoulder pole finally agree to teach me how to make a grasshopper.

(边编边说,于是用现在进行时更合适)These leaves are in my hands. Then I roll them, wind them and pull them up. Gradually, the grasshopper will be finished.

Look, this is my grasshopper! I am very excited. I can hardly wait to run home and then give it to my mother.

Every day on my way home, I sit behind my mother and tell her something about my school. Sometimes, my mother tell me something about her childhood. She caught grasshoppers by the river with my grandma. I remember the shining of yearning in her eyes. How long have my mother worked hard just for me? It seems that I am only one in her life. She even forgets herself. Mom, I'd rather take you back to childhood to see your heartfelt smile face. I 'd rather see the grass, frog and butterfly which made by grandmother. I'd rather enjoy all of these with you together.

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