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1.A company’s payroll department must be able access to a database application Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. On Saturday and Sunday the application is down for maintenance. .

Last Wednesday at 3 PM the application failed. It took seven hours to correct the problem. What was the availability of the application during last week?





*2.Which of the following method cannot be used to improve the speed of instruction execution in a computer?

Reduce Translation Lookaside Buffer(TLB) size

Multi-core processors

Increase CPU clock rate

Instruction Pipelines

*3.Which statement correctly describes SQL and SQL*Plus?

SQL manipulates data and table definitions in the database; SQL*Plus does not allow manipulation of values in the database.

SQL*Plus recognizes SQL statements and sends them to the server; SQL is the Oracle proprietary interface for executing SQL statements.

Both SQL and SQL*plus allow manipulation of values in the database.

SQL*Plus is a language for communicating with the Oracle server to access data; SQL recognizes SQL statements and sends them to the server.

*4.What is a benefit of a NAS solution?

Provides improved application block level I/O performance

Offers improved network bandwidth

Enables data sharing across host platforms

Enables access to data with unique object IDs

*5.What describes a landing zone in a disk drive?

Area on which the read/write head rests

Area where sector-specific information is stored on the disk

Area where the read/write head lands to access data

Area where the date is buffered before writing to platters

*6.What is the total capacity of a disk drive with two platters in which each platter has 1024 tracks, and each track has 100 sectors? [Calculator required]

800 MB

400 MB

100 MB

200 MB

*7.What best describes the definition of "Cloud Services"?

Business applications and real storage provided by and access through public internet services.

Access consumed in real time via internet services

Consumer and business products, services, and solution delivered and consumed in real time over the internet.

Shared applications, storage, and solutions accessed by a multi-tenant user base

*8.What is the BEST backup strategy for a large database housing online sales data?

Clustered servers

Daily full backup

Mirrored hard disks

Weekly full backup with daily incremental backup

*9.If you are accessing secure web pages using https://. What port will you need to open in firewall setting in order to allow those SSL-encrypted packets to pass the firewall?





*10.What is the broadcast address of subnet

*11.What’s the port used by NTP?





*12.A database server with 600 GB of data is replicated to a remote site asynchronously. Resynchronization of the source and the target LUN of this application occurs every 30 minutes.

Three minutes after the last resynchronization the server crashed due to a hardware failure. It took 35 minutes for the application to be brought online by manually failing over to the remote standby server.

What is the RTO for this application?

30 minutes

35 minutes

33 minutes

3 minutes

*13.We need to split a class network to several subnets. Each subnet contains at least 12 usable IP addresses, which netmask should be configured.

*14.What is true about a file in the file system?

It is a smallest container of physical disk space

Can span multiple file system blocks

It must be mounted before use

Is always a contiguous area on physical disk

*15.What is the feature of a storage array that improves sequential read performance?

Lazy read




*16.Which of the following are not true about process and thread?

When a process terminates, so do its threads

A process may be made up of multiple threads

A thread is not the smallest unit of processing that can be performed in an OS Multiple threads within a process cannot share memory

*17.What is required for accessing and restoring from a pointer-based virtual replica?

Pointer table should not be corrupted.

Source must be healthy

Target must have same RAID level as the source

Source and target must have same disk type

*18.What is the cache flushing condition which causes the storage processor to aggressively flush dirty pages to disk until cache memory has been freed?





*19.A point-in-time replica of a 1GB LUN is created for BC purpose. A bitmap is used to track the changes on the source after detaching with 4KB granularity. What should be the size of the bitmap? [Calculator required]

4 KB

32 MB

4 MB

32 KB

*20.What daemons are running on NFS sever?





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