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2013-2014年初三九月起点考(江岸区) 2

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2013-2014年初三九月起点考(江岸区) 姓名: 班级: 分数:

一. 选择填空.

( )26. --I heard that you went hiking last weekend. Was that fun?

--No, it was ______. Just after we started, it began to rain heavily and we were all wet.

A. surprising

B. exciting

C. frustrating

D. amazing

( )27. --Why do you work very hard all the time?

--My father often _________ the importance of hard work on me.

A. tells

B. realIzes

C. impresses

D. knows

( )28. The thing that _________ is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try it or not.

A. matters

B. cares

C. agrees

D. minds

( )29. It is not _________ for me to return all the books to the library now because I still need them.

A. difficult

B. convenient

C. careful

D. important

( )30. --When Mrs. Brown mentioned her family, she _________ her voice suddenly. --She doesn’t like talking about her personal things in public.

A. broke

B. raised

C. dropped

D. opened

( )31. --I’ve run out of money to buy a new bike.

--Oh, _________. You have to walk to school every day,

A. it’s all right B. that’s too bad C. it’s a pleasure

D. that’s a deal

( )32. -- Do you know who gets the job?

--Ellen. Her rich experience gave her an ________ over other girls for the job.

A. attention

B. interest

C. advantage

D. influence

( )33. --Can we rush across the road now?

--No, we _________. We have to wait until the light turns green.

A. needn’t

B. mustn’t

C. couldn’t

D. shouldn’t

( )34. --The writer said that she hoped to ________ the adult readers by the new book. --But it seems that people still prefer her children stories.

A. receive

B. reach

C. criticize

D. collect

( )35. --Do you know__________?

--To study for the English test, I guess.

A. what he did just now B. when did he practice English C. why he left so early

D. how he studied for English

( )36. --Don’t be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you? --No, I won’t. I know that _______ of us are perfect after all.

A. none

B. neither

C. each

D. all

( )37. --Did she agree with you?

--Oh, yes, we’re in ________ agreement.

A. patient

B. daily

C. soft

D. complete

( )38. --I hear there will be a great old painting on show in the museum next week. --Is it the original drawing or is it just a ___________, then?

A. copy

B. type

C. piece

D. comic

( )39. --Sir, could you please put out your cigarette? This is a smoke-free(无烟的) school.


A. Oh, sorry about this B. Don’t mention it C. I’d like to

D. Put it out at once

( )40. --I’m seeing the twin sisters this afternoon. Do you want me to __________ any message?

--Yeah. Please ask them to arrive at the meeting on Saturday morning on time.

A. give away B. write down

C. pass on

D. leave for


I was said to be the worst student in my class, and my family thought I was hopeless. I had to grade six. At that time a new teacher, Miss Sadie, came to our school.

One day after class, she that I was staying alone during the lunch break. She came up to me and began to talk to me. It was just a(an) conversation. After that day, she gave me particular and it made me feel special.I started to work hard because she gave me the feeling that someone believe me, and my started to improve in her subject.

Months later, she moved into a house near my We would walk home together after school. She continuously helped me, in my studies, as I knew she would second in my class.

Then, after grade six, she started to slowly stay away from me but shill kept a careful check on me. By the time I was in grade seven, we hardly spoke, but by then I had become in my class.When I left my school, I was out of touch with her,as answered the phone when I called her.

Then I graduated and went to a good university.One fine day, our paths(路 again. I met her at a wedding. I could not asking her, “Why did you stop talking to me?”

“You are a clever boy. I wanted you to be a tree standing on your own roots, not depending on others. Now here you are and I always take in you. You are your inspiration(鼓舞) and do not need to a shoulder,” she said. I could not say anything, but I smiled. I’ll always thank her. ( )41. A. jump B. attend C. copy D. repeat ( )42. A. heard B. noticed C. learned D. felt ( )43. A. normal B. unusual C. active D. correct ( )44. A. attention B. chance C. experience D. pleasure ( )45. A. situation B. progress C. reports D. grades ( )46. A. home B. school C. hotel D. company ( )47. A. finally B. actually C. especially D. possibly ( )48. A. teach B. improve C. study D. check ( )49. A. received B. came C. caught D. held ( )50. A. oldest B. strongest C. best D. cleverest ( )51. A. seldom B. sometimes C. never D. hardly ever ( )52. A. passed B. joined C. added D. crossed ( )53. A. mind B. help C. practice D. trouble ( )54. A. care B. pride C. note D. money ( )55. A. give up B. pick out

C. look for

D. take away


( )56. The above reading is most probably from ________.

A. An activity report B. A newspaper C. A student diary

D. A textbook

( )57. It’s clear that the children aged 9 can _________.

A. make some healthy snacks B. learn to make delicious cake C. dance with excellent teachers D. learn to make gifted with clay

( )58. Parents can’t get further information about ________ by the internet.

A. Holiday Activities for Kids B. Wonder Dance Class at Emma Workshop C. Clay Craft at Art Center D. Fun Cooking at Little Cook School ( ) 59. The reading also tells us _________.

A. the prices of different courses B. the address go course C. the manes of the teachers

D. the way of going to the courses ( )60. These activities are organized to ________.

A. to serve parents during the vacation B. make more money for the schools C. let children have a colorful holiday D. help parents learn more about life


I have few friends when I was very young, I was usually laughed at because of my family name as soon as I started school. My name is Chelsea Chowderhead. A chowder is

a kind of soup. Kids at school kept laughing at me about the name. So when my family moved to South Carolina, I asked my dad if I could change my name.

“ You shouldn’t change who you are. Let people get to know you first and then your name later. When you meet someone new, ask them a good question, something you’re really interested in. Once people start talking about themselves, they don’t judge(评价) you.”

Two days later I headed to my new school for the first day of class. At lunch, I noticed that there twin brothers who were talking to each other. I remembered my dad’s advice, so I decided to try.

I noticed that their lunchboxes were the same. “ What’s like being a twin?” I asked. They looked surprised. Then one said, “No one has ever asked us that!”

“Most of the time it’s good,” the other said. “When you’re a twin you always have someone to talk to and have lunch with.”

In no time we were laughing and talking. Then one of the brothers said, “I’m Nicholas, and this is my brother, Nathaniel. What’s your name?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I’m Chelsea Chowderhead.” “Chowder? Like the soup?” asked Nathaniel. “Yes,” I replied, looking down. “Hey, cool!do you want to come over after school and play basketball with us?” Nathaniel asked, I nodded.

And this is how I became friends with the twin brothers. ( )61. Why did the writher want to change his name? A. People kept making fun of it. B. He wanted to make more friends.

C. It was hard to pronounce the word D. He wanted to be different in the new school. ( )62. The writer’s father advised him to __________.

A. change to a new class B. talk with others at once C. share his interests D. ask others good questions

( )63. When the twin brothers asked his name, the writer felt __________. A. surprised

B. angry

C. nervous

D. proud

( )64. Which fo the following the TRUE according to the passage? A. One can order a chowder in some restaurants. B. The twins said hello to the writer first.

C. The writer asked the twins a difficult question. D. At last the writer changed his name.

( )65. Which if the best title of the passage? A. Good Question, Chowderhead B. Chowder, A Kind of Soup C. How to Make Twin Friends D. Father’s Important Lesson


Alan was a boy of nine in a weekend school class of 8-year-old girls and boys. Sometimes the third graders didn’t welcome Alan into their group and usually played jokes on him. This was not because he was older, but because he was “different”. You see, Alan suffered from a called Downs’s Syndrome. This made him “different”, with his ugly looks, slow responses and mental problems.

One Sunday after Easter, the Sunday school teacher collected some plastic eggs that cut open in the middle. The teacher gave one to each child. On that beautiful spring day, the children were to go out and discover for themselves some symbol(象征) of “new life”and place ti inside the plastic eggs.

After the children returned to the classroom, the teacher opened their eggs one by one, asking each child to explain that symbol of “new life”. The first opened egg had a flower. Everyone cheered. In another was a butterfly?. When the teacher opened the last egg, it was empty. “That’s stupid,”said someone. The teacher felt a pull at his shirt. It was Alan. Looking up, Alan said, “It’s mine. I did it. It’s empty. I have new life, because the tomb(坟墓)is empty.” Not a sound was heard in class at all. From that day on, Alan became a real part of the group. They welcomed him, and whatever make him different was never mentioned again.

( )66. The underlined word “condition” in the first paragraph probably means ______. A. grade

B. secret

C. health

D. illness

( )67. It can be inferred(推测) from the first paragraph that _______. A.the 8-year-olds were sometimes unkind B. the 8-year-old were friendly to Alan C. Alan was really different in school D. Alan was older and more frustrated ( )68. The teacher gave each child one plastic egg to let them _______.

A.play around on that beautiful spring day B. put some symbol of “new life” into it C.try to put their favorite things in the box D.go out and discover themselves a new life ( )69. After Alan explained his new life, _________.

A. the class thought he was clever B. the class fell completely silent C. he began to study in the class

D. he felt others at once loved him ( )70. We learn from the passage that ________. A. The teacher used to have classes outdoors

B. Alan’s new life wish was empty and nothing C. Alan was healthy as a whole after the Easter D. Alan was accepted by his classmates in the end


71. Another thing that he ___________ very difficult was English grammar.

72. The children ____________ watching the film at 2 o’clock and it hasn’t finished yet. 73. I ___________ have short hair but now I grow it long.

74. My aunt took us out to dinner at an ________ restaurant, the food was not good at all. 75. You should __________new English words in a vocabulary list.


My new neighbour Mrs. Brown ran a nice restaurant in town. She’s French and before she moved to New York here to have a restaurant in London. And before that, in Paris!

Last week she invited my family to have lunch at her restaurant. We all felt very and my it a table napkin. She also told me that it was to wipe(擦menu was all in French so our neighbour the menu to us. And after that she suggested some in the restaurant. I was happy for her to . We had and before that, a vegetable salad. After the chicken we had chocolate dessert. It was the best I’d ever had!

76. u________ 77. e________ 78. n________ 79. ________ 80. c________ 81. e________ 82. r________

83. s________

84. o________

85. d________




1. 以前性格内向,对英语没什么兴趣,上课很少举手发言。 2. 英语考试常不及格,曾经很沮丧,想放弃英语。

3. 同学们及时伸出援手,自己开始认真对待英语学习。 4. 两年来,英语水平有较大的提高。 5. 梦想将来去说英语的国家深造。 6. 自己的一些感想。(一两点) 注意:

词数60-80,文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:

1. frustrated adj. 沮丧的 2. seldom adv.很少,不常 3. put up 举起 Dear friends,

I’m very glad to talk about my English study here.

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